Interior Car Cleaning Tips

Need of a few interior car cleaning tips? We’ve got you covered. Use these car cleaning tips to make your vehicle sparkle and shine.

Interior Car Cleaning 101

Chances are, you spend a good portion of your week in your car. Commuting to and from work or school, driving places on the weekend, running errands… the list goes on. It doesn’t take long before crumbs tuck away in seat crevices, dirt gathers on the floor, and spilled drinks muck up the cup holders. Luckily, with a few minutes and some elbow grease you can make the inside of your car sparkle and shine like new. Give your car a good cleaning with these car cleaning tips.

How to Clean Your Car


Step 1: Gather what you’ll need


Step 2: Throw out the garbage

If you’ve got an old newspaper, empty water bottle, food wrappers and receipts floating around, now’s the time to toss ’em. Make sure to check under the front seats for anything that might be hiding — you’ll be surprised at what you find! To make cleanups easier, keep a small trash bin on the floor by the passenger seat.

Step 3: Blow out entire interior

This is a great tip. Before you vacuum, take an air blower to the interior of your car. This will help loosen any trapped dust or dirt, making them easier to vacuum up later. It’s an extra step to make sure your car is extra clean.

Step 4: Vacuum the interior and mats

Next up: vacuuming. Make sure to get the floorboards, seats and areas underneath the seats and around the pedals. Don’t leave any crumb behind! If you’ve got pets, your vacuum might not pick up every stray hair, so use a piece of duct tape to trap anything that the vacuum leaves behind. Remember to pull your mats out, give them a good shake, and then give them a once-over with the vacuum. This will rid them of all the dirt and debris that’s been collecting for the last few months.

Step 5: Wipe surfaces, panel and dashboard

Vacuuming will suck up dirt, dust, and crumbs, but you need to wipe down the hard surfaces in your car to get everything clean. Wipe surfaces gently using cleaning products made specifically for your car’s surface materials (whether upholstery or leather). If you’re using a spray, always spray the product onto a soft cloth first — not directly on the car surface — and wipe gently. Remember to read the labels of the products you use, and test a small area first before cleaning the whole area. After you’ve wiped everything clean, buff the surfaces gently with a dry cloth.

Step 6: Clean windshield and windows

Time to make your windows shine! Using a household or car glass cleaner, clean all windows from the inside with a microfibre cloth. Pay special attention when cleaning the rear window, as you can damage the heating lines of the defogger grid by scrubbing too hard. If you’ve got tinted windows, don’t use a vinegar- or ammonia-based glass cleaner, as these can damage the tinted surface.

Step 7: Use a protective spray

You’ve vacuumed and cleaned, so preserve that cleaning job as long as possible by using protective sprays on the interior surfaces. Protectants can help keep your surfaces clean by creating stain-resistant barriers and blocking out UV rays that can case colour fading. Choose a protective spray that’s made specifically for your car’s surfaces, and spray the protectant onto a cloth before wiping down the surface.

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