Halloween Treat Ideas

Halloween treats are supposed to be tasty, but they can also be nutritious. Here are some great Halloween treat ideas to keep your trick-or-treaters healthy and happy.

Halloween Treats 101

Impress the neighbourhood kids this Halloween with just the right treat or combination of goodies to give to trick-or-treaters. To please health-conscious parents, there are plenty of healthy Halloween treats for kids like fruit snacks, fruit cups, and trail mix that you can drop into the Halloween bags of the kids that come to your door. Chewing gum and chips are also widely loved essentials for every household handing out treats on Halloween. You can even add some variety to the handfuls of goodies you give out by buying wrapped chocolates, candy, and gum in multiple flavours. 

Types of Halloween Treats



There are so many different varieties of Halloween candy that you can easily satisfy the sweet tooth of every youngster that comes trick-or-treating to your door this Halloween. Make kids smile with Halloween ideas such as themed candy sticks that come in boxes decorated with popular characters from movies and television. Candy rolls are another great option, containing popular fruit flavours so they’re sure to please any kid that finds some in their Halloween bag. Lollipops or suckers are also a Halloween staple.  


Dark, milk, and white chocolate are all popular, so if you give out treat bags with a mix of these together, any kid is sure to get their favourite. Reliable choices in Halloween snacks include bite-sized versions of popular chocolate bars. You can buy them by the bag containing one brand in bulk, or choose a bag or box containing mini versions of assorted bars. Chocolate-covered cream eggs already have a decadent chocolate coating, with a creamy treat on the inside that’s hard to beat.  

Fruit Snacks

Fruit snacks can be as simple as bite-sized candies in fruit flavours, or gummies in the shape of your child’s favourite characters from movies or television. Choose gluten-free varieties if you want to cater to food-sensitive trick-or-treaters. Fruit rollups, fruit cups, and fruit bars are healthy treats that parents can include in school lunches after Halloween. As a bonus, they also help kids fill their daily, recommended fruit and vegetable intake. A perennial favourite among kids and parents are the familiar miniature boxes of raisins. Raisins are a sweet, healthy, and flavourful treat for kids of any age. 

Chips and Popcorn

The crunchy texture and salty taste of chips is the perfect way to offset the sweet tastes of candy and chocolate. There’s a flavour of chip out there for everyone, so if you buy multiple varieties, you can hand them out to groups of trick-or-treaters, and they can swap bags if they don’t get their favourite. Popcorn also offers an alternative to the sweet taste of most Halloween snacks, and is a more nutritious option, since it is low-calorie, sugar free, and contains fibre.  

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is a great addition to any child’s Halloween treat bag. Chewing gum comes in fruit and artificial flavours that will keep kids smiling during or after Halloween night. Chewing gumcan also be used as a breath freshener, coming in flavours like spearmint and peppermint. You can even promote good dental health this Halloween by giving out sugar-free chewing gum, which has been shown to reduce cavities and plaque. 

Nuts and Trail Mixes

If you want to give out health-conscious snacks this Halloween, nuts and trail mixes are a tasty and flavourful option. Peanuts, almonds, and cashews come in many different varieties, including regular, roasted, honey-roasted, and extra salted. Trail mixes can contain ingredients like nuts, granolas, banana chips, and dried fruits like raisins. Kids will love the satisfying mixture of sweet and salty tastes, and will also meet some of their nutritional needs for the day. Trail mixes contain natural sugars, and can count towards the number of servings of fruit needed in a day. Ensure nuts and anything containing nuts are wrapped and labeled to alert those with nut allergies.

Halloween Value Packs

Halloween value packs are specially designed to give you the chocolate, candy, and chewing gum assortments you’ll need to satisfy all the trick-or-treaters that come to your door. You can find treats as diverse as candy sticks, caramels, lollipops, and bite-sized chocolate bars in bulk. Value packs have the added benefit of containing various kinds and flavours of each different type of treat, so groups of trick-or-treaters can trade among themselves. 

Candy Alternatives

One way to stand out from the crowd this Halloween is giving out alternative kinds of treats. Fruit juice boxes are nutritious and will help kids get the servings of fruit they need. You can always opt for Halloween toys. Packs of mini play dough will keep kids occupied for hours, and Halloween-themed accessories and decorations like plastic eyeballs, rubber rats, and fake fingers are sure to spark youthful imaginations.

Trick or Treating Safety Tips:

  • Make sure that all the candy you give out is wrapped individually and sealed
  • Homemade treats might be thrown out by parents, so it’s best to stick to store-bought
  • Ensure nuts and anything containing nuts are wrapped and labeled to alert those with nut allergies
  • Move bicycles, skateboards, and other large objects out of walking paths so trick-or-treaters won’t trip up at night
  • If you have large objects like sprinklers that you can’t move, make sure they’re clearly visible to trick-or-treaters
  • Leave your porch light on as long as you have candy to give out

Candy Consumption Tips:

  • Ration out your kids’ consumption of Halloween candy by dividing it up into bags for each day or week
  • Hide treats or put them in high cabinets
  • Give kids candy in exchange for them eating their vegetables or doing chores
  • Create a calendar for November or December with little boxes of candy for each day of the month
  • Donate candy to a local shelter or food bank

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