How to Create Bold Eyebrows

Put those tweezers down! Bold eyebrows are in, and even better — they’re easy to master. Learn how to create bold eyebrows in three easy steps.

Bold Eyebrows 101

Good news, ladies: the days of plucking eyebrows down to a pencil-thin line are gone. Full, bold brows are in, and contrary to everything you may have learned, intense arches are a great way to define your face and make a strong-yet-delicate beauty statement. From the runway to real life, bold brows are popping up on famous faces and beauty bloggers alike. If you’d like to change up your look or make a strong beauty statement, try a bold brow. All it takes is a few tools and the right technique.

You’ll Need:

Eyebrow makeup (a pencil, powder, or mascara-like product)

Step 1: Frame & Tame

The foundation of gorgeous brows is creating the perfect shape. To find the start and end points for your arches, line a pencil up along the side of your nose where your nostril begins, and follow the line straight up to your brow. This is where your arches start. Next, keep the pencil in place at your nostril, and tilt it over the centre of your pupil to find the peak of your arch. Lastly, drop the top of the pencil toward the end of your eye, making a 45° angle. This is where the arch should end. From there, pluck any stray hairs that sit outside these lines, then use a brow brush to brush your hair upwards, and snip any hairs that are noticeably longer than the rest. Lastly, brush your brows up and out to “lift” the eye.

Step 2: Fill it in

Take your brow product and apply it in the direction of hair growth, brushing in short, upward strokes to coat the brow from beginning to end. Use light strokes, and concentrate on the top of the brow more than the bottom. Continue filling in your brows until you’ve reached the darkness you desire. When finished, dab a touch of highlighter under the arch to really pull your brows up.
s and the right technique.

Step 3: Smooth it out

Use your brow brush to put your hairs back in place by brushing upwards and outwards. To make them really stay in place, spray a touch of hairspray on your brow brush and brush it on.


• Unsure about bold brows? Take time to practice creating the look you want, and wear it around home for a while to get used to it
• If you don’t want to go too bold, stick to colour that’s either two shades lighter or darker than your natural colour
• Stick to a lighter shade for daytime, and a darker shade for night
• Keep your makeup simple: if you’re playing up your brows, play down the rest of your makeup with a neutral lip and eyes
• Work with your natural brow shape, and only pluck stray hairs
• Remember to always remove your makeup at the end of the day, and clean your tools often with warm water and a gentle shampoo

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