Shaving Tips for Women

The perfect shave is only a matter of having the right tools, technique, and a little bit of trial and error. Learn how to achieve silky, smooth legs with these shaving tips for women.

Shaving 101

Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a summer stroll in short-shorts, or lazing by the pool, one thought is bound cross your mind: do I have to shave? Glistening gams and smooth underarms are your best accessory when you’re baring your skin, but missed hairs, razor burn, or ingrown hairs can be a real damper on a sunny day. Learn how to cut down on nicks and irritation, and kick your hairiest problems to the curb with these shaving tips for women.

Tip 1: Always prep your skin

When you hit the shower, don’t shave right away. Your skin and hair needs time to soften, and the warmth will open the follicles, so take a few moments to relax and let the steam do its thing. If it’s been a while since your last shave, take a few minutes to exfoliate to remove any dry or dead skin that could clog the razor.
Tip: exfoliating also helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Tip 2: Lather up!

After you’ve taken some time to soak, reach for the lather. Shaving creams, gels, and foams are all great options; whichever you use simply depends on your skin type or preference. Gels are often more substantial, which helps the blade to glide across the skin smoothly, and creams are often made with lotion for extra moisture. If you’re unsure what would work best for you, take some time to sample a few. Keep in mind, what works best in summer might be different from what you prefer in dry winter months.
Tip: never, ever shave dry. If you’re out of lather, conditioner will also work in a pinch. 

Tip 3: Perfect your technique

Shaving might seem simple, but there is a proper technique. On your first pass, shave in the direction the hair grows: down the leg. If you have sensitive skin, you might not want to shave upward at all. If you do decide to shave against the grain on your second pass, make sure to re-lather that area. For your bikini line, follow these same steps, and make sure not to press the blade too firmly. Let the blade do the work, and avoid shaving over the same area several times. If you’re shaving your underarms, shave in every direction: up and down, side to side, and even diagonally. The hair there grows in several directions, so this ensures there are no stragglers. 

Tip 4: Moisturize

Sure, your legs are silky smooth, but moisturizer is what will make them glisten and glow. Pat yourself dry, and follow up with an alcohol-free moisturizer. This helps lock in some moisture, and it also helps to make your gams look their very best. If your skin is really sensitive, opt for a fragrance-free lotion, or a natural moisturizer like coconut oil. 

More Shaving Tips:

• Never shave dry skin; lathering up helps you avoid nicks and cuts
• Your water temperature should be warm. Too cold or too hot can dry your skin
• Replace your razor blades at the first signs of dullness, usually after 5-10 shaves
• If you have sensitive skin, you may want to shave with a three-blade razor, which won’t shave as close to the skin as a four- or five-blade razor
• Prevent ingrown hairs by exfoliating your skin
• Never pick at ingrown hairs; treat them with a cleanser that contains glycolic acid

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