Fitness Accessories 101

The right fitness accessories can make working out more enjoyable and more effective. They can also make you look better while doing it! This fitness accessories article outlines the essential gear.

Fitness Accessories 101

Regular exercise gives you more energy, relieves stress and helps you to shed those stubborn pounds that dieting seems to ignore. One of the keys to staying motivated and enjoying your workouts is having the right fitness accessories. You'll need a water bottle for hydration, an exercise mat for floor workouts, and a gym bag to carry your gear. You should also consider a fitness tracker to monitor your progress and help you achieve your goals. Many fitness accessories are also inexpensive, so you can keep breaking a sweat without breaking the bank. 

Types of


Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are friendlier to the environment and to your pocket compared to single-use plastic bottles. Water bottles today come in a so many shapes and colours, it's easy to find one that suits your style. Most types are made from glass, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic. Glass water bottles are easy to clean, but they're also more fragile. Stainless steel and aluminum bottles are the most durable, though they can dent or scratch from rough usage. Plastic water bottles are typically the least expensive, and are also quite durable.

Fitness Monitors

A fitness monitor, also known as a fitness tracker, is a great motivator that can help you achieve your fitness goals. It can give you a wake-up call when you’re lagging in your workouts, and keep you on track once you get in the groove. Most fitness trackers count steps, calculate calories burned and even monitor your sleep. Newer models can connect to the internet to work in tandem with fitness apps and social media networks. Choose the type that best fits your lifestyle (and style!). Some are worn as bracelets and can also function as a watch. Other models are worn as armbands, clip on to your sleeve, or fit into your pocket.

Exercise Mats

Your exercise mat or gym mat is the only thing separating you from the hard ground. Comfort really depends on the type of exercises you intend to do on your mat. For pre- and post-workout stretching or abdominal workouts, an inexpensive soft fabric mat should do the trick. For yoga or pilates, you’ll need to invest a bit more and get a yoga mat or sticky mat, which provides cushioning as well as a non-slip surface.

Headbands & Wristbands

When shopping for headbands and wristbands, choose models designed to absorb sweat. Microfibre and terrycloth are great for this, especially during those hot summer days. Your headband and wristbands should fit snugly without being too tight. Other considerations include durability and whether or not they're machine washable. If you’re planning on lifting weights, you might also want to pick up a pair of gym gloves.

Gym Bags

A gym bag is one of those fitness accessories that really lets you flaunt your style. They come in a wide range of colours, with accents aplenty to choose from. Materials include leather, canvas and nylon. Leather is highly durable, but also the most expensive. Canvas is affordable and lightweight, but stains are tougher to remove. Nylon is inexpensive and lightweight, but may not last as long. Functional factors to consider include storage capacity, whether it comes with a shoulder strap and bottle holder. 


Backpacks are convenient for carrying lots of items at once, and also for freeing up your hands. When purchasing a backpack, consider what you'll be packing, how much it will weigh, and how long you'll be carrying it. Next, make sure you get one that fits your torso and feels comfortable when you walk. Last but not least, choose one that suits your style and personality. 

Sling Bags

If you’re a light packer on trips to the gym, then a sling bag might be for you. Sling bags can be worn in a variety of ways, including over one shoulder and across the upper body. Sling bags also make a good purse substitute as most models come with a number of pockets and compartments.    

Yoga Bags

Yoga and pilates require two main fitness accessories: a yoga mat and a yoga bag to carry it. Some yoga bags are large enough to contain the mat, while others have exterior straps for carrying the mat on the outside. Most yoga bags are tubular and hang diagonally on your back, though some resemble tote bags and hang off one shoulder. You can also simply get a carrying strap that attaches to your mat to hang from your shoulder. 
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