Fashion Jewellery Guide

Why wait for a special occasion? Make the most of your wardrobe every day with fashion jewellery. Discover all the types and features in this fashion jewellery buying guide.

Fashion Jewellery 101

While fashion jewellery has its origins in costume jewellery, it has evolved into more than just a substitute for expensive pieces. Today’s fashion jewellery encompasses a wide range of creative, stylish and affordable accessories. Less expensive materials such as gold plating, crystals, plastic and wood allow you to expand your jewellery collection beyond the budget limitations of higher-priced fine jewellery. This means you’ll have more variety to choose from and more opportunities to express your personal style. With fashion jewellery, you can experiment with the latest trends in rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces and enjoy the luxury of jewellery every day, not just on special occasions.

Types of Fashion Jewellery


Body Jewellery

With the continued popularity of body piercings and adornments, you can find a wide variety of fashionable options for everything from eyebrow rings to ankle bracelets. When choosing nose rings, navel rings, lip rings and the like, it is important to look for pieces that are sanitary as well as attractive. Cubic zirconia and imitation gemstones can make for eye-catching embellishments, but to avoid irritation, posts used for these piercings should consist of hypoallergenic stainless steel or gold that is rated at 14k or higher. 

Fashion Bracelets

Fashion jewellery bracelets are a fun way to express your personal style, whether that style is subtle and refined or bold and edgy. From a stack of delicate, gold-plated bangles to a metal-studded leather cuff to a simple string of wooden beads, this easy-to-wear accessory can really impact your overall look. The varied and affordable materials available for fashion bracelets allow you to try trends for a season or two without making a major financial investment. A stainless steel charm bracelet, for example, has all the fun and flash of silver or gold, but at a fraction of the cost. 

Fashion Earrings

From simple cubic zirconia studs that mimic real diamonds to dramatic chandelier earrings that draw the eye, fashion earrings are a great way to accent your outfit and complete your look. The lower cost of gold-plating and imitation gemstones gets you more bling for your buck with fashion earrings, which means you can opt for larger and more interesting designs. Liven up your look with trendy feathers, oversized hoops or unique geometric settings; because they are less of a long-term commitment, fashion earrings allow you to get creative and match your choices to specific outfits or seasons.

Fashion Necklaces

Create a fashion statement with a fashion necklace. From ornate, layered bib necklaces to bold, oversized pendants, a fashion necklace takes centre stage and can elevate an otherwise simple outfit into a dramatic, fashion-forward look. By combining different materials and textures you can create a great deal of dimension and visual interest with a fashion necklace. Try something bold, intricate and colourful in the style of Indian jewellery or simply toss some beaded necklaces over a t-shirt. Crystals, chains, faux pearls, ribbons; the style possibilities are endless. 

Fashion Rings

While a traditional ring of precious metals and gemstones is something you may cherish and hand down from generation to generation, a fashion ring is something you can have fun with and change from season to season. Plated metal bands offer gleam that’s comparable to silver, gold or platinum without the silver, gold or platinum price tags. Eye-catching crystals, colourful glass or oversized faux pearls can bring the band to life. Cubic zirconia and man-made gems can be set to imitate traditional diamonds and precious stones, but you can also opt for less traditional bow, heart, flower and animal shapes.

Fashion Jewellery Sets

Want to make sure you get the perfect earrings to go with your fashion necklace? Try a jewellery set. Sets typically consist of a matching bracelet, ring, necklace and earrings (or some combination thereof) and are a good means of ensuring a unified style, particularly for more conservative or formal occasions. Not only will a set help you to coordinate your jewellery, it’s usually less expensive than buying the same items separately. A convenient gift option, jewellery sets are often packaged attractively and take the guesswork out of deciding which piece to purchase.

Fashion Jewellery Buying Tips:

• Mix textures and materials of jewellery to create visual depth
• Select oversized jewellery to make a fashion-forward statement
• Brightly coloured fashion jewellery can draw the eye when paired with neutral clothing
• Warmer skin tones pair best with gold tone jewellery; cooler skin tones with silver
• Dangly or embellished earrings can soften menswear-inspired blazers or shirts
• Downplay larger facial features with larger scale jewellery, smaller pieces may make features appear larger by comparison

Fashion Jewellery Features

Fashion Jewellery Metals +

Precious metals come with precious price tags, but inexpensive base metals allow you to get the look you want for less. The most common base metals used in fashion jewellery include nickel, raw brass, copper, pewter, white metal and surgical steel. Fashion jewellery is often plated with a thin layer of real gold along with several of these metal alloys in order to create variants in colour, prevent tarnishing and increase durability. While nickel is often used for its hardening properties, people with sensitivities to nickel can also choose hypoallergenic stainless steel or niobium to avoid irritation.

Fashion Jewellery Stones +

Because man-made fashion jewellery stones are not dependant on the colours available in naturally occurring precious stones, more options are possible. Laboratory-made diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds can emulate the real stones at much lower costs. If you’re not simply looking for an imitation of a precious stone, you can have even more options at your fingertips (or ears, wrists and collarbones). Fun, faux pearls, reflective crystals, dramatic onyx and glitzy rhinestones can bring variety, colour and style to your accessory collection.

Other Materials +

Gleaming metals and sparkly stones aren’t the extent of the materials available for your fashion jewellery items. Part of the fun of fashion jewellery is the ability to be creative and innovative with your accessory choices. This might mean pairing a high-gloss white acrylic bracelet with a black turtleneck for a sophisticated retro look; or a leather necklace with beads and shells to add bohemian chic to a simple sundress. Coloured glass, wood, rubber, fabric and plastic — if a jewellery designer can envision it, you can accessorize with it.

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Fashion Jewellery Care Tips:

• Wrap or store jewellery separately to minimize scratching and tangling
• Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for care and cleaning
• Wipe down jewellery after wearing to prevent buildup of sweat, body oils and dirt
• Avoid contact with water to prevent discolouration and damage
• Rotate fashion jewellery to minimize repeated exposure to elements
• Use lotions, perfumes and other chemicals sparingly while wearing fashion jewellery to prevent tarnishing
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