Helmets and Protective Gear

Cycling, skateboarding and inline skating are great fun and good exercise, but safety is a priority. This article outlines the various helmets and protective gear for a summer on wheels.

Helmets and Protective Gear 101

Activities such as cycling, inline skating and skateboarding are a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors, but you must protect yourself from spills and collisions. The perfect outing starts with a helmet that's suited to your sport and fits comfortably. You can never be too careful about protecting your head. You should also wear padding on your knees and elbows, which are fragile and easily damaged, even in small, seemingly harmless falls. 

Types of Gear


Bike Helmets

Whether you're a novice biker or a seasoned pro, you should always wear a bike helmet. In most provinces it’s mandatory for minors, and in some for adults as well. The helmet you choose should be based on the kind of biking you do. Road biking helmets provide increased ventilation and aerodynamics for long-distance cycling. Commuter bicycle helmets emphasize protection in the event of a collision. Mountain bike helmets have more protection at the back to safeguard your head if you fall backward during hilly rides. No matter what type of cycling you prefer, there's a bike helmet for you. So strap one on and wear your helmet hair with pride. All the bike helmets should be certified to CPSC (Consumer Product and Safety Commission) specifications and should labeled as such. 

Inline Skate Helmets

Inline skating can seem harmless at low speeds, but protective gear is essential, especially for your head. There are two basic categories of inline skate helmets: fitness helmets and skate helmets. Fitness helmets are designed to withstand a single high-speed impact. Once an impact occurs, you should discard the helmet and get a new one. Skate helmets cover more of the head and are designed for the multiple smaller impacts that can occur while park or trick skating. You should always look for a helmet that has a snug, comfortable fit.

Multi-Sport Helmets

If you casually take part in a variety of outdoor sports, you should consider a multi-sport helmet. These helmets are made for use across a range of similar activities, such as biking, rollerblading and skateboarding. They're a great way to save money, reduce clutter and free up closet space. Be sure to use your multi-sport helmet only for the sports for which it was designed. If you find yourself pursuing a particular sport at a more aggressive performance level, you should purchase a helmet made for that specific activity. All multi-sport helmets should be labelled ASTM-1492 standard certified.

Knee & Elbow Pads

Spinouts and tumbles are common in sports such as skateboarding and inline skating, especially when you're learning. That's why it's important to wear knee and elbow pads. Hard-shell pads offer the best impact protection but tend to be less flexible. Soft-shell pads are lighter and more flexible, but don't protect as well against impact. Look for fabric that breathes to help keep you cool. Your pads should fit snugly without pinching.

Protective Gear Sets

Get all the protective gear you need in one fell swoop by buying a protective gear set. Sets are designed for children and adults, and some are sport-specific. Look for sets that contain the right gear for the activities you prefer. Children’s protective gear sets feature fun colours and designs, so you'll have an easier time getting them to suit up before heading out to play.

Off-road Helmets

If you enjoy motor sports such as motocross or snowmobiling, you’ll need a good off-road helmet. These helmets provide full head protection, with either a full visor or an open face to fit goggles. Off-road helmets can also be used for fast downhill skiing and other high speed sporting activities. Look for helmets that provide good ventilation and are soundproofed. You’ll also want removable liners for easy cleaning after use.
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