How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree is the centrepiece of your holiday decor. This guide offers tips on how to create the Christmas tree look you want, while keeping safety top of mind.

Christmas Tree Decorating 101

Trimming the tree is a Christmas tradition that brings family and friends together. There's no “right” way to decorate a Christmas tree. Everyone has their own style, and some methods have been passed down through families for generations. Still, there are some basic steps you can take to ensure you achieve the creative result you want while keeping safety in mind. First of all, start by putting on the tree topper. If you wait until the end, you risk knocking off your carefully placed ornaments. To cover an unsightly tree stand, consider adding an attractive tree skirt. And when it's time to add your ornaments, place your favourites first to give them the prime locations on your tree. Give everyone a chance to contribute and you'll create lasting holiday memories, one branch at a time.

Christmas Tree Colours & Themes

From holiday classics like red and green to sleek modern mixes like silver and white, there are many Christmas tree colour schemes. If you’d like to decorate with a theme, consider striking beaded garland from our Glory Gold collection and match it up with a variety of gold, silver, champagne and glittery ornaments. If you’re dreaming of an old-fashioned Christmas, you’ll find everything you need in our Family Heirloom collection. For more daring tree decorators, there’s the bold fun of our Merry & Bright assortment. Embrace reds and silvers with touches of wood-toned neutrals with our Winter Lodge motif. Just like that, you’ve got yourself a holiday showstopper — right down to the coordinated tree skirt!

Christmas Tree Lights & Decorations

Lights and Christmas decorations go a long way toward defining the overall look of your tree. Clear or white lights are a sophisticated way to brighten up a tree without detracting attention from the ornaments. Choose multi-coloured lights to achieve a warm, festive glow. Both traditional incandescent and energy-saving LED bulbs are available, as are more unusual options like globe bulbs and retro bubble lights. Your options for decorations range from classic balls and candy canes to cartoon characters and framed photos. It's your tree and your home, so unleash your creativity and have fun.



Christmas Tree
Christmas tree skirt
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Christmas Tree Decorating Steps

  1. Choose a location
    Before you begin decorating, select a spot to display your tree, ensuring you have access to an electrical outlet, enough overhead clearance for your tree topper, adequate space for family and visitors to manoeuvre around your showpiece, and, of course, lots of space for presents! Keep in mind that a tree placed in front of a window will require more ornaments than a tree placed in a corner because you need to decorate all sides of the tree — the sides facing inside and the side facing the window.
  2. String the lights.
    Test your lights before you start stringing, and replace any defective bulbs or strings. Begin by winding the lights from the top down, tucking unsightly cords out of view as you go. Remember to leave an open socket on top if you're using a light-up Christmas tree topper. When you reach the bottom, step back and squint to spot lighting gaps. You'll want to make any adjustments now before moving on to the decorations.
  3. Put on the tree skirt
    You aren't the only one who dresses for the holidays. A tree skirt is a practical piece of decor that covers up an unsightly tree stand or base. If you add the skirt before the rest of the decorations, you won't risk disturbing your carefully arranged pieces or knocking off ornaments that could break when they hit the floor.
  4. Time for the tree topper
    It’s fun to top your tree in a final, triumphant decorative act, but it's actually safer to top your tree before you add the other ornaments. This approach lacks drama, but it means you won't risk shaking the tree and causing fragile ornaments to fall to the ground. You want to make sure your footing is solid as you reach for the top of the tree. A fall can be dangerous for you, and for your tree.
  5. Go for garland
    If you plan to add garland to your tree, this is the time to do it. By placing it now, before you've added your ornaments, you ensure the ornaments won't get lost or covered up beneath all the wired ribbon, beads, popcorn and other garland elements. As with lights, apply garland from tip to trunk, leaving enough slack for it to flow naturally, rather than appearing tightly bound.
  6. Bring on the ornaments
    The final (and most fun) step is adding ornaments to your tree. Hanging favourites first is a good way to guarantee they get prime real estate. Filler items like simple coloured balls and tinsel can go just about anywhere. You should also place larger ornaments early on to ensure you won't run out of space for them. If small children and pets are among your holiday revellers, avoid hanging breakable ornaments on lower branches.
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