Girls’ Clothing Guide

A girl’s wardrobe needs a little bit of everything for school, sleep and play. Use this girls’ clothing guide to help you keep her closet full of fun and functional items.

Girls’ Clothing 101

Whether she’s four or 14, a fun, fashionable wardrobe for your daughter will keep her comfortable and content all day long. Today’s style-savvy girls want to rock all the latest looks, so let your daughter shop with you and help choose stylish yet sensible girls’ clothes that will make both mom and daughter happy. Shopping for kids’ clothes with your child promotes not only her own sense of style and independence, but also lets you spend time together. Look for quality, comfort and style, with an eye for easy care, washability and durability to keep your little girl looking and feeling her best. Whether she’s a toddler or tween, let your daughter wear her style on her sleeve and create a wardrobe she’ll want to call her own. 

Types of Girls’ Clothing



If your little girl loves to run and romp, stock her closet with girls’ activewear to keep up with her busy lifestyle. Girls’ leggings and girls’ yoga pants offer stretch and comfort in bold colours and prints. The elastic waistbands are best for young girls during bathroom breaks, and they can be worn with long tops or under dresses and skirts for warmth and coverage. Girls’ activewear demands easy-care fabrics that stand up to stress and stains to take her from the jungle gym to dance class without missing a beat. While girls’ yoga pants and activewear are designed to keep muscles warm, be sure to buy layers, from athletic tops to hoodies, so she can add or remove to suit her activity level.

Girls’ Bottoms

A selection of skirts, shorts, capris and pants will let your little girl create a look all her own. Girls’ shorts and girls’ capris are playtime favourites in spring and summer, but choose darker colours and easy-care fabrics for fewer washes. Skirts are easy to mix and match, but stock up on shorts or tights that can be worn underneath for warmth and coverage. Girls’ jeans and colour-washed denims are play-friendly pieces all year round, so buy several pairs (at least five) that can be rotated throughout the week. Look for stretchy styles, such as girls’ leggings, and sturdy fabrics, such as denim and cotton/poly blends, for everyday essentials that survive the schoolyard.

Girls’ Tops

Look for stylish separates that your daughter can mix and match for all the latest looks. Basic tees that express her personal style are an easy, affordable way to stay on trend. They are easy to care for and coordinate with skirts and shorts and can be worn on their own in summer or layered as undershirts in winter. Look for long-sleeved girls’ tops and sweaters in neutral colours that pair easily with pants and skirts when temperatures dip. Choose comfortable, easy-care fabrics, such as poly-cotton, silk and wool blends, that won’t irritate kids’ sensitive skin. For active girls, sweatshirts and hoodies are a great way to stay warm. Try fuss-free fabrics, such as fleece or cotton-poly blends, and avoid strings, which can be hazardous.

Girls’ Dresses

If dresses make your little girl feel like a princess, stock her closet with dresses for every occasion. From everyday frocks to party dresses, you’ll want to choose comfortable fabrics and versatile styles, such as tea-length dresses, that she’ll want to wear often. If your fashionista loves to dress up for every occasion, she’ll be thrilled to with a selection of dresses suited to every season. Modest necklines, longer lengths and thicker straps keep girls’ dresses age-appropriate. Take bust, waist and length measurements for a flattering fit, and choose colours, styles and fabrics that suit your daughter’s complexion and personal style.

Girls’ Outerwear

Kids need to stay warm and dry in all seasons, so choose comfort over style when buying girls’ outerwear. Shop for current and upcoming seasons ahead of time because sizes sell out early on. Look for an everyday coat that is durable and easy to clean to withstand the elements and everyday wear. A heavier, insulated coat or ski jacket is a must when the mercury dips, and should be generously sized to allow for extra layers. Look for girls’ jackets and coats with down lining, heavy quilting and a lined hood, as well as waterproof snow pants for snow play. An insulated, waterproof raincoat is required wear for rainy weather and should be paired with puddle-proof rain boots.

Girls’ Outfit Sets

Outfit sets make it easy for young girls to get dressed on their own, which can help develop independence. These ready-to-wear ensembles let your picky princess skip the morning meltdowns over what to wear, which makes for fuss-free mornings for everyone in your household. Girls’ outfits come in a variety of combinations, including pants, shorts, tutu, sweater and denim sets. They also come with coordinated tops and bottoms in fun, fashionable prints and patterns that are perfect for daily wear. Simply wash and dry them together and keep them paired in her closet for easy, effortless dressing. Purchase outfits for the current and upcoming seasons so your daughter is organized and you can avoid last-minute shopping.

Girls’ Sleepwear

Make sure your little dreamer has a restful night’s sleep all year round by choosing comfy girls’ sleepwear sets for every season. Look for summer sleepwear in natural materials, such as cotton and silk, that are lightweight and breathable to keep your girl cool and comfy in warmer weather. Look for winter sleepwear in heavier fabrics, such as fleece and flannel to fend off the chill. Younger girls will love one-piece sleepwear sets and nightgowns to keep them cozy and covered and make dressing and undressing easy. Girls of any age can snuggle up in two-piece sleepwear sets that can be mixed and matched for easy bedtime routines. Robes and slippers offer added warmth and comfort in cold weather.

Girls’ Underwear

Choosing the right underwear for your daughter will make a difference in how comfortable she feels. Make sure her undergarments don’t show through other clothing or irritate her skin. Choose girls’ underwear in natural materials, such as cotton and bamboo, and plain waistbands and leg openings without lace for greater comfort. Let your daughter experiment with different styles, such as bikinis or boy shorts, to find the cut that’s right for her. Skip dark colours and bold patterns that may show through light-coloured skirts and pants. Buy training bras and camisoles that provide comfort, coverage and support. Training bras should be easy to fasten and adjust.

Girls’ Socks

Socks are a style staple for keeping your little girl’s feet warm and dry and you’ll find you can never have enough. It’s a good idea to buy at least 10 to 14 pairs of girls’ socks, preferably in the same colour, so you can mix and match them when they go missing or get lost. Buy several pairs in her current size, as well as the next size up, and get lighter socks for spring and summer and heavier ones for fall and winter. Stock up on tights in a variety of colours for easy coordinating. Footless tights are perfect for showing off pedicures in summer, while heavier tights will keep her tootsies toasty in winter.

Girls’ Clothing Buying Tips:

• Take inventory of her closet and donate any outgrown clothing
• Shop together to find the right size and style
• Take her height, chest, hip and waist measurements for the right fit
• Stay loyal to brands you love for the right fit every time
• Stock up on basics like jeans, leggings, socks and underwear
• Stick to neutral shades or a few solid colours for easy coordinating
• Buy a size up to allow for growth spurts and save money
• Polycotton blends provide easy care, comfort and durability

Girls’ Clothing Features

Sizing +

Girls’ sizes go from seven to 14, but actual fit can vary from one brand to another. If you find a brand that suits your daughter’s body type, stay loyal to that label to make shopping easier and get the best fit every time. Keep her waist, hip, height and chest measurements on hand and update them regularly because kids grow fast. If in doubt, buy a larger size — she’ll grow into it in no time. Some brands offer slim, regular and plus sizes, while others have drawstring or adjustable waistbands to give her the flexibility to tighten or loosen for comfort and movement.

Materials +

Kids’ clothing should be easy to care for, stand up to wear and be kind to delicate skin. Consider buying children’s clothing that combines the comfort of natural fibres, such as cotton and hemp with the practicality of synthetics. Polyester/cotton blends provide the best of both worlds for comfort and easy care. Natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool, silk and hemp, are breathable and keep kids dry and comfortable. Synthetics are more durable and repel stains, but may be more apt to irritate skin or trigger allergies.

Cuts +

Girls’ pants and jeans come in a variety of cuts for different fits, styles and silhouettes. Straight-leg pants are a traditional shape, with the same width from thigh to ankle, that is flattering for most figures. Boot cuts are straight from thigh to knee, with a slight flare below the knee, and are always popular. Trendier styles that come and go with the seasons are flared jeans, which widen out below the knee, and skinnies or girls’ jeggings, which have a tapered, tighter fit. While most are enduring styles, your daughter may prefer one cut over another. Staying loyal to a brand, cut or style can make it easier for her to get the right fit every time and for you to restock her closet.

Zippers, Buttons & Drawstrings +

When buying clothes with fasteners, such as zippers, buttons and drawstrings, choose something that is easy enough for your daughter’s age and ability to dress independently at school. Zippers are easy to use and save time and effort, so they’re helpful for younger girls, especially on hoodies and outerwear. But zippers and zipper tabs can break or get stuck, so you’ll want to make sure that zip-up garments are closed before washing to avoid snagging and damage. Buttons tend to last longer and are easily replaced, but a nuisance if missing. Drawstrings can be handy on pants for adjustability, but avoid strings on hoodies for general safety reasons.

Stitching & Finishing +

Sturdy stitching is a sign of quality construction. The higher the stitch count (per inch) the stronger the seam, so look for short, tight stitching to ensure clothes can withstand daily wear and plenty of wash cycles. Check for double seams, hem stitches and bound edges that make it less likely for clothing to split or fray. Beware of loose thread which may be a sign of weak stitching or low production standards.

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Girls’ Clothing Care Tips:

• Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for care and cleaning
• Pre-treat stains before laundering
• Wash coloured and black garments, sweaters and hoodies inside out to preserve colour and softness
• Wash whites in hot water and brights, denims and darks in cold water to preserve colour
• Wash high-pile items separately from darks and fabrics that catch lint
• Hang garments to dry on a clothesline or set dryer on low heat to prevent shrinkage and preserve colour
• Hang dresses on hangers in closet to keep neat and separate from daily activewear
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