Unique Food Appliance Guide

Single-task food makers, like popcorn machines and pizza ovens, are perfect for making your favourite foods at home. This buying guide to unique food appliances outlines popular types.

Unique Food Appliances 101

You can make many of your family's favourite foods and beverages at home with small kitchen appliances designed for those specific tasks. From popcorn machines and beverage centers to bread makers and pizza ovens, there are plenty of options for you to explore. In general, preparation is fast and easy, and the results are always delicious because you control the ingredients. Plus, you're able to ensure that the food you put on the table is healthy and nutritious. It’s rewarding and fun when you're able to satisfy your family's food craving and also cater to special diets. If you focus on foods that everyone in the household enjoys, you’ll get more bang for your buck, and more compliments, too. 

Food & Drink Appliances


Beverage Centre

Whether you're budget conscious or you just like making your own drinks, you'll appreciate having your own beverage centre for mixing up tasty carbonated bevvies. Say goodbye to transporting heavy bottles of soda from the store to your home. And since the bottles are reusable, there's also the environmental benefit of creating less trash. A beverage-making system includes the machine, bottles and an assortment of flavoured syrups. The unit occupies minimal space on your countertop and produces delicious drinks conveniently and quickly when you need them.

Bread Maker

Nothing says “home” like the aroma of freshly baked bread, but making your loaf from scratch in the oven is a time-consuming task. A bread maker dramatically reduces the preparation and baking time, leaving you free to do other things. Simply deposit the premixed ingredients in the machine, set it and forget it. You can buy bread machine premixes for basic white and whole grain breads as well as specialty loaves. A single kit usually produces multiple loaves.

Peanut Butter Maker

If you’re wary of the extra sugar and other additives in grocery store peanut butter, then a home peanut butter maker may be the answer. It's a cinch to grind the peanuts yourself and make all the nutritious, delicious peanut butter you can eat. With a bit of experimenting, you can also incorporate a variety of different nuts into your homemade peanut butter to both please your palate and increase the health benefits. Options to consider include cashews, pecans, pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts.

Pasta Maker

You must try fresh, homemade pasta to appreciate the difference from the standard, dried variety. Making your own fresh pasta is easy with the help of a manual pasta maker or special attachment for your countertop mixer. To make flat pastas like spaghetti, linguine and lasagna, you simply feed flat sheets of fresh pasta through the cutting mechanism. Adjust the settings for different widths and thicknesses. Fresh pasta cooks faster than dried and does a better job of absorbing sauces.

Hot Dog Steamer & Roller

Bring the ballgame home with a hot dog maker that steams or heats your dog, stadium-style. A steamer machine bathes the hot dogs in moist, even heat in a closed compartment, keeping them tender and warm until they’re ready to serve. A hot dog roller gently turns them on a rotating surface of hot metal rods. Your dog heats through while the skin tightens and browns for an appealing bite. Either machine is a great option for feeding a hungry crowd during a kids’ birthday party or TV sports night with a group of friends.

Pizza Oven

Home pizza ovens can bake frozen pizza faster and more efficiently than your oven and produce crisper, more even results. A countertop pizza oven heats up quickly, while using less energy, and non-stick surfaces make cleanup a snap. Some models have hinged lids while others have slide-out trays similar to toaster ovens. Pizza ovens are also great for heating snacks and warming sandwiches.

Snacks & Sweets Appliances


Popcorn Machine

Home movie night is that much better when you're munching on hot, freshly popped popcorn. A home popcorn machine produces healthy, air-popped popcorn that's mouth-wateringly delicious and ready to eat. Of course, you may want to apply your favourite seasonings or fresh, melted butter before digging in. Popping your own kernels saves money and gives you control over the quantity and calorie count while limiting salt and fat intake. Make it rich and savoury or keep it simple and guilt-free. Popcorn machines are available in a wide range of shapes and styles.

Ice Cream Maker

Rare is the household that doesn’t include ice cream on its list of favourite snacks and desserts. You can avoid spending money on store-bought products when you have your own ice cream maker. Prepare a dish of fresh cream whenever you want, complete with your choice with ingredients and toppings. Getting the kids involved is half the fun. Let them help with the mixing and churning to learn exactly how ice cream is made.

Chocolate Fountain

Liquid chocolate cascading and swirling on a tabletop stand is the stuff of chocolate lovers’ fantasies. These trophy-shaped machines make a crowd-pleasing dessert centrepiece for a dinner party or any special occasion. Invite your guests to dip pieces of sliced fruit and cubes of pound cake in the melted chocolate for a sweet and decadent treat that ratchets up the wow factor. Compared to regular chocolate, fountain chocolate contains up to 20 % more cocoa butter to help it flow smoothly.

Donut Maker

You can enjoy your favourite donuts more often when you make your own in the comfort of your home. A mini donut maker bakes instead of fries the tasty rings of dough for a healthier (and less expensive) take on the store-bought version. A donut maker is also an ideal way to introduce your kids to the principles of baking. A home donut maker produces tasty, consistent results every time, with the added fun of custom icing and decorations.

Waffle Maker

If you enjoy eating waffles, you know your family will make good use of a home waffle maker. The newer models are designed to create thicker, fluffier waffles with deep crevices like Belgian waffles. These waffles are ideal for cradling delicious toppings and deserve a special place on your weekend brunch menu. Simply pour in the batter and close the handle. Look for a model with a timer that tells you when the waffle is ready.

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