Floor Lamp Buying Guide

The right floor lamp can bring light, ambience and style to any room in your home. This floor lamp buying guide will help you find one that matches your space and budget.

Floor Lamps 101

Floor lamps are a simple way to improve the lighting in a room and add flair at the same time. Before choosing a floor lamp, determine whether you want ambient lighting over a wider area, or more focussed task lighting. If you need both, consider purchasing a floor lamp with a secondary light for reading. The right floor lamp for your room will complement your existing decor and help set the mood you want, whether it's cozy and intimate or bright and cheery. Compared to installing new ceiling lighting, floor lamps are a convenient and affordable approach to upgrading the lighting in a room. You can also choose floor lamps with tables and floor lamps with shelves to add storage capacity to your space.

Types of Floor Lamps



Torchiere lamps are a great way to amp up the ambience of a living room or dining room. Like club lamps, they have a heavy base with an attached pole and a shade on top. However, the shade of a torchiere lamp is inverted so that it directs the light toward the ceiling. This lends drama to the room while also providing diffused lighting to a broad area. Many models feature dimmers to brighten or soften the light for different tasks and moods. Tiffany-style torchiere lamps are elegant decor pieces with stained glass shades that cast a colourful glow. With their sleek, slender shape, torchiere lamps are well suited to small spaces.

Tripod Floor Lamp

A tripod floor lamp has a three-legged base similar to a camera tripod. If your overhead lighting just isn’t cutting it, this type of floor lamp will add brightness while also serving as fantastic design focal point. The legs of tripod floor lamps come in a range of styles and materials. Some models feature wood legs, which helps them blend in with traditional wood furnishings. Others are made of metal for a chic, industrial look. When shopping, look for a tripod floor lamp with adjustable legs to allow you to set the height of the shade to your particular needs.

Multi Light Floor Lamp

If you’re looking to fill a room with lots of light then a multi light floor lamp can do the trick. This type of lamp typically has three to five bulbs. Some models have a single on-off switch for all the bulbs, while others have separate switches for each light fixture. Multi light floor lamps are ideal for illuminating large rooms or providing a combination of general room lighting and task lighting. If the latter is a requirement make sure the angle of the shades is adjustable so you can direct light where needed. 

Floor Lamp with Table

If you’re looking for a lamp that goes above and beyond, look no further. A floor lamp with table, or floor tray lamp, features a convenient attached table for holding everything from books and electronics to snacks and drinks. This decorative and functional accent piece can replace the traditional end table/lamp combo in the living room, or the night stand/night light combo in the bedroom.   

Floor Lamp with Shelves

A floor lamp with shelves can be the perfect fit for smaller spaces and rooms short on storage space. It provides extra light to the room while also serving as attractive open shelving for everyday items like books and laptops, or decorative knick-knacks and ornaments. The top shelf can also serve as a handy tabletop for keeping reading glasses, mobile phones etc. at your fingertips. 

Tower Floor Lamps

If you want to switch up the mood of your space, a tower floor lamp could be just what you’re looking for. A tower floor lamp looks like a work of art or sculpture by day but radiates a beautiful glow at night. The shade is typically constructed of wood, paper or cloth and covers most of the lamp. Tower floor lamps come in a wide variety of designs to accent any room with light and form. Their opaque shades give off ambient light to add drama to a dining room or set the mood for rest and relaxation in the bedroom. 

Arc Floor Lamps

An arc floor lamp adds drama and style to a room while radiating a warm ambience. It has a long, curved arm that raises the light up and away from the weighted base. This design provides flexibility as it allows you to place the base where it's most convenient, and shine the light where it's most needed. It’s an easy and affordable way to brighten dim areas from above without installing potlights or suspending lighting from the ceiling. An arc floor lamp is often used to shine light over a sofa, desk or table without cluttering the immediate space with other light sources. The floating design is ideal for smaller rooms that lack the space for side tables and table lamps, but be sure to choose an arc lamp that's the right size and scale for your room.

Floor Lamp Buying Tips:

  • Choose a floor lamp that blends with your existing decor
  • For reading light, look for lighter-coloured shades (and a bulb that’s at least 60 watts)
  • Darker coloured shades are better for ambient light
  • To increase functionality choose floor lamps with dimmer switches, adjustable height and adjustable shades
  • For small spaces, consider multi-purpose floor lamps that come with tables and shelves for storage
  • If your room lacks ceiling lights, choose a mix of table and floor lamps to provide a light source for every 10 feet of space
  • Choose higher wattage floor lamps if your walls are painted dark colours that absorb light

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Care & Safety Tips:

  • Keep floor lamps and cords away from high-traffic areas to prevent tipping and tripping
  • Look for a wide, weighted base to reduce the likelihood of tipping
  • Keep floor lamps away from curtains and other fabrics
  • Avoid draping anything over the lamp or shade
  • Don’t use bulbs that exceed the recommended wattage (usually less than 300 watts)
  • Keep floor lamps and cords away from young kids by tucking them behind furniture or securing them to the wall with brackets
  • Dust floor lamps regularly with a soft, dry cloth
  • Vacuum lampshades regularly with a dust brush on low suction
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning and maintenance
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