Straw Weaving Bracelets

If you like making your own friendship bracelets, then this one is for you! This craft puts a fun spin on the traditional friendship bracelet. Learn how to make one in a few easy steps.

Project Essentials:

Handicrafter Cotton
(Solids: 1.75 oz/50 g; 80 yds/73 m;
Ombres: 1.5 oz/42.5 g; 68 yds/62 m)

Version I:
Hot Orange (13628) 1 ball

Version II:
Hot Green (13712) 1 ball

Version III:
Mod Ombre (02223) 1 ball

3 drinking straws
Masking tape


  1. Tape the straws together at one end.
  2. Cut 3 lengths of yarn approx 15” [38 cm] long. Thread one length of yarn through each straw.
  3. Leaving approx 4” [10 cm] yarn tails, tie yarn together near taped end of straws.
  4. Secure yarn ends to flat surface. Push straws close to knot.
  5. Tie yarn to left straw just below tape, leaving a short yarn tail.
  6. Start to weave by wrapping the yarn over the left straw, under the middle straw and over the right straw.
  7. Wrap the yarn around to the back of the right straw, over the middle straw and under the left straw.
  8. Repeat this over and under pattern until your Bracelet measures 4” [10 cm] or desired length, making sure to wrap over the yarn tail so it is hidden.
  9. When weaving is complete, tie yarn to the right or left straw, leaving approx 6” [15 cm] yarn tail.
  10. Remove tape from straws.
  11. Carefully pull one straw at a time from the Bracelet.
  12. Push weaving close to the top knot.
  13. Tie ends of yarn near bottom of weaving, taking the yarn tail from the weaving into the knot. Trim ends if needed.
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