Protecting Your Portable Devices

Smartphones, laptops and tablets make life easier, but they can suffer a lot of wear and tear. Protecting your portable devices minimizes the risk of damage and helps them last longer.

Cost-Effective Investment

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then purchasing a protective case is a very cost-effective investment. You use your portable devices for entertainment, work and to stay connected with the world, but one small mishap can make it useless. Even everyday bumps and scrapes can be harmful for your laptop, tablet or smartphone. There are a wide range of accessories available, and most cost a mere fraction of the device they’re serving to protect. Protective cases come in many different colours and designs that can reflect your personal style. 

Phone Cases

Cell phone and smartphone cases give you a better grip, making it less likely you’ll drop your phone. They also protect the phone’s buttons and camera lens which are often flush against the body of the phone. The raised edge of the case or bumper adds a little space so that if the phone is face- or lens- down, the buttons and lens are not in contact with the surface it’s resting on. Some phone cases come with a screen protector; others are specially designed to minimize damage if your phone is accidently dropped on the ground or in water.

Tablet Cases

Among all your devices, your tablet screen is probably the most vulnerable to scratches or even punctures. Over time, the number of scratches accumulates, making the screen hard to view. Tablets can also get bumped by hard objects in a bag or briefcase, and damaged if they fall off a table. Hard or soft tablet cases and covers will protect your tablet or e-reader from damage.

iPad Cases

Like tablets, iPads can be damaged by moisture, heat, cold, falls, scratches and dents. Fold-over iPad cases and iPad covers come in lively colours and provide excellent protection for the screen. Screen protectors also help to keep scratches from marring the viewing surface. 

Laptop Cases

Your laptop is crucial for home and office use, so protecting it should be a priority. A sturdy, well-cushioned laptop bag or padded case keeps it safe and makes it easier to carry as well. You can also keep your data safe from curious eyes with a privacy screen, and protect it from heat damage by setting it on a chill mat, riser, or laptop cooler.

Screen Protectors

The window into your electronic device is the screen, so clarity is of the utmost importance. You can prevent scratches from damaging the screen with durable, easy-clean screen protectors. Applied carefully to minimize air bubbles under the plastic, a screen protector extends the life and usability of your mobile devices.

Did you know?

A phone case can also help prevent your phone from going missing. Distinct styles and colours will set your phone apart from others and make it less likely to be accidentally picked up at a party or meeting.
Most phone warranties do not cover water damage. Water-resistant cases provide good moisture protection as well as protection against dust, scratches, bumps and crushing.
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