Jewellery Box Buying Guide

Jewellery boxes are designed to protect your precious jewels while making a decorative statement on their own. This jewellery box buying guide will help you find the right one for you.

Jewellery Boxes 101

Whether it’s your cherished wedding ring or a photo locket of a loved one, jewellery is among your most precious possessions. You can protect these priceless pieces and preserve their lustre and brilliance in a dedicated jewellery box. Jewellery boxes keep your treasured trinkets sorted, organized and safe from scratches and dents. In a multi-drawer jewellery box, fine and fashion jewellery can be stored together but in separate or special compartments so your favourite pieces are always handy. Before buying, consider the size of your jewellery collection and your current and future storage needs. The ideal jewellery box is functional, fashionable and fits in with the rest of your bedroom decor.

Types of Jewellery Boxes


Lift Top Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery boxes come in different shapes, sizes and styles as varied as your collection of gems and jewels. Lift top jewellery boxes open with a hinged top for easy access to bracelets, earrings and necklaces when you’re ready to wear them out on the town. Whether it’s costume jewellery or cherished heirlooms, these jewellery boxes are designed to keep your valuables in one convenient place and keep them from getting lost or misplaced. A smaller, simpler jewellery box will suffice for smaller collections but if you have a sizable or valuable assortment, look for a box with pullout trays and compartments for storage.

Multi-drawer Lift Top Jewellery Boxes

If you love to accessorize, you’ll want a jewellery box that can keep up with your expanding jewellery collection. Multi-drawer lift top jewellery boxes feature a hinged door that opens on top and several drawers underneath to store and organize different-sized items. From brooches to bracelets, multi-drawer models let you keep everything organized and grouped according to gemstone or type to make it easier to prepare for any occasion. If your jewellery collection is expensive or expansive, look for pullout trays with protective lining, padded compartments and spacious drawers to give your best accessories a little extra love. 

Jewellery Armoires

Like little wardrobes for your favourite accessories, jewellery armoires feature two doors that open wide to let you choose the right jewellery for any occasion. Depending on the size of your collection, an armoire may be small enough to sit on a dressing table or vanity or large enough to be freestanding on its own. These catch-all cabinets are typically designed for extensive collections and often feature mirrors so you can try things on right there. They may include hooks, ring slots, pullout trays, drawers, compartments and even built-in travel cases for an all-in-one storage solution for your jewellery collection.

Musical Jewellery Boxes

Musical jewellery boxes play a sweet melody or classic lullaby to bring charm to a little girl’s room while keeping her prized possessions in one place. These beautiful boxes play music when the lid is opened, often with a twirling ballerina to entertain and enchant her. Whether it’s a gift for a niece or a keepsake for your darling daughter, musical jewellery boxes are a treasure all their own, filled with as much surprise and sentiment as the trinkets inside. They tend to be keepsakes that grow with your child and her jewellery collection, so look for a durable exterior and soft velvet or felt interior to protect her first treasures for years to come.

Individual Jewellery Storage

Precious pieces of jewellery with sentimental value deserve their own space. Individual jewellery storage boxes tucked in a drawer are the perfect place for storing your dad’s heirloom watch or your grandmother’s precious pearls. Watch boxes, which are cardboard, wood or leather boxes lined with padded satin or silk, can keep heirloom-quality items like wedding rings and watches safe from scratches and cracks. They can be tucked away in a hidden or locked drawer, separate from the rest of your jewellery, for extra security against theft or other loss. Other individual storage solutions, such as organza or velvet jewellery pouches, can help keep diamonds, pearls, silver and gemstones separate and safe from scratches, dents and tarnishing.

Jewellery Travel Cases

If you’re jet-setting to a destination wedding or on a business trip, jewellery travel cases let you bring your bling and look your best wherever you go. Jewellery travel cases, such as jewellery rolls, have see-through pouches to store everyday jewellery essentials. They lie flat on your bed for easy access to accessories but can be hung in your hotel closet or tucked away in your luggage when you travel. These convenient cases let frequent fliers accessorize on the road and stay organized en route, but they’re also convenient if you’re short on space. Look for durable pouches and tight seals to keep your jewels secure while travelling.

Jewellery Organizers

Next to diamonds, a jewellery organizer is a girl’s best friend. Organizers come in a variety of styles, such as over-the-door and hanging organizers, to protect beads and baubles from getting lost, mismatched or damaged. This simple yet savvy storage solution is ideal if you have a lot of jewellery and want to keep it easily accessible. Organizers work well for storing jewels and gems separately to prevent scratches, nicks and tangles. They’re also great for separating silver, gold, diamonds and pearls to avoid damage from friction or silver tarnish. Look for clear pockets for easy viewing and enough space to store and display your collection. 

Stands and Trees

Jewellery stands or trees let you display all your finery on branches or arms to keep your pretty pieces in view and within easy reach. Higher jewellery stands work well for hanging long, delicate strands such as chokers, chains, necklaces and rosaries, to prevent tangles and kinks. Low-rise jewellery stands are best for storing bangles, bracelets, anklets and watches to prevent scratches and cracks. Earring trees keep all your favourites, from small studs to large hoops, paired together to guard against loss or becoming mismatched. Look for soft velvet or felt backing to provide added protection.

Men’s Valets

Valet boxes are designed for men, storing everything from cuff links and tie tacks to watches and wedding bands. Leather and dark wood valets with mahogany or walnut finishes lend a rugged, masculine appeal and make great catch-all cabinets for men’s jewellery. Many have enough space to store graduation rings, money clips, tie tacks, key rings and even loose change. If your guy doesn’t have a lot of gold or silver, many jewellery boxes work well for both men’s and women’s jewellery. Earring compartments can hold women’s earrings and men’s tie tacks, fabric-covered tubes can hold women’s bracelets and men’s watches, and compartments can hold men’s watches and wallets. 

Jewellery Box Buying Tips:

• Consider your current and future storage needs
• Look for a hard exterior, such as wood or leather, and a soft, textured interior, such as velvet or felt, for the best protection
• Choose a jewellery box that matches your existing decor
• Consider a travelling jewellery organizer if you’re short on space
• Look for a gender-neutral style if your jewellery box will be storing men’s and women’s jewels
• Look for a lock and key system to keep precious pieces out of little hands

Jewellery Box Features

Outer Materials +

Jewellery boxes are available in a variety of materials, such as wood, glass, leather, porcelain and precious metals, depending on your needs and budget. Leather and wood jewellery boxes such as teak, provide sturdy storage and are designed to last with proper care. Mirrored glass and porcelain jewellery boxes make beautiful additions to your bedroom dresser, but they are delicate and may not last as long as the jewellery they’re designed to hold.

Inner Materials +

Jewellery boxes are lined with various fabrics, including silk, satin, velvet and felt, to protect your precious gems. Fabric linings help hold your jewellery in place while preventing damage to delicate gemstones and jewels. Look for textured fabrics, such as felt and faux suede, to keep your trinkets from sliding around. Velvet and satin linings are best for protecting fine gold and silver pieces, while textured felt and faux suede prevent tarnishing and keep jewels well protected. Silk lining may be too slippery to keep your jewels from sliding around and may not prevent tarnishing.

Construction +

Jewellery boxes and organizers are designed to protect your valuables, so look for features that will keep them safe and secure. Look for drawers and doors that fit tightly and fasten securely. Look for top lids with strong hinges that will hold them in place so they won’t fall on your hands when you’re reaching for bracelets and brooches. For added security, look for jewellery boxes with a lock and key to keep your valuables extra safe. Jewellery stands, such as earring and necklace stands, should be well constructed with a wide base to prevent them from tipping over.

Compartments +

A jewellery box should have individual compartments that let you store your jewellery separately to prevent scratches to settings, keep silver from tarnishing and avoid damage to gemstones. Soft metals, such as gold and silver, and delicate gems, such as pearls, can be dented by harder materials, such as diamonds, so it’s best to keep them separate for safekeeping. The best jewellery boxes have compartments that are lined with soft, textured fabrics, such as felt and velvet to keep rings, bracelets and pendants well protected and secured in place. Extra padding can also help provide added protection. Compartments can also keep your jewellery well organized, coordinated in matching sets and easy to access for any occasion.

Accents +

Jewellery boxes are adorned with all kinds of accents that are designed for both form and function. Mirrors allow you to try on your jewellery where it’s stored to help you decide what to wear for an evening out. Many offer a variety of specialty storage solutions, including ring boxes, bracelet tubes and hooks for hanging necklaces. Typically lined with velvet, ring boxes have individual slots for rings to protect them and polish each ring as it’s removed from the box. Fabric-covered tubes can help keep bangles and bracelets free from scratches. Hooks are helpful for hanging delicate pearls, necklaces and chains to keep them from tangling.

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Jewellery Box Care Tips:

• Clean jewellery with a soft cloth after each use and before storing
• After removing jewellery, wipe the interior and exterior with a gentle soap-and-water solution and let dry
• Dust the exterior regularly with a soft, damp cloth
• Clean mirrors regularly with a glass cleaner or vinegar solution
• Keep your jewellery box in a dry place to avoid damage
• Store your jewellery box at room temperature, away from direct sunlight
• Use anti-tarnish strips in your jewellery box to help prevent tarnishing from silver
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