Electronic Learning Toys Guide

It's hard to beat electronic toys for making early education engaging and fun. This electronic learning toys buying guide will help you choose the best devices and games for your kids.

Electronic Learning Toys 101

Early exposure to simple, electronic teaching toys such as laptops, tablets and hand-held devices for kids can help prepare your preschooler for the world of technology that lies ahead. At the same time, these engaging devices turn education into a game and encourage kids to develop good lifelong learning habits. When shopping, you should consider curriculum toys, which combine technology and content to allow kids to focus on specific subjects and progress at their own pace. Much of the learning content is colourful, interactive and multimedia in nature. Your kids will enjoy playing and learning with electronic learning toys, and it's never too early to get them started.

Electronic Learning Toy Buying Tips:

  • These toys are best for children age 3 and up
  • Kids' hand-helds, notepads and laptops come with preloaded learning software
  • Consider a device with a Wi-Fi connection for more access to programs
  • Make sure any connected device has lockout (parental) controls
  • Learning games are great for preschoolers

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Electronic Learning Toys Maintenance Tips:

  • Keep food and liquids away from screens and keypads
  • Maintain a supply of spare batteries
  • Wipe down hard surfaces to remove bacteria and inhibit growth
  • Avoid random mishaps by storing safely when not in use
  • Teach preschoolers about safe handling of electronics
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