Fabric Friendship Bangle

These fabric friendship bangles are easy to make, fun to share, and fun to wear. This colourful craft is a fun project for friends; use their favourite colour for a personal touch.

Project Essentials:


  1. Tear nine 1” (2.5 cm) strips lengthwise from Batik print fabric bundle in the colours of your choosing: Start by making a small cut at the end, and rip remaining by hand. The fabric will rip in a straight line along the grain, creating a small fringe.
  2. Group pieces in three groups of three, mixing colours and textures. Tie one knot at the end of each group.
  3. Braid each grouping of three pieces, and knot opposite ends to secure.
  4. Braid three braids together, creating one large braid, this will be the base of your bracelet.
  5. Once braided, wrap around your wrist to measure desired length; You should be able to take the bracelet on and off while ends are together.
  6. Cut off knots to reduce bulk, and join bracelet ends together by overlapping fabric from each side and tying with embroidery floss. Use glue to further secure fabric ends together.
  7. Carefully wrap embroidery floss around where both ends meet to hide edges and glue.
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