Strength Training Gear 101

Strength training at home is a great way to build muscle, lose body fat and increase your endurance. This article about strength training gear will help you outfit your home gym.

Strength Training 101

If you're looking to build muscle, you'll need to make strength training a key part your workout routine. Even if building muscle isn’t your goal, strength training is good for your body and should part of any complete exercise program. Strength training helps you to lose body fat, and it also helps to increase your metabolism. Why is this important? Because you lose weight: your body uses more energy to maintain muscle than it does fat. A regular weight-training routine can increase your bone density and help fight osteoporosis. With so much affordable, good quality home gym equipment on the market, it's easy to strength train in the comfort and privacy of your basement or a spare room. Try starting off with a basic set of free weights. As your power increases you can add new pieces one at a time, or even invest in an all-in-one home gym down the road. 

Types of


Home Gyms (All-In-One Equipment)

An all-in-one home gym offers a safe, effective method of strength training in your home. Through a system of weight plates or resistance bars, these machines allow you to do dozens of different exercises. There's really no need for any other equipment. A home gym also allows you to lift heavier weights without the aid of a spotter. If space is an issue, there are smaller rack-style all-in-one gyms that provide strength workouts using your own body weight.

Weight Bench

There’s a reason the weight bench is standard equipment in every gym. No exercise gives your upper body more bang for your effort, because lifting a barbell on a weight bench works 100% of your pectoral muscles. There are many misconceptions about working your chest. Some women believe that bench-press exercises will result in a too-flat or too-muscular chest. Not true. Chest exercises, when done correctly, will improve posture and help build a healthy physique.


The triceps and biceps are great stores of body fat. Tricep dangle refers to the loose flesh that swings from side-to-side when you wave or move your arms. By working with dumbbells you’ll increase the muscle mass, displace the fat, and firm up your arms.


If time is tight, kettlebells offer a great way to strength and cardio train at the same time. You get cardio exercise while lifting, which helps to break the monotony of repetitive cardio workouts. And you gain muscle strength without the isolated reps common to most other bodybuilding techniques. Kettlebell routines are intense, which accounts for the shorter training sessions. They also put you off balance, which gives your stabilizer muscles a good workout. 

Curl Bars

Curl bars are designed to give you a better grip and increased comfort for your joints when exercising your arms. These bars let you work your upper body, including your biceps and triceps, while positioning your arms in a natural carrying angle. The result is that you put less stress on your wrists and elbows. Curl bars are a great way to work all the muscles in your arms, giving them a smooth, toned appearance.

Shoes & Gloves

As you progress in your strength training and begin using more weights, you'll need to pay greater attention to balance and grip. That's why shoes are important in strength training. A specially designed weightlifting shoe will help you with your stability and posture. Look for models with a wide, supportive base to help prevent your foot from side rolling. Weightlifting gloves help protect your palms from calluses and give you a better grip on dumbbells and barbells. 

Ankle & Hand Weights

Why not increase the weight resistance of everyday activities with a set of ankle weights or hand weights? A small amount of extra weight during your regular walking routine increases your muscle exertion. You can also use ankle and hand weights to add resistance to stretching exercises such as leg lifts and raises. These weights give you a great way to increase your work rate, helping you to build more muscle faster.

Belts & Straps

As the amount you lift increases, your body is going to need some support. A weightlifting belt will assist your back when you're using a squat rack to work your legs or a power block to target your back and glutes. A set of weightlifting straps will support your grip so you don't have to squeeze the bar as tightly, and you're less likely to damage your wrists. Push yourself, but be sure to do it safely and with the right equipment.

Weight Vests

You can build your endurance quickly by wearing a weight vest during your workout. Your body will also burn more calories as you exercise. Weight vests are also one of the safest ways to add more weight to your workout while maintaining balance. Even the smallest amount of weight added to a vest can pay huge fitness and balancing dividends. You should look for vests that come with pockets and safety strips for outdoor use during runs or jogs.

Strength Training Accessories

Once you’ve equipped your home gym with the strength training equipment you want, finish it off with some exercise mats or yoga mats for stretching. Exercise balls can help with your posture during lifting exercises, and provide a great workout for your abs and core. Chin-up bars are excellent for working out your arms and back and can be stored away when not in use. 
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