Interior Accents Buying Guide

When it comes to home decor, it’s often all in the details. This interior accents buying guide will show you how easy it is to make a personal statement with simple and stylish touches.

Interior Accents 101

It’s often the subtle touches that transform a house into a home. Whether it’s a beautiful vase of fresh blooms or treasures from your travels, decorative accents can bring colour, light and life to every room. Home accents can perk up the colour palette and personality of any space easily and affordably without forcing you to redecorate or rearrange furniture. For an inviting, harmonious decor, organize accessories by colour, style or theme to create continuity and avoid chaos and clutter. And switch up your accessories often to suit the changing seasons and your evolving tastes. 

Interior Accent Basics


Art & Wall Decor

A work of art you love can enhance or define any room and transform your blank wall canvas into a wow-worthy showcase. A gallery of travel photos personalizes your space and inspires conversation. Framed art colours your world and complements your decor. Wall art can reflect your personal style and be as practical as it is pretty: framed chalkboards double as family message centres and modular shelves lend storage space to bare walls. Whatever you choose to display, measure your wall space and choose art that’s suited to the size and scale of your room.

Candle Holders

The right candleholders can add style to your space and make a statement of their own — with or without candles. Clusters of candle holders and candlesticks in cascading heights can add drama to your fireplace, dining room table or entryway. If you’re looking for a bolder, brighter look, wall sconces and wall-mounted candleholders in brass, metal and mirrored styles can take it up a notch and let candlelight bring a warm glow to your walls. Glass hurricanes filled with sand, shells, beach glass or berries can create a lovely play of light and sheen while allowing candles to burn more safely and evenly.


Candles are an easy way to add light, colour, fragrance and warmth to any room. A fireplace hearth or entry table glowing with candles can lend ambience and warmth to your space. Cluster candles in various sizes and scents to create a cozy candlescape in your living room or dining room, or add bowls of floating votive candles to your bathtub or bedroom for a soft, romantic glow. Be cautious when decorating with candles, and consider decorating with flameless LED candles if you have kids or pets in your home.


With their timeless appeal, clocks make pretty yet practical pieces for any decor. Clocks can add everyday elegance to any room and look fabulous while keeping everyone fashionably on time. To stay on trend with these ticking beauties, go bold — the bigger, the better — to make a stylish statement. Try an oversized clock or a grouping of smaller clocks as wall art above a sofa or fireplace mantle for a striking focal point. Or, use a collection of vintage or antique timepieces to accessorize a fireplace hearth, desk, bedroom vanity or bookshelf.

Decorative Accessories

Whether they’re functional (a stack of beloved books or a bowl of fresh fruit) or just plain funky (a collection of hats or a selection of travel souvenirs), simple accents can add your signature style to your space and make your home unique. Using colour and texture in vases, bowls and sculptural objects can change the look or feel of a room without costing a fortune and you can easily swap them out to refresh the look. Be sure to organize your accents by style, theme or colour to tie them all together, and edit your accessories often to prevent clutter.

Decorative Pillows

Plush pillows add softness and sensuality and create a cozy, comfy space for curling up. They’re also the easiest way to experiment with colour and perk up your space with patterns and texture. Adding piles of pillows to your beds, sofas and side chairs lets you break up boring beiges with bold splashes of colour and pattern. Choose solid-coloured cushions contrasted with accent pillows in a complementary colour or pattern; select a variety of sizes to add visual interest. Be sure to look for washable fabrics if you have kids or pets.


Your pictures may be worth a thousand words, but your picture frames speak volumes about your personal style and decor. When showcasing your family portraits or artwork, select frames in similar finishes, such as metal, wood or whitewash, for a common link. Vary the shapes and sizes of the frames to create gorgeous gallery walls. To best showcase your walls with striking photography and artwork, observe the rule of threes which states that any arrangement of three objects is most pleasing to the eye.


An easy, elegant way to bring more light and depth to your rooms, mirrors can make a beautiful, bold statement in any setting. They can be used to reflect light and colour, visually expand your rooms or reflect a beautiful view or vignette. You can use wall mirrors to expand narrow corridors and small spaces, or grace your rooms with full-size floor mirrors rested against the wall to add dimension and drama. Mirrored accents, such as trays, desks and side tables, can visually expand your space and add a romantic touch to your rooms.

Interior Accent Basics Cont’d


Room Dividers

A room divider or screen can help you divide and conquer your space with style. Both decorative and designed for privacy, room dividers allow you to section your space into defined areas and create smaller rooms within larger spaces. From paper and fabric panels to wood and rattan screens, there is a wide variety of styles to suit any decor. Room dividers let you create intimacy and charm in bedrooms and separate work and play areas in shared spaces like basements and lofts.


Slipcovers let you reinvent your rooms easily and affordably without having to replace your furniture. You can perk up torn, tired or dated upholstery on sofas, side chairs and settees with washable slipcovers that withstand routine soiling. Slipcovers can also be used to refresh your furniture and change the colour or look of your rooms. Opt for budget-friendly, ready-made slipcovers over custom-made, and choose heavy, tight-fitting fabrics, such as linen, for a clean look.

Wall Coverings

With so many wall coverings to choose from, you should consider the desired look and function of your rooms before committing to a colour or style. Paint is an easy and affordable way to experiment with colour and renew your surroundings. It’s simple to touch up and repaint rooms, but consider washable semi-gloss paint if you have children or pets. Wallpaper can add pattern and texture to walls; opt for removable wallpaper or wall decals if you’re afraid to commit or washable wallpaper in high-traffic areas. Wood panelling, fabric and mosaic or glass tiles can let you transform bare walls into creative canvases, but you may want to reserve them for rooms with limited traffic.

Window Coverings

Beautiful window treatments can add form and function to your favourite rooms. Different window treatments can either brighten a room or block out light and offer privacy. Wood and faux-wood blinds and louvred shutters let you control light, shade and privacy and are easier to clean than fabric blinds, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. If your south-facing windows get lots of direct sun, roman and solar shades can help filter out heat, glare and UV rays. If you want a softer look, drapes can add length and luxury to your windows.

Wine Racks

Whether you’re a casual wine drinker or a connoisseur, a wine rack can be a stylish way to store favourite vintages while displaying your beautiful bottles on a bar or kitchen counter. Classic or contemporary, look for a wine rack that is suited to the style of your kitchen or bar with room to accommodate your expanding collection. Countertop wine racks, carts and shelves are the best bet for the casual wine drinker, while wine coolers and cabinets can accommodate glassware and accessories and provide a place for pouring.

Interior Design Tips:

• Group objects in odd numbers to be more pleasing to the eye
• Arrange objects by colour, style or theme to unify the room
• Arrange objects of different shapes and sizes in asymmetrical groupings to make displays feel more like art than storage
• Choose artwork that suits the size and scale of your rooms
• Hang artwork using the rule of three, with three matching pieces
• Use variations of shades from a single colour for decorative accents, and add more texture than pattern
• Hang curtains from the ceiling to the floor in a similar shade as the wall to expand the room
• Swap harsh overhead lighting for warmer lamp and candle light
• Choose lighter paint colours to reflect light and expand rooms and darker shades to visually shrink spaces

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