Pet Kennel & Carrier Buy Guide

Pet kennels and carriers help keep your pets safe and relaxed whether home alone or travelling with you. This kennel and carrier buying guide covers everything from cages to car seats.

Pet Kennels and Carriers 101

Pet kennels and carriers can be a big help to dog and cat owners. You can use a dog kennel to housetrain your new puppy, to create a secure haven for skittish pooches, and to protect your favourite rugs or couches when you're away. If you travel by car or plane with your pets, you can use a carrier to keep them safe and comfortable from departure to arrival. For excursions on foot or a day at the beach, pet totes and pet strollers keep your furry friends close by your side at all times. You should also consider a traveler seat for your dog to keep it safe and comfortable during car trips. 

Types of Kennels & Carriers


Pet Kennels & Cages

Pet kennels and cages give pets a comfy place of their own when they’re indoors. A locked kennel or cage keeps unattended pets out of trouble (some dogs like to escape to their cages when things get too active). Kennels and cages are also highly practical in that you can set them up almost anywhere in your house and collapse them for easy storage when you're not using them. Dog cages also often come with dividers to adjust the size of the dog’s living space. This gives you more control during puppy training. You can easily shrink the space until there’s only enough room for sleeping. Since your puppy won't relieve itself where it sleeps, it will learn to go outside faster.   

Pet Gates and Pens

Pet gates and pens allow you set up a defined space for your pet to move around and exercise while you’re away from the house. For especially rambunctious pets, this creates a safe, secure environment for them to move around. Also, you won’t come home to a broken vase or ruined houseplants. You can also use gates and dog pens or cat pens to keep your pets out of certain areas of the house when you have guests. This is particularly helpful for people who have allergies or who are afraid of animals. 

Shuttle Carriers

If you travel with your pets, shuttle carriers make getting to and from your destination safer and easier. Whether you're going by car, plane or any other means of transport, they provide comfortable, secure accommodation for your cat or dog throughout the journey. Look for a shuttle carrier with plenty of ventilation holes for good airflow, and handles so you can comfortably carry your pets to and from the car or baggage compartments. 

Pet Strollers

If you have a cat or small dog, a pet stroller is a great way to take them on walks around the park, to the vet or along busy sidewalks. They're also ideal for protecting pets from the hot sun when you're spending the day at the beach. During outings, you can also use your pet stroller to store your pet’s personal items, including food, water, bowls and toys.

Pet Totes & Carriers

With a pet tote, you can enjoy the company of your cat or small dog all day long. Pet totes are generally worn over the shoulder like a large purse. But some have handles and wheels, so you can pull them along at your side. Pet totes come with lots of ventilation holes to allow air flow and ensure your pet can breathe easily. Some models feature waterproof casing to shield your pet from the elements when you’re out and about. 

Pet Traveller Seats

Car trips with pets can be a hassle for their owners, not to mention uncomfortable and dangerous for the dog or cat. A traveller seat provides a safe, convenient space for your pet to sit and look out the window while your car is moving. Just like you would do with a child safety seat, you securely strap your pet's traveller seat into either the front or back seat of your vehicle. Choose a model with soft cushioning to keep your pet comfortable on longer journeys.

Crate Training Tips:

  • You can crate train puppies after their bladders mature at 3 to 6 months of age
  • After your puppy enters its training crate or training kennel for the first time, provide a reward and praise
  • Never put newspaper down in the training area of the kennel, since you want to train your puppy to relieve itself outside
  • Clean soiled bedding immediately so your puppy only associates its crate or kennel with sleeping


Kennel Size +

The size of the kennel you choose should be based on the specific needs of your pet and your purpose. Dogs require enough space to sit, stretch and lie down comfortably. There are cages and kennels available for all dogs, big and small. When crate training a puppy, provide a space large enough for sleeping, but not so big that the puppy has a separate area to relieve itself.

Materials +

Wire kennels and carriers provide the best ventilation for your dog or cat, and many have removable panels that let you vary the size according to your pet's needs. Wire kennels and carriers are also collapsible, making them easy to store when not in use. Some kennels and carriers have tough plastic outer shells and wire doors. When travelling by plane, plastic crates are required by law. As well, your pet may feel more secure in the privacy of a plastic shell crate.

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Safety and Training Tips:

  • Make sure the kennel or crate you choose is large enough for your dog or cat to sit and lay down comfortably
  • Make the space more comfortable by laying down pillows and bedding
  • When travelling by a car with a dog or cat in a cage, ensure the cage is securely fastened
  • Put toys and treats inside the kennel so your pet develops positive associations
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