Synthetic Oil: Myths vs. Facts

Synthetic motor oil helps to keep your engine clean and running smooth. Before you go for your next oil change, make sure you have the hard facts on synthetic oils.

Synthetic Motor Oil 101

There are three types of motor oil: conventional, synthetic blend, and synthetic. Out of the three, synthetic motor oil is the highest quality. The base oils used in synthetic motor oils are engineered to be of higher quality than those used in conventional motor oils, and are chemically converted for better performance. Synthetic oil is also formulated with specialized performance additives to help fight off the formation of sludge and deposits created by the damaging by-products of combustion such as fuel, water, acid, wear, metals and dirt.

Facts vs. Myths


MYTH: Once I use synthetic oil, I can’t switch back to conventional oil

FACT: If you’ve used a synthetic motor oil, you can switch back to conventional at any time. Synthetic motor oils are compatible with conventional and part synthetic (blend) oils.

MYTH: If I use synthetic oil, it will void my vehicle’s warranty

FACT: Using synthetic motor oil will not void your vehicle’s warranty. Synthetics are made to meet required industry standards, and, in many cases, to also meet tougher industry and vehicle manufacturer standards.

MYTH: Synthetic oil is only for new cars

FACT: Quality synthetic motor oil can be used in old as well as new cars. Even if you’ve used conventional motor oil, you can still use synthetic oils. Synthetic motor oils are beneficial for the good health, long life and top performance of new and old cars.

MYTH: You need to allow a break-in period for new vehicles before using synthetic motor oil

FACT: It used to be recommended to use conventional motor oil for your first oil change to allow for some controlled wear to break-in the new engine. However, with modern engine technology, a break-in period isn’t necessary, so you can use synthetic oil immediately.

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