Exercise & Fitness on a Budget

You don’t need an expensive home gym or costly club membership to stay in shape. You can get plenty of exercise and fitness training on a budget by buying inexpensive equipment over time.

Buying Fitness Equipment on a Budget

Cardio equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes can be pricey, and they can also take up a lot of space. Gym memberships are great if you have the time to go, otherwise it’s money wasted. Smaller, cost-effective workout gear is the key to maintaining your fitness on a budget. You’ll still get a great workout, and you won’t have to dedicate an entire room to a home gym. In most cases, by buying smart, you can store your equipment away and only bring it out when you need it.

Types of Equipment 1


Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are the perfect starting point for your home gym and exercise program. Not only are they super inexpensive, they're lightweight, easy to use and a cinch to store. Jump ropes provide a good cardio workout, and tones the muscles in your lower body and legs. Some jump ropes have weights in the handles to help build strength in your hands and wrists as well. Jump ropes are one of the most effective pieces of exercise equipment you can stow away in a drawer.

Speed Ropes

What’s the difference between speed ropes and jump ropes? The weight of the rope. Speed ropes are heavier, allowing you to turn the rope faster. This lets you increase the pace of your jumping and achieve a much more strenuous cardio workout. The more intense nature of a speed-rope routine also helps you improve your footwork, coordination and stamina.

Running and Jogging

Want to know the easiest way to improve your health, lose weight, relieve stress and generally enhance your mental well-being? Go for a run. Running is probably also the most affordable way to get a great workout. All you need to get started is a good pair of running shoes and some shorts or a track suit. As your distance improves, you can add accessories to help make your runs more comfortable and improve your performance. For example, a water bottle is a must for staying hydrated on longer runs, and a pedometer will allow you to track your distance. If you run at night, you should also consider picking up a high-visibility running outfit.

Core Toners and Resistance Cords

Core toners and resistance cords specifically target your core muscles for a strenuous workout. Your arms and legs are also worked throughout, and because the equipment is so small, storage is a snap.

Medicine Balls and Plates

A set of medicine balls and weight plates opens you up to dozens of great exercises. Grip each side of a ball or plate and make fluid motions with your arms and legs. Your body gets a deep inner core workout. You'll also improve your balance and range of motion. Another benefit of exercising with medicine balls and plates is that the workouts are non-impact, meaning you don't put stress on your joints.

Twist Boards and Balance Boards

Twist boards are great for increasing your heart rate and strengthening your waist, hips and thighs. By twisting your body around the board you work the muscles around your centre. Balance boards help you build core strength and improve balance and motor coordination. If you ski or surf, balance board workouts will help you stay sharp in the off season.

Exercise Balls

Want to get in a workout while you work? Try replacing your office chair with an exercise or balance ball. You'll continuously work your core muscles as you resist the ball's movements and strive to maintain an upright posture. This exercise also helps strengthen your lower back. From a workout perspective, exercise balls can also be used to increase the level of difficulty of specific exercises, such as crunches.

Pilates and Yoga Mats

Pilates and yoga have become very popular over the past few years, and all you need is a yoga mat to get started. Even after one session many people report better flexibility and lower stress levels. Other common heath benefits include lower blood pressure, increased circulation, better lung capacity, lower blood sugar levels and stronger bones and muscles. 

Exercise Mats

Exercise mats give you a comfy spot for doing floor exercises like ab crunches, sit ups and push ups. You can also use them before and after workouts to stretch your muscles and help prevent injury and stiffness.

Types of Equipment 2


Slide Boards

Slide boards are used by speed skaters and hockey players to work their core muscles and improve balance. By sliding back and forth across the board, you simulate a skating stride, readying your leg muscles for ice time. This is a great device to improve hip strength and stability as well as prep you for other activities like long distance running and curling.

Exercise Hoops

An exercise hoop is a new twist on an old toy. You use it like a hula hoop, but the hoop is weighted to grip your hips better. The extra weight forces your core muscles to work harder, resulting in a more intense and strenuous training session.

Sit-Up and Chin-Up Bars

Sit ups are a great way to use your body's own weight to exercise your abs, arms and back. You'll get more out of your sit-ups if you have a way to keep your feet in place. A sit-up bar attaches firmly to the bottom of a closed door. Simply slip your feet under the bar and away you go. Chin-ups, also known as pull-ups, are another simple exercise that effectively uses the body's weight. A chin-up bar mounts quickly and easily in a doorframe, letting you exercise your upper back and arms. 

Sit-Up Boards

If strengthening your abdominal muscles is a priority, you should consider getting a sit-up board. These boards provide a padded surface for added comfort and a padded bar to stabilize your feet. As your ab strength improves you can position the bar at greater angles to increase the difficulty.

Thigh Toners

A thigh toner not only works both your inner and outer thighs: it also tightens your glutes and shapes your legs. You can also move the exercise to your upper body, squeezing the toner with your arms to target your triceps, chest and arms. 

Weights and Dumbbells

Do lifting exercises a couple of times a week for 20 minutes; you’ll soon see an increase in your strength and endurance. Pick up a small collection of ankle and wrist weights, and barbells and dumbbells. You can add a weight bench later if you really want to isolate your chest and back muscles. 

Kettle Bells

Kettle bells provide a good balance of cardio, flexibility and strength training, which is helpful if your exercise time is limited. The workouts are intense and meant to be kept short and sweet. Also, kettle bells are extremely portable and easy to store, letting you workout in any room in the house.

Hand Grips

The best way to improve your grip and hand muscles is with hand grips. They’re small, so you can use them pretty much anytime and anywhere, even when you’re watching TV. Hand grips will strengthen your forearm, hand and wrist muscles, and improve your dexterity as well. If you work at a desk all day, these exercises can also help prevent the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Boxing Training

Boxing gives you everything you want in a workout. Strength, stamina, and endurance training all combine to give your entire body a great workout. A good pair of boxing gloves with a heavy bag will help you work out your body as well as your stress. Adding a speed bag to your workout can improve your upper-body strength and hand-eye coordination.

Weight Accessories

As your lifting ability increases, you’ll want to wear a support belt to safely negotiate dead lift and squat lifting exercises. You can also protect your hands with lifting or training gloves as the grips of the bars and dumbbells can cause blisters on your palms after frequent use.
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