Gadgets and Appliances for Game Day

As you cheer your team on, having delicious snacks and drinks are your best allies to ward off your hunger and thirst. This guide will help you plan for game day with friends.

Game Day Gadgets 101

The best play for game day is to anticipate all the possible scenarios. Your team prepares for game day, and so should you! The gadgets and small appliances in this guide can help you prepare to feed a crowd, so you can focus on the actual time you spend with your friends. Food, drinks, and team spirit are the most important part of game day. Let the games begin! 



Popcorn Machine

The big game isn’t complete without this classic snack: popcorn. The crackling, airy goodness of popcorn made with this retro gadget will have you going back for more. The best part? You can customize your snack with anything you want. It’s officially a game day party with popcorn!


Watch the big game on any white wall in the house with the help of a projector. New projectors have resolutions that could rival the best flat screen TVs in the market today. All you need is a white screen! In warmer months, take advantage of your backyard and watch your favourite sports outside for some quality time with friends and family.

Smart TV

Catch the action on a Smart TV! Much like your laptop computer, you can search, stream, and watch anything on the internet including the game. With a bigger screen, it just might become the accessory of choice for streaming movies turning your living room into a theatre!. With your Smart TV, there’s always something to do or to watch during commercial breaks.

Sound System

A good sound system is the difference between feeling like you’re front row centre and feeling like you’re in the nosebleed section. Sound systems add another layer to the visual experience of the game, and can make interactions between teammates and rivals feel more dramatic and closer.

Small Appliances


Beverage Cooler

Thirst has met its match: the beverage cooler. Keep cool drinks at arm’s length on game day with the beverage cooler filled with your favourite drinks. Stock up on your favourite beverages so that no one has to step away from the spectacle. You don’t want to miss anything!

Deep Fryer

It’s no wonder a lot of comfort food is fried — it’s quick and tasty! Today, a lot of deep fryers have a self-cleaning mechanism, which is a huge help on a busy day because cleaning a frying station requires a lot of scrubbing. And some deep fryers have upped the ante — they require as little as two tablespoons of fat to make fries! Can you imagine making crisp chicken wings and crunchy fries without all the grease, even better, with easier cleanup? This way, you can focus more on watching the game and less on the mess before and after.


With minimal handling and attention required, sandwiches are great for watching the big game. They’re finger foods that can be as elaborate as you want them to be with specialty cheeses and cured meats. Imagine grilling those sandwiches — the warm, gooey cheese as you break the first piece of your sandwich. That’s a special moment. Even more special is when you’re enjoying it with your favourite drink in the other hand as your team scores the final goal to win it all. Now, that’s heaven.

Game Day Gadgets and Small Appliance Tips:

• When preparing food, always be careful around hot appliances. Don’t forget, let the food cool before your first bite!
• If you’re not comfortable installing any electronics, call a professional who can hook everything up safely
• If you are expecting a big group for the big game, buy food and drinks in bulk
• Make sure to ask all of your guests for any food allergies or sensitivities
• Make it easier on you with easy-to-make snacks like popcorn and sandwiches. Stock up on everyone’s favourite beverages or ask your friends to bring their own.

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