Gift Wrapping Made Easy

Nothing sparks holiday excitement like beautifully wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. This guide to gift wrapping made easy will show you how to wrap Christmas gifts like a pro.

Gift Wrapping 101

Gift wrapping is a timeless tradition and a hallmark of the holiday season. Your Christmas gift wrapping options start with festive wrapping paper and gift bags and include a range of accessories like bows, ribbons and labels. The way you wrap gifts for family and friends can say as much about your feelings for them as the gifts themselves. And with the right tools and materials, beautiful gift presentation is fast and easy. So take the time to learn the ins and outs of gift wrapping. As a master of the art, you'll make gift giving extra special.

Gift Wrapping Essentials


Wrapping Paper & Accessories

When giving gifts, an easy way to show your appreciation for loved ones is to personalize your gift wrapping. From festive patterns that scream Christmas morning — like kid-friendly Santas, reindeer and penguins — to the mysterious look of brown package paper, or more grownup looks like silver, pinstripes and trendy fuchsia, there are as many gift wrap designs as there are personalities. The addition of decorative elements such as string, ribbon and bows is a thoughtful touch that shows you spent time on your gift’s presentation. Personalized Christmas cards and labels are another way to distinguish your gift in the season of giving.

Themed Wrapping Paper

If you’re decorating your tree with a specific theme, you can match the wrapping paper to your tree trimmings for a truly festive look. Taking cues from the magic of the holiday season the Glory Gold collection sparkles with brilliant metallics, bright whites and shimmering highlights. Inspired by the rustic elements of Canadian winter, the Winter Lodge theme features warm browns and vibrant reds creating a cozy Canadian feel. The Family Heirloom theme is infused with beautiful rich jewel tones of purple, red, green and blue to create the heartwarming feeling that Christmas traditions bring. Inspired by childhood memories, the Merry and Bright theme is whimsical and witty and depicts the fun and joyful spirit of the holiday season.

Christmas Gift Bags

Some gift occasions such as Christmas office parties at restaurants call for Christmas gift bags. After all, you need to be able to easily and safely carry your gift home. Choose a Christmas gift bag that suits the recipient and fill it out with decorative tissue paper for a stylish presentation. Gift bags are also an excellent way to present multiple gift items at once, and the decorative tissue can serve as padding to protect fragile gifts. The formal aesthetic and speedy unwrap time of gift bags make them a popular choice for giving intimate or sentimental Christmas gifts and bestowing seasonal offerings like bottles of wine or boxes of chocolate meant to be enjoyed right away. 

Christmas Gift Boxes

Gift presentation can be just as important as the gift itself. Take time to pick a beautiful gift box and complementary tissue paper, though not so much that it looks cluttered. Ribbons, bows and a nametag will complete the outer look. Add some glitter to the box for a personal festive touch. You can also create your own gift boxes by wrapping separately the top and the bottom of a box in gift wrap. Nesting a series of boxes one within the other is a fun way to build excitement and anticipation.

Tools & Materials:


Gift Wrapping Tips:

• If you don’t have enough paper to wrap a gift with a full sheet, try matching the patterns of scraps from the same roll
• Attach Christmas ornaments to a ribbon wrapped around the gift
• Cover taped paper seams with Christmas ribbons
• Use double-sided tape so no tape shows at all
• Personalize a gift by attaching photo corners and a pic of the recipient
• Keep all your gift wrapping materials together in a convenient storage box
• Create personalized gift tags on your computer and print them out
• Use a flat iron to remove kinks from long ribbons

Gift Wrapping Steps

  1. Clear a wrapping zone
    Keep gift wrapping stress-free by clearing a wrapping zone in a private area. You’ll want a flat surface about three times the size of your gift for maximum comfort. If table space is unavailable, the floor will work too. The key is to find a place where your wrapping paper can be laid out flat so it doesn't get crinkled or bent. If secrecy is the name of the game, you might also want to have an iPod dock or radio nearby to play music so you can cover the telltale sounds of present wrapping.
  2. Set out tools and materials
    Avoid spoilers by having all your tools and materials set out in advance. The need to hunt for tape midway through wrapping could lead to a surprise gift getting seen by someone else in the house. Having everything you need ready to go also saves time. You'll be able to efficiently wrap multiple presents and still have time to relax and enjoy yourself in the hectic holiday season.
  3. Choose your gift wrap
    Now that you’re ready to go, choose a gift wrap design that complements your gift or gift box. Wrapping paper isn’t just wrapping paper. It’s part of the gift, so have fun with it and your wrap job can be almost as exciting as the gift inside.
  4. Measure twice; cut, fold, and tape once
    Once you have your paper laid out on a flat surface, set the gift item to one side. Before cutting, double check to ensure you've allotted enough gift wrap on all sides. You can do this by either measuring your gift or eyeballing. If you’re wrapping a box, measuring its dimensions before cutting doesn’t hurt and will help you achieve a very tidy, symmetrical wrap. Once you've cut the right amount of paper, fold the paper around the item and tape neatly. Make sure all taping and folding is oriented to one side of the gift so that the other side is neat and presentation-worthy.
  5. Add pizzazz
    Once it’s wrapped, dress up your gift by adding decorative personal touches for charm and pizzazz. Ribbon, string, bows and stickers are all excellent ways to give that extra something. Handwritten notes in labels and cards can also complete the presentation of your gift. Personalized, stamped Christmas paper is yet another option for creating gorgeous Christmas wrapping.
  6. Label
    No gift is complete without a label or card. Labelling adds a personal touch that kids and adults alike get excited about on Christmas morning. It also helps avoid confusion around the tree. Additionally, clearly labelling presents with Christmas tags when you wrap them will save you a headache later when it comes time to setting presents out. And remember: Santa has different handwriting than mom and dad.
  7. Clean up
    Kids love searching for clues about what might be under the tree. But half the fun of gift giving is maintaining an element of surprise, so careful cleanup can be key. The trick to gift wrapping clean-up is making it look like you were never there. Discard wrapping paper scraps and used cardboard tubes straight into the garbage and store unused materials away from curious minds, so Christmas morning can be maximum fun for everyone.
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