Home Entertainment Centres 101

Your entertainment centre should protect your AV equipment while blending in with your decor. This home entertainment centres article describes various types and features to consider.

Home Entertainment Centres 101

Style, storage space and viewing angle are all important considerations when you’re choosing a home entertainment centre to display your TV. With most TV entertainment units, the main difference is in the details. TV stands come in various heights and with variable numbers of shelves, drawers and compartments for media storage, cable boxes and gaming boxes. The larger entertainment wall units can also house stereo components and speakers. You can choose from traditional wood finishes and modern or classic furniture styles. A corner entertainment unit is a good choice for small spaces. First, determine how much room you have and then decide what type and features best meet your needs.

Types of Home Entertainment Centres


TV Stands

The size and weight of your flat panel will determine whether you need a higher stand or one of the TV wall units designed for heavier, wider HDTVs. As a general rule, high-boy stands are up to 48 inches tall and best suited to screens 50 inches and smaller. For screens wider than 55 inches, go with a stand that's between 24 inches and 36 inches high. If you’re like most home-theatre buffs, you’ll want all the storage space you can get for your AV receiver, cable box, DVD player and DVD collection. Most TV stands are made of durable wood, easy-to-maintain wood composites or a combination of the two.

Corner TV Stands

Corner entertainment stands are a popular style of TV stand as they're well suited for many living room and family room layouts. It only makes sense to tuck your HDTV into a corner when floor space is limited or it best suits your furniture arrangement. Corner stands have tapered sides and a narrow back, so they fit snugly into corners. Corner media centres and stands are suitable for flat panels up to 55 inches.

TV Armoires

If you’d rather not see your TV screen when it’s turned off, a TV armoire may be the solution. Simply close the armoire doors at any time to hide the TV from view. An armoire with a lock on the door gives you control over who gets to watch TV and when. These units usually include storage drawers at the bottom and one or more shelves inside for your cable box, DVD player and other devices. Cable punchouts in the back allow you to run power cables out of sight to the nearest power outlet.

TV Consoles

The TV console is an elegant option for your home entertainment centre. This all-purpose furniture unit serves as a stand for your television and a discrete place to store and connect your cable box and other components. The TV console's sleek, attention-getting design is sure to draw the eye and help define your space. The unlimited range of styles, materials and finishes gives you free rein to match your console to your room. Some models have open shelving for displaying your DVD collections, while others have closed shelving and pull-out drawers to hide away accessories, extra wiring and the like.

TV wall units

A wide, empty wall space is the ideal spot for a floor-to-ceiling wall unit. These include a central location for your HDTV plus plenty of extra room for electronic components. A sectional model made up of several separate units gives you plenty of options for a custom arrangement. The additional height and width also provide adjustable shelving to display books, photos and keepsakes, and closed base storage for such items as home office paperwork and supplies.

Buying Tips:

  • Choose a unit that’s at least the same width as your TV screen
  • Make sure the height is appropriate for comfortable viewing
  • The rear of the unit should have knockouts for cables and power cords
  • Extra storage space can come in handy for DVDs and accessories
  • Solid or glass doors on a TV console shield electronics from pets and infants
  • A high-boy TV stand works best with smaller widescreen TVs

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Cable Management Tips:

  • Label your cables for easy identification
  • Use clips or ties to bundle cable cords and prevent tangling
  • Place video components close to your TV to keep cables short and out of sight
  • If a particular cable is too long, replace it with a shorter one
  • Hide cable runs under carpets or tack flush to baseboard moulding
  • Use oversized paper clips behind your TV stand to prevent disconnected power cords and cables from falling out of reach
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