Kids’ Fitness 101

Young children are full of energy, but they don't always channel it into healthy physical activities. This kids’ fitness article offers helpful ideas for encouraging your kids to get moving and keep fit.

Kids Fitness 101

Motivating young kids to exercise on a regular basis can be hard, but it's worth the effort. People who develop good exercise habits early in life are more likely to stay fit and healthy as they grow older. You can make workouts enjoyable for your children by playing fun exercise DVDs and performing the routines together at home. There is also a wide range of kids’ exercise equipment available that can introduce them to various fitness activities as they play and entertain themselves. To get started, you need to determine the types of activities your children should be capable of performing based on their age. 

Types of


Zumba® for Kids

Most kids love to dance, so it's no wonder they can't get enough of Zumba. This popular aerobic fitness program features infectious Latin-American music and dance moves. The workouts are fun, and easy to do in your living room without the need for extra equipment. Just pick up a Zumba DVD and pop the disk into your player to start your own family-fitness party. 

Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a great form of physical exercise that improves flexibility, coordination and strength. It's also a good way to relieve stress and increase concentration. From a kid-benefit perspective, this can help with things like school, sports and socializing with other children. Yoga is also an activity that your whole family can do at home. All you need is an instructional yoga DVD and some comfy yoga mats.

Kids’ Activity Sets

Activity sets are great for keeping your kids entertained and occupied for extended periods of time. Some of the most popular are climbing dome sets and foam sets. Climbing dome sets promote gripping, stretching, agility and muscle growth. They're good for developing your child’s balance, strength and agility. Foams sets feature lightweight building blocks your child can practice balance on (and learn to fall safely). 

Kids’ Exercise Equipment

The right exercise equipment can make staying active as much fun as playing video games. You can create a children’s gym in your home with equipment such as a kids’ treadmill, kids’ weight bench, kids’ air walker, kids’ fitness bike and even kids’ dumbbells. You should also consider portable items like kids’ pogo sticks and kids’ jump ropes, which your child can take to school and use during recess. After a workout, kids can use exercise cylinders (foam rollers) to help with stretching. 

Exercise Mats & Playmats

If your child does exercises that require sitting or lying on the floor, a playmat or exercise mat is a must for warmth and comfort. For young children who are mostly tumbling and playing, playmats are more suitable as they're very cushiony. Many playmats feature colourful designs that engage kids and keep them motivated. Exercise mats, on the other hand, are thinner with more grip, so they're more appropriate for activities like yoga and stretching.

Activity Milestones:

• End of second year: Start running, throw a ball, walk up stairs assisted, pull or carry a toy while walking
• End of third year: Maintain balance when bending over, ride a tricycle, run with ease, walk up stairs with alternating feet
• End of fourth year: Catch a ball, walk backwards, walk up stairs unassisted, hop and stand on one foot for several seconds
• End of fifth year: Balance on one foot, hop, swing unassisted, perform somersaults
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