Men’s Activewear Essentials

You found new motivation and you’ve set new goals. Make sure you have the men’s activewear basics you need so that you start your fitness journey in comfort.

Men’s Activewear 101

Exercise is a multilateral call to changes in your body and mind. Physical activity is important but can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t been near a treadmill in a while. This guide to men’s activewear will help you feel comfortable from the beginning to keep you going on a regular basis. 

Types of Activewear


Outerwear for the Outdoors

Exercising during the cooler months demands a couple of layers, especially if you’re outdoors. Whether you’re hiking, running, or skiing, temperature management can be a challenge, but with the right gear you should be good to go. Materials for athletic wear have evolved in the last couple of years, making it easier to find something that’s comfortable and functional for outdoor exercise. Even though you’re hitting the great outdoors, cooling and sweat-wicking fabrics are important to keep you going during your activity.

Athletic Tops

Short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts are staples in any active person’s closet. When shopping around for yours, make sure that you can have the range of motion that you need to maximize your efforts in the weight room or on the slopes. Synthetic materials, like rayon and polyester blends, in specialized knits help keep you cool and dry. Certain fabrics are patented for innovative properties that are particular to different clothing lines.

Light Jackets

Indoors or out, a light jacket, which can double as a sweater, is important. At the beginning of your workout, you need time to allow your muscles to warm up properly. A light jacket indoors can help you get your muscles ready before hitting the irons even for five minutes. As soon as you’re done with your warm-up exercises, your muscles are more ready for any action that you’ve planned. To keep you ward off moisture from precipitation, these light jackets have shells made of waterproofed synthetic fabrics like acrylic and polyester blends.

Base Layer/Underwear

Physical activity means constant movement that could become uncomfortable over time. Give yourself the advantage of being in comfort no matter the how long the duration of your physical exercise is. Newer fabrics for activewear, including underwear, have moisture-wicking capabilities that help keep you dry and help keep odor-causing bacteria away. For outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding, you might need a couple of layers to withstand the cold temperatures. An insulated base layer and underwear might just be your new best friends.


Free those gams! When you’re going “beast mode,” sweat becomes a reality. Keep your cool with stylish and functional shorts. Push yourself to a new level in comfort while you train for that spring half-marathon that you postponed last year. There will be no excuses this time around! Before you know it, show time is here. In the winter, use a base layer like leggings or compression pants under your shorts for comfort and warmth. Insulating your muscles can help prevent injuries like pulls and overextensions.

Long Athletic Pants

Those legs were made for running, walking, skiing, and doing leg lifts. In the gym or out on the trail, long athletic pants are your best bet for comfort. Sweat-wicking and cooling, active pants are designed for comfort and flexibility. Be inspired by your new goals with no distractions! Your comfort comes first.

Comfortable Socks

They might be the last thing on your mind but they matter a lot — socks can affect the intensity and duration of your exercise session. There are lots of sweat glands on your feet and this is why socks have evolved a lot to include moisture-minimizing and odour-eliminating properties. There are socks that are specific to different sports as well. Here’s a tip: if you’ve experienced discomfort with socks, look into socks with extra padding for the toes. It can be the difference between long distance running and cutting out of your workout early.


Shoes are like cars — they get you from one place to another. The balance of form and function are key for comfort and usability. Cushioning and ankle support are important, especially for high impact activities like running or walking. Depending on your exercise of choice, your shoes could be as simple as a pair of canvas shoes with rubber soles for weight training or as hi-tech as some of the newly developed sole materials that are now in use for running marathons. Breathable fabrics and synthetic materials are great for odour elimination. Everyone in the gym would be grateful.

Men’s Activewear Tips:

• Before you start any activity or regime, make sure to consult with your doctor.
• A proper fit for tops and bottoms is important for all activities. Too loose can make your next step labourious. Too tight can keep you from pushing your regimen to the next level for those gains.
• Pushing yourself is important. Some people prefer exercising with another person or in a group. Inspiration and motivation are important to sticking to your goals.
• Rehydration is important. Take a sip of water regularly during exercise. By the time you start feeling thirsty, your body has already lost a lot of water
• Getting enough sleep is important. It’s the time that your body rebuilds itself.
• Eat well. A balance of fresh vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates is important. Consult with a nutritionist to get the right diet plan for you.

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Men’s Activewear Maintenance Tips:

• Follow the washing instructions on your activewear; some fabrics might be sensitive and might need special TLC for washing.
• Depending on how often you exercise, you will need to replace your base layer pieces like t-shirts, underwear, and socks.
• Always wash your activewear after exercising.
• Before you put your used gym clothing into the hamper, let it dry to minimize bacteria build-up and odour.
• If you find a t-shirt or another piece of activewear you like, buy multiples if you can. Sweat and vigourous exercise shorten their lifespan.
• Pre-soaking your activewear might help reduce the odour that builds up over time. Again, make sure to follow the washing instructions.
This article is intended as general information. Always be sure to read and follow the label(s)/instruction(s) that accompany your product(s). Walmart will not be responsible for any injury or damage caused by this activity.



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