Nightstand Buying Guide

The right night stand will add to your bedroom decor and provide handy bedtime storage for your smartphone, glasses and reading light. This night stand buying guide outlines your options.

Nightstands & Night Tables 101

A night stand, otherwise known as a night table or end table, is an essential piece of bedroom furniture. It offers convenience as you can use it to hold everything from your reading light, device charger and alarm clock, to books and medications. Typically made from wood or wood composites, night stands also add to the look of your bedroom. They're available in a full range of colours and finishes to match any design theme. You can buy night stands as part of a furniture set or purchase them separately as accent pieces to personalize your bedroom decor.

Types of Night Stands & Night Tables


Simple Nightstands & Night Tables

In its most basic form, a nightstand or night table can be just that -- a table. Night tables are sized to reach the top of the mattress, which makes them 25-30 inches tall. The surface area can vary, but most are at least 15 inches square, which is big enough for a lamp, a clock, and a book or glass of water. Other simple nightstands have a drawer, cabinet, shelf, or cubby for storage. They come in any style, color, or finish to coordinate with your other bedroom furniture.

Special Nightstands & Night Tables

Beyond the basic versions, some nightstands have special features that can be fun to explore. They may be extra short, extra tall, super skinny, unusually wide, or made of interesting materials, such as reclaimed wood or sheet metal. They may cling to the wall rather than sit on the floor, which makes vacuuming easy. Some include charging stations, docks and phone jacks, or light fixtures in the overall design. And still others may have a mini refrigerator to keep cool refreshments at hand or a built-in safe for valuables.

Night Stand Buying Tips:

  • Consider height: your glass of water or phone should be a comfortable reach from your bed
  • If your bed sleeps two but you have room for only one night stand, choose a model that's large enough for both your needs
  • Keep in mind that not all wood night stands are made the same; there are varying grades and finishes to each type of wood
  • If you take tea, water or other drinks to bed, avoid night stand finishes that could be damaged by exposure to moisture

Night Stand Features

Height +

Typically, your night stand should be no more than six inches higher or lower than your mattress height. This allows for convenient access to your personal items. Since beds come in a variety of heights, it's best to take a measurement before shopping for your night stand.

Materials +

Night stands are typically made from wood or wood composites. Contemporary night stands are distinguished by polished chrome and brushed stainless steel accents, while traditional night stands are accented by antiqued iron hardware and brass.

Colour +

Colour is an important part of your design theme. When buying a night stand for a bedroom that's already furnished, keep the colour palette in mind and select a colour that matches or complements your existing decor. Remember that dark colours such as a black or walnut absorb light, while light colours such as a white or maple brighten a room. As well, metal or mirror-top night stands reflect light.

Storage +

A night stand with storage gives you a convenient place to stow away jewellery, books, medicine and other items you wish to keep close at hand during your slumber. Your storage options include drawers, cabinets with doors and open shelving.

Bedroom Set +

For a variety of reasons, it can be a good idea to get a night stand as part of a bedroom furniture set. For example, this will ensure your night stand is the correct height for your mattress, and that it matches the bedroom decor. If you decide to buy your night stand separately and you need two, one for either side of the bed, you should purchase matching night stands.

Night Stand Accessories & Related Products:

Night Stand Maintenance Tips:

  • Dust regularly to avoid buildup of airborne deposits on surface
  • Avoid using all-purpose cleaning sprays unless your night stand has a plastic coating
  • Ensure you clean even the non-visible areas of your night stand such as the back of the legs
  • Take everything out of your night stand and wipe it inside out every now and then to keep your stand looking pristine
  • Try not to overload your night stand with a heavy lamp or books as it could weaken the structure
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