Maternity Clothes Guide

Every mom-to-be needs the right maternity wardrobe to get through the next nine months in comfort and style. This maternity clothes guide will help you stock up on all the essentials.

Maternity Clothes 101

When you’re expecting, you want to plan ahead for all the clothes you’ll need over the next nine months and beyond. From maternity must-haves to nursing basics, there are plenty of trendy yet practical items that will carry you comfortably to term. The right pregnancy clothes can take you through every step from the first trimester to nursing while you adapt to your changing curves. If you’re new to dressing for two, look for maternity wear that offers support, versatility, adjustability and durability. Choose neutral colours for everyday outfits and accent them with colourful accessories for before and after baby’s arrival. Invest in stylish separates that you can layer for looks that last throughout the seasons and stages of your pregnancy. You’ll also want supportive clothing for maximum comfort and features like adjustable waistbands and flexible fabrics.

Types of Maternity Clothes


Maternity Dresses

From date nights to dinner parties, make the most of your new curves with a maternity dress that’s flattering and fashionable for any occasion. Comfortable, casual styles, such as maternity maxis, A-line shifts and wrap dresses are designed to adapt to your changing body during every stage of pregnancy, and are perfect for everyday wear. For fancier occasions, look for a gorgeous Grecian dress or an elegant empire-waist style to show off your fashionable figure while flattering every curve. Whether your pregnancy coincides with the holidays or wedding season, include at least one party dress in your closet so you’re always ready to celebrate.

Maternity Tops

Stylish separates that can be worn over skirts, pants or capris are well worth the splurge. Look for tops that flatter your figure during pregnancy and double as nursing tops once baby arrives, such as flowing blouses, wrap tops, V-neck sweaters and sweetheart necklines. It’s best to buy solid, neutral colours in patterns that complement your curves and are easy to coordinate with skirts and slacks. For maximum versatility, look for generous cuts and extra length in maternity tops for full coverage as your baby bump grows. Choose soft, stretchy fabrics that will wrap around your expanding bump and shrink back again after baby’s arrival. 

Maternity Pants & Shorts

Maternity pants are a stylish, sensible staple for every chic mom-to-be. This everyday essential offers comfort, versatility and style for each trimester. Most styles have an elasticized band to stretch around your bump and provide support. Invest in several pairs in different sizes and styles, including black maternity pants to look sleek and professional in the office, maternity jeans for everyday wear and maternity shorts to stay comfy and cool all summer long. Choose your favourite pre-pregnancy style but opt for longer lengths, stretch panels and belly bands to extend your wardrobe through the next nine months.

Maternity Leggings

You can stay comfortable and look good by stocking your closet with maternity leggings in every colour and style. Look for soft, stretchy tights that sit under your baby bump for the most comfortable fit, or choose leggings that stretch over your bump for added warmth and comfort when the seasons change. Leggings can be paired with elegant empire waist blouses or flowing peasant-style tops for a flattering, fashion-forward look. Flexible, form-fitting leggings in stretchy, synthetic blends can take you from work to play and make your wardrobe go the distance right up to delivery day.

Maternity Underwear

Pregnancy is the perfect time to show off those curves and enhance your best assets. Your curves are fuller during pregnancy, so it’s the perfect excuse to go lingerie shopping. Book a bra fitting and look for a well-fitted maternity bra that provides full coverage and support. Choose a soft-cup bra to improve circulation for nursing and look for features such as adjustable shoulder straps and bra extenders for added comfort. Buy maternity briefs that come up over your belly, or choose your favourite bikini, boy shorts or thong in a larger size and wear the waistband under your bump.

Maternity Sleepwear

If your brand new bump is keeping you awake, loose-fitting sleepwear may help you get a good night’s rest. Maternity pajamas, sleep sets and nightgowns provide extra room when you’re tossing and turning and can help you doze off. Focus on lightweight fabrics like cotton and bamboo to keep you cool and comfortable amid the hot flashes, baby kicks and midnight bathroom breaks. You may also get double duty out of nursing nightgowns by wearing them to bed before and after baby’s arrival. Pair the lightweight PJs with a plush maternity robe to keep you cozy, comfortable and fully covered on chilly evenings.

Maternity Swimwear

Hit the sand and surf in style and comfort with maternity swimwear that flatters every angle and complements every curve. Choose trendy maternity swimwear in a fabric and cut that allows you to enjoy the beach or pool with confidence. Tankinis and skirted swim skirts help cover stretch marks, while tie-back halters and crisscross designs provide ample support and adjustable comfort. Flattering features like ruching, side shirring and ruffles help you look your best; while mix-and-match tops and bottoms let you change one or both elements for the perfect fit throughout your pregnancy. 

Maternity Workout Clothes

Maternity yoga pants may provide all the comfort you need during pregnancy, even if you never do a single downward dog over the next nine months. Maternity yoga pants, tanks and hoodies let you support both your baby bump and your desire to stay fit. If you’re planning on staying active while pregnant, look for a supportive sports bra, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics in cotton/elastic blends and longer tanks or roll panels to provide support and coverage during your stretches and bends. 

Maternity Coats

You’ll want to keep your precious baby bump warm from the moment temperatures start to dip. But keep in mind that as your hormones fluctuate, your body temperature will swing between hot and cold throughout the day. Invest in a lighter jacket or coat to keep your cool, and layer bump-friendly cardigans or sweaters underneath to stay cozy and comfortable without overheating. Opt for loose-fitting outerwear styles that can be worn before and after baby’s arrival, such as swing coats, wrap coats, belted coats and capes, for ultimate comfort, style and versatility. 

Nursing Clothes

A nursing-friendly wardrobe will help make those first few weeks with your newborn easy and breezy, so it’s best to buy ahead in anticipation of your baby’s arrival. Nursing clothes like nursing tops and dresses have openings that make it easier to breastfeed your baby anytime, anywhere. Nursing bras and camis provide comfort and convenience during breastfeeding and needed support when your milk starts to come in. Nursing sleepwear makes it simple to breastfeed without disrobing during nighttime feedings. Though you don’t need to buy specialized nursing clothes, they can make it easy and effortless to nurse your baby discreetly in public places and make for a smoother transition into motherhood. 

Maternity Clothes Buying Tips:

• Choose high-quality maternity clothing over plus sizes for support, comfort and a stylish fit for your pregnant figure
• Look for maternity clothing based on your pre-pregnancy size for the best fit
• Choose natural, breathable fabrics like cotton, modal and bamboo for comfort and support
• Look for adjustable features like convertible straps and stretch panels to get the most mileage from your maternity wear
• Buy maternity accessories, such as bra extenders, belly or bump bands and support hose, for maximum comfort
• Buy lightweight maternity clothes that can be layered through changing seasons and stages


Garment Adjustability +

You’ll want to stock your closet with clothes that boast stretchy fabrics and adjustable features to accommodate your changing shape before and after baby’s arrival. Look for pants and skirts with adjustable waistbands, stretchy panels and cinchable side panels that will grow with your baby bump. Look for tops, dresses and undergarments with adjustable straps, built-in support and/or bra extenders to make your maternity clothes go the extra mile.

Garment Versatility +

It’s a good idea to invest in classic maternity clothes that can be mixed and matched and layered for different looks. Stylish separates in neutral colours can be worn day or night and, paired with the right pants or skirt, take you from the playroom to the party room in a pinch. The best maternity basics will also take you through different seasons and different stages of pregnancy. Whether they’re boardroom basics or everyday essentials, it’s important to choose well-made, high-quality pieces that allow for maximum wear and can be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Comfort +

Comfort is critical when it comes to prepping for pregnancy. While it might be tempting to splurge on styles you love at first sight, it’s important to invest in fabrics and styles that are sensible, supportive and comfortable for you and your baby. Skip the stilettos for comfortable sneakers or stylish flats to accommodate your changing centre of gravity and balance. Toss the tight, restrictive clothing for loose, generous cuts that allow for comfort and flexibility. Clothes that combine comfort and style and provide support to your expanding baby bump will help see you through every stage of your pregnancy.

Softness +

During pregnancy your skin may become as sensitive as a baby’s, so it’s important to treat it to a little TLC. Opt for breathable, natural fabrics less irritable to itchy, sensitive skin, such as cotton, bamboo and modal, over synthetic textiles. Seek out soft, stretchy materials, such as cotton blends and blended jersey that will offer support and shape retention to your changing physique. Certified organic fabrics can also protect you and your baby from chemicals and harsher agents.

Durability +

Look for high-quality, well-made maternity clothes and hard-wearing fabrics that wash and wear well to take you from your first trimester to your first cuddle with baby. Blended materials, denim, pure or organic cotton and bamboo are your best bets for strong, stretchy fabrics that will span the next nine months and beyond. Invest in a few quality maternity pieces and mix and match accessories from your regular wardrobe for elegant, budget-wise dressing.

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Maternity Dressing Tips:

• Choose clothes in neutral solids and slimming patterns and accessorize for colour and flair
• Wear comfortable flats or sneakers to avoid falls and supportive slip-on shoes to avoid bending over
• Wear lightweight layers to stay cool and comfortable throughout the seasons and stages of pregnancy
• Choose garments that highlight your best features, such as well-defined legs or toned arms
• Seek out classic items that blend comfort and style, such as flat-soled boots and stretchy, maxi dresses
• Choose loose-fitting sleepwear that resists binding during restless nights
• Look for creative ways to feel fashionable and attractive regardless of how you may be feeling
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