Fire Pit Buying Guide

A fire pit will bring warmth, ambience and an extra source of light to your next outdoor evening soiree. This fire pit buying guide outlines the different types and features to consider.

Fire Pits 101

You don’t have to give up on outdoor entertaining when summer comes to an end. Fire pits allow you to keep your exterior living space warm, well lit and inviting well into autumn and beyond. Inherently dramatic, fire pits instantly become the centre of attention at any patio or backyard gathering. Many models also feature attractive design elements, including decorative metal, ceramic tiles and stone.
If you're looking to add flair to your backyard and also make it more comfortable and functional, it's hard to go wrong with a fire pit.

Types of Fire Pits


Brazier Fire Pits

A brazier is any kind of container for fire, and generally comes in the form of a metal box or bowl. You can use brazier fire pits to light and heat your patio or backyard during cool summer evenings. Brazier outdoor fire pits are constructed from a variety of different materials, from stone to rubbed bronze to steel, so you can even match your fire pit to your outdoor decor. 

Fire Pit Tables

Fire pit tables are a stylish, practical addition to any outdoor space. Imagine a patio or bistro table with a fire pit in the centre and you've got the picture. When the weather begins to cool at night or at the end of summer, you'll enjoy pulling up a chair at your toasty warm fire pit table. They're ideal for cozy late-night chats or just hanging out with family and friends. 

Wood Burning Fire Pits

Wood burning fire pits are a simple way to give your outdoor space a cozy, inviting atmosphere. The smell of burning wood enhances the experience, and wood also provides a substantial amount of heat, so they’re especially practical for people living in colder climates. Wood burning fire pits come in a wide range of styles, with surrounds made of decorative materials such as stone, brick and ceramic. Many models are portable, allowing you move them out of the way when they’re not in use.

Propane Fire Pits

Propane fire pits offer the ambiance of a wood burning fire pit with the convenience of adjustable flame controls. Lighting and extinguishing the flame is no muss, no fuss, and propane is an affordable, clean-burning fuel. Your propane fire pit will be the centre of attention at your backyard gatherings, perfect for friends and family to gather around for a filling meal and fireside chat.

Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is typically a permanent structure that creates a powerful focal point for your backyard decor. There are many styles available to suit every conceivable setting. You can place a small ceramic-covered outdoor fireplace next to your patio, or a towering stone fireplace at the back of your property. If you're handy, you can buy an outdoor fireplace kit and build your own fireplace. Consider a gas outdoor fireplace or propane outdoor fireplace if you prefer the convenience of an adjustable flame control.

Fire Pit Safety Tips:

• You should look for fire pits that come with safety screens to protect yourself and the people around you from flying sparks
• Keep young children at a safe distance from your fire pit
• Use your fire pit on non-combustible surfaces such as concrete, dirt or patio stones
• Ensure your fire pit is a safe distance away from your home, other structures in your backyard and low hanging trees
• Consult your local fire regulations for burning restrictions before purchasing a fire pit

Fire Pit Features

Fire Pit Materials +

Fire pits are made from a wide range of materials. Stainless steel fire pits are more rust-resistant than steel fire pits, while steel fire pits are ideal if you’re aiming for a vintage look in your outdoor space. Tile and stone models will give your backyard a classic look. For durability, heavier stone models are best. Copper fire pits and cast-iron fire pits are designed to resist outdoor elements year-round.

Fire Pit Sizes +

The size of the fire pit you select should be based on the way you plan to use it. If you’ll be taking your fire pit on camping trips or to the park, then you should buy a smaller, portable model with folding legs. If you need a backyard fire pit for warmth and light, or if you want a decorative centerpiece, then you should opt for a larger model that's proportional to its surroundings.

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Fire Pit Maintenance Tips:

• Before using your fire pit for the first time, coat the grates with vegetable oil and heat it to a high temperature for one hour
• Use a steel-bristled grill brush to clean the grates before and after use
• Use an outdoor fireplace shovel to remove the ash and debris from your fire pit
• Make sure to check the bolts, fasteners and screws of your fire pit regularly and tighten them when they become loose
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