Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Homemade Christmas gifts are fun and affordable alternatives to store-bought gifts. Here are nine homemade Christmas gift ideas that will help put a personal stamp on your gift-giving this year.

Homemade Christmas Gifts 101

Creating homemade Christmas gifts is an excellent way to combine all the things we love about the holidays: displaying affection for loved ones, spending time with family members and making memories that last. Not only are homemade gifts more personal and unique, they can also be a fun activity for kids and parents alike. Many homemade gift ideas call for inexpensive materials, plus willing hands and a personal touch only you can provide.

Photo Coasters

Create a lasting gift from the photos posted on your social media sites. Start by cutting the card stock and printed photos to match the size and shape of your cork coaster. Use sealer glue to affix the card stock to the cork, then the photo to the card stock. Paint a thin layer of glue over the photo itself to seal the final product. Finally, attach mounting pads to the bottom of each coaster. Four to six coasters make a good set. Use photos with a similar theme: for example, a recent vacation or family gathering, and make sure everyone in the group is included.

Gift Wrap Clock

This gift can add style and function to a room and requires little technical know-how, but you will need a basic clock hardware kit. First, make sure your wooden circle is the right thickness to match your clock hardware kit. Use an electric drill to make a hole precisely in the centre of the wooden circle. Use a paint brush to paint the outside edge in a paint colour that matches your gift wrap. Gold and silver are popular choices. Cut a piece of giftwrap to cover the face of your clock and glue it to the wooden circle. Coat it with a thin layer of sealer glue over the gift wrap to seal the clock face. Let the glue dry and affix the clock kit through the hole in the wooden circle. Complete the project by adding a picture hanger on the back.

Handprint Snowman Ornament

Christmas crafts for kids don’t come much easier than this. Start by painting your child’s hand with white paint and place a solid colour ball ornament in the palm of their wet hand. Have them carefully close their fingers around the ornament. Let go carefully so as not to smudge the paint. After the paint dries, you or your child can paint eyes, noses, scarves, and smiles onto each of the white fingers on the ornament with craft paint. Customize it with the child’s name and age and mark their progress with a new ornament each year. If you have a big family, enlist each child to give you ‘a hand’ for a set of truly unique Christmas ornaments.

Snowflake Tablecloth

Capture the shimmering beauty of a winter wonderland in a Christmas table covering. Draw some snowflakes on looseleaf paper to serve as templates. Different sizes and shapes work best to create an interesting pattern. Position the templates on a solid colour tablecloth and trace the snowflakes with glue using a fine-tip applicator. Then, sprinkle silver glitter on the glue before it dries. Repeat until the entire cloth is covered in beautiful, glittery snowflakes. After you’re done and the glue has dried, shake off the excess glitter.

Iron-On Tote Bags

A tote bag with a custom design is a unique and practical accessory. Begin by finding copyright-free clip art on-line and print the designs onto iron-on transfer patches as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Carefully cut out the clip art with your craft knife, avoiding any jagged edges, and arrange the pieces on your tote bag. When you’re satisfied with the pattern, iron the images face down onto the bag. When ironing, be sure to apply even pressure to ensure a clean, smooth image. After ironing, allow the material to cool and then remove the backing paper.

Foam Mouse Pad

Here’s a practical gift your kids can make for everyday use by the whole family. Start by covering one side of a craft foam pad with craft glue and carefully affix shelf liner to the pad, making sure it’s smooth. Allow to dry. Then, have your child draw a pattern on a piece of loose-leaf paper. The pattern should be big enough to allow room to manoeuvre the mouse. Trace the pattern onto the foam and cut it out with a craft knife. Have your child decorate the mouse pad with permanent markers, making fun shapes and designs, or adding a personal message.

Monogrammed Journal

A simple project for kids and a great gift for an adult, a monogrammed journal will get plenty of use all year. Form initials or a name by aligning rubber letter stamps together using rubber bands. Test the pattern on a spare sheet of looseleaf paper, making sure the stamps are evenly spaced. Next, hold the covers of a hardcover journal tightly closed, apply your stamps to the ink pad and stamp along the edges of the pages. To line the inside of the front and back covers, use scissors to cut two pieces of paper sized to fit inside the journal and stamp your pattern across each page. Use a ruler to keep your pattern straight. Glue the monogrammed pages to the inside of the covers and let dry.

Homemade Bath Salts in a Mason Jar

Give the gift of relaxation with this simple formula for a luxurious bath. Combine three cups of scented epsom salts, two cups of sea salt, and one-half cup of baking soda in a large bowl, breaking up any large chunks. Mix well and divide equally into smaller bowls. Slowly add very small amounts of different food colouring to each batch. Then, spoon alternating layers of each batch into a mason jar to create a pleasing, multilayered effect. Seal the jars to keep the bath salts fresh and dry.

Decoupage Serving Tray

For the friend or family member that loves to entertain, a decoupage serving tray is a personal and useful gift. Start with a simple serving tray and some printed photos. Arrange the photos on the flat surface of the tray in a pattern you like and glue them onto the tray. After the glue dries, seal the entire surface with acrylic varnish. The result is a one-of-a-kind craft that will serve up memories and spark warm conversation.
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