Microwave Stand Buying Guide

A microwave stand adds convenience and extra storage to your kitchen. This microwave stand buying guide outlines some of the key features and benefits to consider when making a purchase.

Microwave Stands 101

A microwave stand can transform your kitchen by freeing up counter space and giving you a dedicated place to stow both your microwave and related tools and supplies. There are two basic types of microwave stands: top-surface stands and cubby stands. A top-surface microwave stand is a basic design in which the microwave rests on an open counter top. In a cubby microwave stand, the microwave is surrounded by an enclosure and the overall design is typically more elaborate. Most microwave stands feature at least one open shelf. Many also have closed shelving and an extra drawer or two. 

Types of Microwave Stands


Top Surface Microwave Stand

A top surface microwave stand is a streamlined piece of kitchen furniture that holds your microwave and provides additional storage for kitchen items. In this design, the microwave rests on a countertop with no sides or top. All of the shelving and drawers are located below. A top-surface microwave stand is a simple, affordable way to relieve kitchen congestion. This type of stand is typically constructed of wood, particle board, composites or metal. They're available in a wide array of styles and colours to suite any kitchen decor. 

Cubby Microwave Stand

A cubby stand has a three-sided compartment big enough to accommodate a microwave. Compared to a top-surface stand, this type is often made with more elaborate detailing and provides a greater amount of storage space. When buying, make sure the cubby is large enough to accommodate your microwave. Like top-surface stands, cubby microwave stands have storage below the microwave, but many models also feature additional shelving above. You can purchase fixed cubby microwave stands and mobile versions on wheels. 

Microwave Stand Buying Tips:

• Consider a microwave stand with wheels to allow for easy moving and cleaning in behind it
• To reduce clutter in your kitchen, consider getting a stand with storage compartments
• Make sure you purchase a stand that fits your microwave or vice versa
• Choose a colour or style that matches either your kitchen cupboards or your major kitchen appliances

Microwave Stand Features

Shelves +

Microwave stand shelves are useful for storing all kinds of kitchen items, including cooking tools, cookbooks or non-perishable foods. Some microwave stands feature a foldable top shelf that can serve as a breakfast bar or additional counter space. You can get stands with either open shelves for easy access or closed shelves to keep stowed items hidden from sight, or both. Most combination types position the open shelves above the closed drawers, which tend to be larger. Closed shelves come in handy for storing kitchen appliances or large bowls and pots.

Drawers +

Drawers are less common than shelves in microwave stands. You'll typically find a single drawer that spans the width of the stand or two smaller, side-by-side drawers. These drawers come in useful for storing microwave necessities such a small microwave-safe bowls and microwave mitts close at hand. If your stand is on wheels, it's a good idea to get drawers that lock. This will allow you to safely move your stand around the kitchen without fear of the drawers opening accidentally.

Wheels +

Increase the flexibility of your kitchen with a mobile stand that you can readily reposition as needed. Not only does a stand with wheels make cooking easier, it simplifies cleanup since you can easily roll it around to get at those hard to reach places. When assembling, make sure the wheels are set evenly, so the stand is stable and the microwave sits flat.

Materials +

Most microwave stands are made of wood, particle board or composites. Wood microwaves stands are available in a wide selection of finishes. You can also find models with metal frames and either metal or wood shelves. Some microwave stands feature marble tops for a more upscale look and feel.

Size & Shape +

Larger microwaves tend to be sturdier and higher quality. They also offer a greater amount of storage for kitchen items. The wider the stand, the more likely there will be two side-by-side drawers instead of only one. Make sure you get a stand that suits the size of your microwave, your kitchen space and the overall decor of your kitchen.

Style & Colour +

Finding a microwave stand to match your kitchen decor shouldn’t be too hard considering there are so many styles and colours. Choose a wood stand to complement a rustic or country kitchen design. A metal stand could suit a modern kitchen design, as could a composite stand with clean, simple lines.

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Microwave Stand Maintenance Tips:

• Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for care and maintenance
• Check the nuts and bolts on a regular basis to ensure they are tight
• Replace missing or worn parts through the manufacturer
• Clean microwave and stand with an all-purpose spray cleaner and a clean cloth
• Clean spills immediately to prevent permanent staining
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