Heart-Shaped Piñata

A heart-shaped piñata is a fun craft for Valentine’s Day. What’s more fun? Filling it with candy, then breaking it open for an explosion of sweets!

Heart-Shaped Piñata

If you’d like a creative craft for a Valentine’s Day party, a heart-shaped piñata might be just perfect. It makes a great centrepiece, and even better — it’s filled with candy! Learn how to make this craft in five easy steps.


3 sheets of cardstock paper
Painter’s tape
Tissue paper
Paper maché paste:
Flour and water
Each layer needs time to dry, so make sure to plan accordingly.


Step 1:
Cut a heart shape from two pieces of cardstock. Cut the third piece into strips about 1 ½ to 2 inches wide. Tape the strips along the edge of one of the hearts, leaving an opening at the end about 2 inches wide. Tape the other heart shape on top of the strips to create a 3D heart.
Step 2:
Next, mix your paper maché paste. Add a cup of flour to a bowl and slowly add water while stirring until it’s the consistency of thick pancake batter. Cut the newspaper pages into strips, then coat the strips of newspaper in the paper maché paste and smooth them onto the 3D heart. Repeat, overlapping the strips until the heart is covered (do not cover the opening) then let it dry.
Step 3:
Stuff some bunched up newspaper into the 3D heart through the opening to help hold its shape while it dries. Cover the heart in paper strips and paper maché at least one more time. The more layers you add, the tougher it will be to crack. Older kids might need more of a challenge, but for little kids you should stick to one or two layers at most.
Step 4:
Once it’s completely dry, remove the bunched up newspaper and fill with the heart candy. Cover the hole with paper maché (this doesn’t need to dry since we’ll be covering it with tissue paper).
Step 5:
Cut tissue paper into thick strips. Fold the strips in half lengthwise, and cut it them into a fringe. Starting at the bottom, layer the strips of fringe so that the pieces cover the top of the piece before it. Repeat until the whole heart is covered.

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