Flower Pot Pencil Holder

This craft is a sweet gift for teachers or parents. Learn how to make this flower pot pencil holder in three easy steps.

Flower Pot Pencil Holder

This crafty take on flowers and candy is a perfect way to keep little hands busy, and makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Homemade flowers and a pencil holder overflowing with candy add a hint of sweetness, and a thoughtful note on the chalkboard paint adds a personal touch. Though you may have to handle the cutting, painting and gluing, kids can help design the pencil flowers, choose the candy, and write the message on the pot.


A clay pot
Paint brushes
Chalkboard paint
Chalk or chalk marker
Painter’s tape
Cupcake liners
Small pompoms
Glue (use a hot glue gun for extra hold)


Step 1:
First, paint the clay pot with the chalkboard paint since it will need time to dry. Some brands need two coats of paint, so make sure to check the label. While it dries, trace and cut out some flower shapes from the cardstock.
Step 2:
Wrap the pencils from top to bottom in green painter’s tape. Tip: wrap the tape on a slight angle for a smooth stem. Repeat on as many pencils as you would like flowers.
Step 3:
Turn the cupcake liners inside out so the colour or patterned side is facing in. Layer a big cupcake liner on top of a cardstock flower and glue down. Glue a pompom into the middle of a small cupcake liner, then glue the small cupcake liner into the middle of the big cupcake liner and let it dry. Repeat until you have as many flowers as you have green pencils, then glue the flower to the eraser of the pencil and let it dry.
Once the chalk paint is dry, use chalk or a chalk marker to add a note or drawing on the dried paint. Fill the pot with candies and add the flowers.

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