Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

A wedding is one of life’s most significant occasions, so your gift should be just as special. This article on unique wedding gift ideas will help you choose the perfect present.

Unique Wedding Gifts 101

Coming up with the perfect idea for a wedding gift usually takes a bit of time and research, but the effort is worth it. Consider the things the couple likes to do together and look for opportunities to help them share new experiences. Some great options include day spa packages and spa getaways. A dinner package is the ideal way to help the newlywed couple keep their romance alive and enjoy a relaxing night out. Other creative ideas include wedding portraits, photo shoots, gift baskets and monogrammed linens. The more personalized your gift, the better it will be received — and the couple will know how much you care.

10 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas


Spa Packages

A spa package can be a great addition to a couple’s honeymoon, giving them a chance to relax and refresh together after the hustle and bustle of the wedding. It can also be used later in the year to keep the romance blooming. There are different spa packages available to suit different needs and budgets. With a day spa package, the couple can choose a few treatments like a salt bath or moisture therapy to enjoy together. A spa getaway package is longer and a more elaborate gift that lends itself to a deeper state of relaxation. Spa getaways typically consist of a few days (or weeks) at a resort offering not only spa activities but also fitness, nutrition and de-stressing programs.

Dinner Packages

Giving newlyweds a three-course prix fixe dinner at a chic restaurant is a cost-friendly way to give them a great meal and a memorable night out. For a larger gift, you could give a series of dinners to a variety of restaurants. This will encourage the couple to plan date nights and keep the honeymoon going throughout their first year of wedded bliss. You can also create your own date-night package for the couple by giving them a dinner plus tickets to a show or event. 


If you’d like to give the married couple a treat that combines the relaxing aspects of a spa experience and the romance of a date night, a getaway gift if the perfect choice. Getaway packages offer a stay at a fantastic hotel or resort, complete with meals and activities. These packages are essentially mini-vacations that offer couples the opportunity to leave work and other responsibilities behind while they enjoy quality time together, share new experiences and create lasting memories. 

Wedding Portrait

A framed wedding portrait is a timeless wedding gift. If you have painting skills, you could paint a portrait of the couple yourself. Alternatively, you could commission an artist to do the work. Start by choosing a photo the couple likes. By transforming it into a wedding portrait, you'll instantly create a classic image of the couple that will become a cherished family keepsake.

Romance Anthology

A great do-it-yourself wedding gift is a personalized romance anthology comprising love poems, famous love letters and sayings or quotes about love, marriage and friendship. Not only will this custom-made present commemorate the couple's wedding day, but the thought and effort you put into creating it will show them how much you care. If you like scrap booking, you can create a scrapbook anthology that includes your favourite wedding and couple photos. The quotes, poems and pictures will serve as a happy, lasting reminder to the couple of the best aspects of their marriage and relationship.


A photo shoot is a special wedding gift that highlights the couple's relationship and creates a lasting memory. You could schedule the photo shoot before the wedding as an engagement gift, or after to mark a special occasion like their first anniversary or their first Christmas together. If you have a knack for photography, you can make the experience more personalized by taking the photos yourself. To complete the gift, put the photos in an attractive album or digital photo frame that can be displayed in a prominent place in the couple's home. 

Walmart Photo Centre

The Walmart Photo Centre can print photos on a range of different surfaces for wedding day mementos that are creative and unique. For example, you could print the couple's favourite wedding photo on a pillow or set of his-and-her towels. Or you could choose a selection of wedding pictures and create a photobook that looks great and will last for years as a family keepsake. Another creative option is to print cherished wedding photos on different items such as Christmas ornaments to commemorate milestones during the newlywed's first year of marriage. Walmart Photo Centre also allows you to create a yearly calendar filled with favourite wedding photos that can be hung in a prominent place in the home. 

Gift Basket

A gift basket is a cost-friendly, versatile wedding gift that's easy to personalize. Fill it with different items you know they like and add something new for them to experience together. You can hardly go wrong giving a gift basket filled with a selection of tasty foods. A recipe-themed gift basket is a great idea for couples who like to cook. Include all the ingredients and encourage the newlyweds to prepare it together for a shared experience. For foodies, what could be better than a subscription to a monthly gift basket overflowing with mouth-watering goodies. You could also give a gift basket filled with the couples’ favourite beauty and health products to help them stock up or to enjoy a relaxing spa day at home.

Monogrammed Linens

Monogrammed linens are a thoughtful and creative wedding gift that will add a personalized feel to the newlywed's home decor. A set of sheets or towels can be monogrammed with first names or simply use the couple’s own initials. If you have embroidery skills, you can easily add your own personal touch to the design and save money at the same time. You can also purchase a new set of linens and take them to a tailor to be professionally monogrammed.
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