Storage Bench Buying Guide

As functional as it is fashionable, a storage bench is a dual-purpose furnishing for both storage and seating. This storage bench buying guide will help you find the right fit for your space.

Storage Benches 101

With a storage bench, you can keep shoes, toys, blankets and other clutter out of sight but still in reach. Practical and attractive, a storage bench can provide a comfortable seat in an entryway to remove footwear, additional seating in a living room for guests, or a weatherproof perch on your porch or balcony. Some models feature padding and upholstery on the seat, armrests and backrest. Your storage options range from a single large space to compartmentalized designs featuring handy shelving, cubbies and baskets. Unlike ottomans, which can vary in size from a footstool to a large square table, storage benches maintain the compact profile and distinctive rectangular shape of a bench.

Types of Storage Benches


Entryway Bench

An entryway bench can help your home make a good first impression. Instead of entering to an unsightly pile of shoes and boots, you and your guests will be welcomed by comfortable bench seating that doubles as storage for footwear and more. It also provides a comfy perch for dressing kids in winter wear. To round out your entryway storage, consider installing a coat rack, umbrella stand and key hooks, plus overhead shelves for hats and gloves. Complete the space with a mirror to create the illusion of a larger entryway (and also to help ensure you never leave home with spinach in your teeth).

Living Room Bench

In living rooms, a bench can help fill an open space and provide additional seating and storage. In small living rooms, storage benches are useful for concealing items like remotes, blankets and magazines. This style of seating is also more compact than a loveseat or sofa. In larger rooms, a living room bench can accent your existing furniture and help reduce clutter. Living room benches are also a good way to create casual, intimate sitting areas and offer additional seating options when entertaining.

Shoe Bench

A shoe bench solves the problem of overburdened closets while offering a comfortable spot for family and guests to put on and remove footwear. Some models have separate storage cubbies for each pair of shoes, while others offer a single under-the-seat compartment. As convenient as they are functional, shoe benches conceal out-of-season shoes, help to keep pairs together and prevent disorganized piles of footwear from taking over your floor.

Hallway Bench

A hallway bench fills dead space in a long hallway, provides seating and adds storage capacity all at the same time. You can use a hallway bench to stow away shoes, mitts, hats and other outdoor clothing and accessories. But there's no reason to stop at a bench. For additional storage, consider installing a "hallway tree" extension with coat hooks, shelves and even a mirror.

Mudroom Bench

Not only can it add style to an otherwise utilitarian space, a mudroom bench is also a convenient way to keep your mudroom tidy and organized. It can create a comfortable base that reminds and encourages kids to remove wet or muddy footwear. It's also a handy way to store outdoor footwear and accessories in one place, so you can easily find them the next time you go out. Adding additional items like coat hooks and an umbrella stand will help maximize your mudroom storage.

Kitchen Bench

A kitchen storage bench lets you hide away kitchen clutter like cook books, small appliances and table linens while keeping the items close at hand for when they're needed. If your kitchen is small it can also double as a kitchen chair. In larger kitchens, place a bench near a window to create a cozy spot for morning coffee, or put one next to your food prep area to keep kids or dinner guests nearby while you work.

Bedroom Bench

A bedroom bench usually features a padded top, creating a comfy and convenient place to sit while putting on or removing footwear. Often placed at the foot of the bed, these benches are handy for storing items like extra blankets, bed linens and pillows within easy reach. Most bedroom benches are designed with a single large storage compartment beneath the seat for stowing bulkier items, but you can also opt for models with multiple shelves or cubbies for more organized storage of smaller items such as books, toiletries and slippers.

Kids' Storage Bench

A kids' storage bench is an easy way to quickly get toys, books and other kids’ items off the floor and out of sight. Available in simple neutral finishes or bright youthful colours, these benches can complement the decor tastes of your child, from toddler age through to the late teens. On top of hiding clutter, a kids' storage bench also serves as extra seating for visiting friends or a convenient playing surface for all types of games.

Outdoor Storage Bench

Practical and attractive, an outdoor storage bench is a good way to keep your yard, deck, or balcony organized. Not only will your bench provide a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors, it can also store your pool toys, gardening equipment, outdoor pillows and other seasonal items when not in use. Look for durable waterproof materials such as resin or treated wood to protect your bench (and the items you store in it) from rain and sun damage.

Storage Bench Buying Tips:

• Measure the length and width of your space to ensure your bench will fit
• Choose open cubbies for quick access or to display items
• Select covered storage to conceal items when not in use
• Outdoor benches should be made of durable waterproof materials
• Add overhead shelving or hooks to increase storage capacity
• Consider how you will use your bench to determine the best seat cushioning and storage space configuration

Storage Bench Features

Design +

Storage benches are available in a variety of styles to suit a wide range of decor themes and purposes. When shopping, consider whether your priority is style or function. For an accent piece, you could choose a sleek storage bench design with minimal storage. If additional seating is important to you, look for padded seating, armrests and back support. If storage is your goal, you'll benefit from a bench with multiple cubbies, a large single compartment, additional shelving, drawers or hooks.

Storage +

Storage benches are a handy way to add storage capacity, both open and concealed, to your home. A lift-top storage bench with a single large storage compartment is a convenient means of hiding away items such as blankets, out-of-season clothing, toys and garden tools. A shoe bench with multiple open cubbies will keep your footwear off the floor, easily accessible and neatly arranged in pairs. Other storage options include shelves, drawers, doors, bins and baskets.

Materials +

Storage benches are made from a variety of materials, including solid wood, composite wood and synthetic resins. Wood provides durability for functional storage benches and an elegant look for decor pieces. Composite materials are less expensive but more prone to wear and tear. Durable, weather-resistant resins are a good choice for outdoor storage benches. Children's storage benches can feature removable plastic or fabric storage baskets that are safe for little hands. A bedroom bench might be covered in fashionable faux leather with a padded top for comfortable seatting. Accent materials such as metal hardware and wicker baskets are attractive ways to add visual interest to your storage bench.

Seating +

If you plan to do a lot of sitting on your storage bench, you'll want to consider your options for comfortable seating. A kitchen storage bench that doubles as a chair would benefit from padding and upholstery on the seat, armrests and backrest. Removable cushions are another way to add comfort to a hard bench, and also allow for ease of cleaning in case of spills or stains. If you just need a spot to rest on briefly in your mudroom while donning or doffing footwear, a simple, easy-to-clean wood or resin seat gets the job done.

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Storage Bench Maintenance Tips:

• Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for care and maintenance
• Clean and polish wood storage benches regularly
• Avoid storing damp items in a covered storage bench to prevent mould
• Promptly dry spills on wood or composite wood benches to prevent damage
• Brighten dingy outdoor resin benches with a mixture of 3/4 cup bleach, 1 tablespoon laundry detergent, and 16 cups warm water
• Remove outdoor wooden benches from standing water
• Clean composite wood benches with a damp cloth and mild cleaner
• Ensure any screws and hinges are tightened and secure
• Wash removable seat cushions and covers regularly
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