Paper Flower Wreath

A homemade wreath is a lovely touch to welcome guests into your home, or to hang on a bedroom door. Learn how to make this paper flower wreath in three easy steps.

Paper Flower Wreath

Hearts and flowers: they go together like Cupid and his arrows. This Valentine’s Day craft is easy to make with kids, and is perfect for adding a personal touch to the decor around your home. The beauty of this craft is in the imperfections and uniqueness of each flower. 


3-4 sheets of patterned cardstock
Foam board
White glue 


Step 1:
Draw a heart on the foam board, then,draw a smaller heart inside the first one so there is a wide space between the two hearts (this will be the surface size of your wreath). Cut the big heart out of the foam board, and then cut the smaller heart out so you’re left with a heart-shaped wreath.
Step 2:
Draw flowers on the cardstock in a variety of shapes and sizes. Tip: draw the flowers on the non-printed side to help avoid marker lines, and make sure you have enough to cover the heart.
Step 3:
Place your flowers on the foam board heart in any pattern or arrangement you like. Use white glue to attach the paper flowers to the foam board.
Let dry the flowers dry, and hang up and enjoy!

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