Top 10 Man Cave Essentials

The 21st century man cave means play, relaxation, and quality time with friends for poker nights or the big game. Plan out your space as you want, no questions asked. You’re the king.

Man Caves 101

The man cave is the contemporary equivalent of the cave that our ancestors used for storage and shelter. Today, this space is for playing, relaxing, and everything in between. It’s a retreat from the everyday without being far away. Spaces like basements or garages are popular candidates for conversion, and depending on the space and budget, you can go small or go big.  Make it your own with a home theatre system, arcade games, a massage chair, and a jukebox to start. 

Top 10 Things for Your Man Cave


1. Massage Chair

Sitting in a comfortable and cozy chair comes second only to being in bed when it comes to relaxation. Recharging your batteries is important for productivity and creativity, plus a massage chair helps tackle knotted muscles and relieve tension. New massage chairs have settings for almost all of your moods. Sometimes retreating to your happy place, away from the world, is what you need — just listen to your body.

2. Home Theatre System

Watching the big game is a sport in itself. Immerse yourself without being scuffed up in the play with a fully-equipped home theatre system. With a Smart TV you can enjoy the experience of having customized apps that you control with your tablet or smartphone. Pair your Smart TV with a sound system that can help you get in on the action with the perfect volume and fidelity. If you can’t decide about the size of the screen that you want, a projector might be the best solution. All you need to do is adjust its distance from any wall in your lair and you’re good to go. With the remote, snacks, and beverages nearby, you’re in the driver’s seat.

3. Popcorn Machine

A popcorn maker completes the experience of going to the cinema but in the comfort of your cave. This movie-lover’s snack is the butter on top of relaxing with a movie, and a popcorn maker will help add a touch of authenticity to your movie-viewing experience. Freshly-popped popcorn is an experience in itself so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy.

4. Billiards/Pool Table

Even with technological innovations in entertainment, the gentleman’s games room should still include classic games like billiards. A night of billiards and conversation with friends can go a long way. Make the most of the night catching up with buddies, meanwhile stoking the fire of friendly competition. Friends and good times — this is what life is all about!

5. Games

Add some arcade games to your man cave and let your inner child run free. Relive the fun of your childhood with arcade games that challenge you and your friends in a fun yet competitive way. Arcade basketball, air hockey, and shuffleboard are classic games that come to mind. Make the game prizes more interesting than just bragging rights. Maybe the winner of the competition could host the next time?

6. Table Tennis

Indoor physical activity can be a challenge beyond a game of Twister or two. A good alternative is table tennis, or ping pong. If you’ve been busy and haven’t had the chance to exercise, take the energy that’s been stewing over the last couple of weeks and use it towards competitive fun and exercise while enjoying the company of friends. Make sure to take it easy and keep it friendly.

7. Game Console with Games

With a variety of game consoles being released each year, having the newest, fastest, and most challenging video games is a competition in itself. Complete your man cave with video games for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Wii for non-stop action. Get into role-playing games for hours of immersive fun. Sports and racing games are good for bigger groups so everyone can take turns. For surprise guests, make sure to have extra controllers handy!

8. Sports Memorabilia

Your man cave is a space dedicated to your favourites including your favourite team. Sports memorabilia play an important role in a man cave as reminders of one’s team loyalty. Complete your cave with a big screen and sound for the big game. With memorabilia all around, you’re reminded of your team’s accomplishments past, present, and future. 

9. Drinks/Beverage Cooler

Thirst has one cure: a nice, cool beverage, preferably at arm’s length. Keep your beverage cooler stocked with your favourite drinks for your next guys’ night. Cool drinks at your whim is a man cave privilege which you shouldn’t deny anyone — especially yourself. 

Man Cave Tips:

• For safety, make sure to keep your space free of clutter and tripping hazards
• Keep any liquids away from any electronics
• Take the necessary precautions when you’re wiring TVs, sound systems, and other electronics such as keeping liquids away, wearing rubber-soled footwear, and keeping them off until installation is completed
• When using food preparation machines, like popcorn machines, make sure to handle the freshly-made food with care
• Moving furniture and big objects can be labour-intensive: get some friends to help, or hire professional movers to move heavy items
• Use the correct tools for installation of any electronics to help reduce the likelihood of damages

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