Patio Furniture Buying Guide

Outdoor living is much more fun when your patio measures up. This patio furniture buying guide will help you find the tables, chairs and sofas you need to whip your outdoor space into shape.

Patio Furniture 101

What better way to enjoy the summer than by turning your patio into a sun-drenched outdoor room. With the right patio furniture, you can create the perfect exterior space for your family and guests. If you have a large yard, you could even create multiple outdoor spaces, each focused on a different activity such as dining, socializing or quiet reflection. Whatever your budget and style preferences, you'll easily find patio furniture to match. All you need to start is a tape measure.

Types of Patio Furniture


Patio Bistro Sets

A bistro set is a great way to transform a small patio into a stylish, functional entertainment space. Whether your patio sits adjacent to an in-ground pool or in the middle of a flower garden, you can find a bistro set to match the surroundings. Go with metal or wood for an upscale look, or choose wicker to create a more relaxed, but still elegant, ambiance. Many models are designed to fold or stack, so you can easily move them out of the way when they're not in use.

Patio Dining Sets

If you have a larger patio space, you have the option to furnish it with a patio dining set. Most sets will sit six comfortably, so you'll even be able to hold dinner parties outdoors. With the wide selection of colours and designs available, it's easy to find patio dining sets that complement the interior of your home. Just be sure your space is large enough to accommodate the set you choose. There's nothing like dining outdoors, but you don't want your guests to feel cramped.

Patio Couches & Chairs

Looking to create a cozy exterior space for coffee and conversation? Patio couches and chairs will imbue your backyard with a warm, inviting ambiance. Padded, comfortable couches are a good option for larger spaces, while chairs purchased separately can be used to outfit a smaller area. If you choose a set with removable outdoor cushions, you'll have more flexibility to change up the appearance of your patio to suit the occasion. Lawn chairs are a great option as well if you’re on a budget or have very limited space.

Patio Tables

The size and layout of your patio will determine what shape of patio table to buy. You should keep in mind that round tables are typically better suited to smaller spaces, as they're easier to move around. Before going shopping, decide exactly where your table will go and measure the space to determine the size it should be. Some tables are designed to fold and collapse, making storage a snap. If you're going for a casual look and want to have seating included, maybe a traditional picnic table is for you.

Hammocks & Swings

There’s nothing more relaxing in summer than kicking back in a hammock. You no longer need two perfectly placed trees to enjoy this simple luxury — many hammock models come with stands which allow you to put them up wherever the ground is level. Double hammocks are also available, letting you cuddle up with a loved one for your afternoon siesta. A benefit of hammocks is they don't create pressure points on your body, so you can drift off faster and get a more restful sleep.

Umbrellas & Sun Shades

Sun protection is a must in the summer. If your patio receives direct sunlight, you should consider outfitting it with patio umbrellas and sunshades. It will help keep everyone protected, and it also makes your patio more comfortable and enjoyable on hot days. And why go running inside at the first drop of moisture? Umbrellas serve dual duty by protecting you against rainfall.

Patio Furniture Tips:

• Ensure all fasteners (nuts, bolts, washers, etc.) are stainless steel to avoid rusting
• Make sure all fabric labels indicate they have been UV tested
• Super soft cushions are very comfy but they also tend to flatten and sag more quickly than harder cushions
• Use patio furniture to divide your outdoor area into unique spaces e.g. one section for chat, another for dining and a third with an outdoor bar stools for drinks and socializing

Patio Furniture Features

Wood Patio Furniture +

Wood patio furniture offers comfort and will help you create a relaxed, rustic ambiance. Hardwoods such as teak are naturally sturdy and offer greater resistance to the elements. When it comes to fasteners, go with stainless steel to avoid rust. Pressure-treated wood will last a long time, whereas natural wood — though very stylish — is not as durable. Make sure you store wood furniture indoors during the winter months.

Iron Patio Furniture +

Nothing beats iron patio furniture for durability. It's almost impossible to damage and requires only minimal maintenance. If you keep it painted to prevent rust, you should be able to pass your iron furniture on to your children. Look for furniture made of wrought iron as it's more resistant to rust than other types of iron. You'll also appreciate the heaviness of iron furniture. If you bump it accidentally, you're less likely to tip it over, and only exceptionally strong wind could ever blow it away on you. Consider adding cushions for more comfort.

Aluminum Patio Furniture +

Light-weight aluminum patio furniture is a great choice if portability is an issue. Many sets are stackable, allowing you to easily store them away after use. Aluminum is also a durable material that requires minimal maintenance. And although exposed aluminum will oxidize, a coat of paint will protect your new set and extend its lifespan.

Steel Patio Furniture +

If you're going for a contemporary design theme, stainless steel furniture offers an appealing lustre that will brighten any patio or backyard. Unlike most other metals, stainless steel resists corrosion and always looks like new. It's also highly durable and a snap to maintain and clean. In terms of weight, stainless steel falls between aluminum and iron.

Wicker Patio Furniture +

For a natural look, it's hard to beat wicker patio furniture. Lightweight and durable, wicker furniture is usually made from bamboo, cane or rattan vine. It easily creates a warm, comfortable setting and blends well with greenery and colourful flower gardens. All-weather wicker furniture is also available for extra durability. This type of wicker is typically made from twisted paper or synthetic fibres woven around the frame, and then coated with weather-resistant finishes. You can leave it out when it rains without fear the material will be damaged. Add crisp, bright coloured pillows to give your natural-looking wicker furniture a more classic look.

Resin or Plastic Patio Furniture +

Plastic furniture is a great option if you're on a budget. It's also extremely light, so you can rearrange it with ease and store it away with minimal hassle. You can find plastic furniture in a wide array of colours and styles to complement any patio setting. Since plastic is a durable material, plastic furniture is practically unbreakable and very easy to maintain.

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Patio Furniture Maintenance Tips:

• Sweep away loose debris before cleaning
• Use gentle cleansers such as diluted dishwashing detergent vs. pine oil or bleach
• Lightly sand or scrub your furniture on a regular basis to eliminate mold
• The more shade you provide your furniture, the longer it will last
• Protect iron furniture with rust-resistant paint every year
• Wipe down furniture immediately after a food or beverage spill
• Wipe furniture after it rains to reduce water exposure
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