Loom Colour Block Necklace

Whether you’re making something special for a friend or adding to your collection of accessories, you can design your own colourful necklaces with this fun craft.

Project Essentials:


  1. Choose one main colour loom elastic for the necklace, and four complimentary accent colour loom elastics.
  2. Place two main colour elastics from the 1st centre peg to the 1st peg on the right side of the loom. Continue placing loom elastics, always two at a time, diagonally on the loom as you would for a Single Bracelet.
  3. Turn loom so that the pegs are now frown-shaped before looping bands. Place an “S” clip at the base of the necklace piece.
  4. Insert hook tool through the end of the necklace piece opposite to the “S” clip and remove from loom by gently pulling up and away from the loom. Push necklace piece to the handle of the pick tool.
  5. Repeat loom elastic placement for single necklace piece on loom. Before looping bands, transfer the necklace piece from the pick tool to the pin at the base of the elastics. Join two necklace pieces by looping bands as usual, and removing from loom.
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 to create a chain long enough for a necklace.
  7. Add accent elastics by threading them on the “S” clip side of your necklace, one colour at a time. To assist in shuffling the elastics onto your necklace, pull necklace to flatten, and hold at a 45 degree angle.
  8. Once you have added all desired accent bands, remove necklace from hook tool and join ends with “S” clip.
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