Men’s Sleepwear Guide

It's hard to beat the feeling of pulling on a pair of your favourite pajamas when you're ready for bed. This men’s sleepwear guide outlines your style options and offers advice on fabrics and care.

Men’s Sleepwear 101

It’s no secret that the way you dress during the day influences your comfort and confidence, and the same holds true for the way you dress at night. Your sleepwear choice can improve the quality of rest you get, giving you better focus and more energy the next day. When choosing sleepwear fabrics, it's important to consider your climate and sleeping conditions. What’s comfy in August may not be so cozy in February. Once you’ve checked off your function needs, you can start shopping with style in mind. From boxers and onesies to loungewear, housecoats and classic two-piece sets, there are numerous choices, each with a distinctive look and personality. Stock your wardrobe with a selection of sleepwear that suits your personal style and start getting the rest you deserve.

Types of Men’s Sleepwear


Men’s Robes

A robe is the centrepiece of every man's evening ensemble. House robes are traditionally made of fine, smooth fabrics such as silk, satin or velvet, and worn over top of any other type of sleep outfit, from sleep boxers to two-piece pajama sets. Versatile and stylish, house robes are suited for wear around the house at almost any time, not only before bed. Bathrobes, on the other hand, are typically worn during the transition from the shower to bed for the night or to getting dressed for the day. Bathrobes are generally made of comfortable, absorbent terrycloth or standard cotton. Both types of men's robes help you stay comfortable and stylish at home.

Men’s Sleep Boxers

Sleep boxers offer loose-fitting comfort and are ideal for wear on warm summer nights. They can also be worn under pajama pants during the winter for additional insulation. This style of boxer often comes in bright, fun colours and patterns and sometimes features a graphic such as a cartoon character or team logo.

Men’s Sleep Pants

Sleep pants are essentially the long-pant version of sleep boxers. Traditionally made of comfortable cotton or flannel, this type of men's sleepwear has an adjustable drawstring waist and loose-fitting legs and ankles for maximum comfort. Like men's sleep boxers, men's sleep pants often come in bright, fun colours and patterns and sometimes features a graphic such as a cartoon character or team logo.

Men’s Pajama Sets

Pajama sets offer flexibility and style with a bit of nostalgia thrown in. Your parents probably dressed you in comfy, easy-to-maintain pajama sets throughout your childhood. Now that you’re grown up, comfort is still essential, but you can also choose fabrics and cuts that convey sophistication and style. In addition to traditional soft cottons and warm flannels, your material choices include thin, smooth fabrics like shimmering silks and satins.

Men’s Lounge Sets

Men's lounge sets are similar to two-piece pajama sets, except they're more elegant and intended to be worn during entertaining. Choose men's lounge sets for intimate occasions or semi-public social situations in the home. This style of men's sleepwear is typically made of thin, smooth fabrics like silk and satin. The cut is often extra loose for added mobility and comfort.

Men’s One-Piece Pajamas

One-piece pajamas are convenient and comfortable: you simply step in and zip it up snug. Some one-pieces come with hoods and feet to provide added warmth on cold nights. One-piece pajamas are usually made of cotton, a cotton-polyester blend or fleece. Fleece one-pieces are ideal for frigid winters, but will be too warm for all-season use in most climates.

Men’s Sleepwear Buying Tips:

• For year-round comfort, shop with season and climate in mind
• Decide your fabric preferences before buying
• Know your waist size by inches
• Check washing and care instructions
• Consider your needs and choose sleepwear styles to meet them
• Keep an assortment of types on-hand so you're always prepared

Men’s Sleepwear Fabrics

Cotton +

Pajama sets and separates are typically made of cotton, because cotton is breathable, soft and comfortable to wear. However, since cotton can eventually stretch and wear out, some pajamas are made of cotton blends for added resiliency and durability.

Fleece +

Polyester fleece is an extremely cozy fabric often used in cold-weather pajama sets and one-pieces. Its synthetic nature makes it a highly durable, resilient and long lasting.

Polyester +

Polyester is often mixed with cotton and spandex for comfortable sleepwear that is structured and form fitting. Polyester also adds durability to natural fabrics, helping them retain their original feel and shape for longer periods.

Jersey +

Jersey is a lightweight knit fabric that maintains its shape. Pajamas are often made from cotton jersey, which is a knit fabric made with cotton fibre. You get the comfort and breathability of cotton with the added strength and durability of jersey knit.

Satin +

Satin is a type of weave that produces the shiny appearance and smooth feel of silk. Your choice of materials includes silk, polyester, acetate, nylon and rayon. Satin clothing is durable and long lasting, though it may appear delicate. Choose satin for elegant sleepwear that you can sleep in comfortable and wear on special social occasions in the home.

Linen +

Linen is used mostly for summer sleepwear as it’s a very light and breathable. Linen garments tend to hang loose off the body and typically aren’t blended with any synthetics so you won’t find any elasticity in this material.

Flannel +

Flannel is the classic winter pajama fabric. Soft, cozy and breathable, flannel is a natural, thick cotton fabric that will keep you warm when the temperature drops, without making you feel stuffy or sweaty.

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Men’s Sleepwear Care & Cleaning Tips:

• Always follow the manufacturer's directions for care and cleaning
• Wash whites and colours separately
• Hand wash delicate sleepwear
• Hang fine fabrics to avoid wrinkling and creasing
• Avoid high dryer heats
• Iron as needed
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