French toast with citrus salad

Ready in
30 min
A side of citrus salad gives traditional French toast a sweet and tangy flavour twist.

Serving Size


Estimated Cost*


Per Serving

Prep Time

15 min

Cooking Time

15 min

Price/Availability Effective Date: February 10, 2014


1 med Orange
1 med Grapefruit
3 sml Clementines
1 lrg Baguette or 8 slices bread
4 lrg Egg
329 ml Milk
3 tsp Granulated Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 can Cooking spray
3 tbsp Butter
0.5 cup Maple Syrup


  1. Cut a thin piece from top and bottom of orange and grapefruit. Place cut side down on a cutting board. Slicing downward, cut away peel and pith. Segment grapefruit. Cut orange into rounds. Peel and segment clementines. Set aside.
  2. Slice baguette, slightly on the bias, into slices about 3/4-in. thick. You should have 24 to 28 pieces in total.
  3. Combine eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla in a medium bowl. Whisk until evenly mixed. (If using pre-sliced bread, use the larger amounts listed.)
  4. Pour half of egg mixture into a wide, shallow bowl. (If using pre-sliced bread, you may need to work in batches.) Lightly coat a large frying pan with cooking spray. Set over medium heat. Add 1 to 2 tsp butter. Swirl to coat. If needed, remove from heat while dipping bread into egg mixture. Let bread stand in egg mixture for 1 min per side. (If using pre-sliced bread, dip just until each side begins to soak up a bit of egg mixture, 10 to 15 sec.)
  5. Place soaked bread in frying pan, adjusting heat as needed. Cook until golden, 2 to 3 min per side. Repeat with remaining bread, cooking in batches. Divide among plates. Top with fruit and drizzle with maple syrup.

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