Inline Skating Essentials

It's hard to beat the thrill of inline skating, and the way it gives every member of the family a different option for staying fit. This inline skating essentials article outlines what you need to get started.

Inline Skating 101

Inline skating is healthy activity that offers something exciting and different for every member of the family. You can skate long distances, play inline hockey or get aggressive with cool grinds and spins. As an exercise, inline skating offers a low-impact workout and helps to build balance and coordination. Whatever type of inline skating you choose, start by choosing the right skates, wheels and protective gear. Then strap on a pair and let the good times roll.

Types of Essentials


Inline Skates

Inline skates are generally constructed with a single line of four polyurethane wheels, though some models have just two wheels. The in-line design makes them faster and more manoeuvrable than quad roller skates. If you're an advanced skater in fitness and inline hockey, you should consider models with harder boots and frames made of carbon fibre or aluminum. These types provide better support and performance. Beginners should opt for softer, more comfortable boots and frames made of durable polyurethane. 

Kids’ Inline Skates

Kids’ inline skates are specially designed for the needs of growing children. Some models have adjustable sizing, so you can make them larger to accommodate expanding feet. Other models come with training wheels that can be converted to regular inline wheels as your child gains confidence and learns to skate safely. You can find kids’ inline skates in a wide array of bright colours that your children will love to wear and match with their outfits and other skating gear. 


The most important item of safety equipment to bring when you’re inline skating is a helmet. There are two main types of inline skating helmets: the fitness helmet and the skate helmet. Fitness helmets tend to be longer and have more airflow vents to help you stay cool. Skate helmets have a rounder shape that extends farther down on the face and ears. These helmets are a better choice for aggressive trick skating and inline sports since they're designed to sustain multiple smaller impacts. All helmets are designed to be thrown away after withstanding a single strong impact.

Knee Pads

If you fall while inline skating — and everyone does at some point — your knees could hit the ground. To avoid potential cuts and scrapes, it’s essential to wear knee pads. Knee protection is particularly important for kids and beginners of all ages. When you're wearing proper safety gear, you’ll feel more comfortable and secure, which allows you to focus on improving your skating skills and having fun. You can buy knee pads on their own as part of an inline skating protective set that includes elbow pads and wrist guards. 

Elbow Pads

Elbow pads, like knee pads, provide necessary protection for your elbows in the event of a fall. They'll also help safeguard your upper forearms and triceps, since the rubber foam padding will bear some of the impact of the fall. When buying elbow pads, it’s important to purchase a size that doesn't restrict the range of movement of your elbow, and when skating, you should adjust the straps to a comfortable fit. You can buy elbow pads on their own or as part of an inline skating protective set that includes knee pads and wrist guards. 

Wrist Guards

If you lose your footing when inline skating, it's natural to use your hands to break your fall. For this reason, wrist guards are a critical piece of safety gear. Wrist guards serve the dual purpose of helping prevent wrist fractures, and shielding your hands from scrapes and cuts. You can buy wrist guards on their own as part of an inline skating protective set that includes knee pads and elbow guards. 
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