Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

It’s a race against time and time always has its way. Get the edge in preparation this time around with this guide to Valentine’s Day gifts for her, no superpowers needed.

Valentine’s Day Gifts 101

From the newest technology to weekend getaways, the spectrum of Valentine’s gifts leave a lot of room for personalization. This guide will help you find the best way to narrow down the perfect gift that shows your love and appreciation for her. Learn more about easy-to-wrap gifts, or plan the perfect winter holiday away from the cold, or enjoy a new restaurant that has been on both of your minds. Make more memories that you can look back on together for years to come. 

New Experiences, New Memories


A Romantic Dinner

Plan a night of culinary indulgence with a memorable romantic dinner. Give the experience of an intimate meal with your loved one in a new restaurant. Explore cuisines that have piqued her interest and share the delight of gourmet decadence. With different fantastic restaurants that open across the country, restaurant vouchers come in handy on Valentine’s and all-year round. Show your love with a delicious delight you can share together.

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A Weekend Getaway

Surprise her with an escape from the everyday grind. A romantic weekend getaway to a spa is a decadent way to spend time together, while being pampered. A couple’s massage goes a long way with the stress-busting magic of touch. A delight to the senses, a spa experience can include aromatherapy, hot stone therapy, body wraps, and deep tissue massage. Reignite the romance with a weekend spent together, and spending an evening or two at a nice restaurant. A multi-course meal that delights the senses is even better shared with a loved one.

Thoughtful Gifts


Candy & Chocolate

What’s sweeter than sweets for Valentine’s Day? Give the joy of sweet escape with deliciously rich and decadent chocolates or delightful candies as a reminder of sweet moments you’ve shared together. The timelessness of the gift of confection is a gentle reminder of how simple a token of love and thoughtfulness can be. Go ahead and share a moment!

Plush Toys

Bring back the early memories of puppy love with plush toys. These fluffy toys come in all shapes and species so make sure to have a look for the best match. After all, everyone has a favourite animal or a favourite character! Now that you’re going on a cuteness safari, why not pair the winning toy with some sweets or chocolates? Talk about making an impression.


Dazzle and spark her Valentine’s Day with jewellery. Precious and semi-precious stones are a good start for your search. Make a chic statement with a subtle white cultured pearl on a gold band or a sapphire on a silver chain. From subtle to brilliant, diamonds come in different cuts that make an impression. Be thoughtful by keeping her style in mind when choosing your gift. The thought is just as important as the gift that goes in the box.
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Did you know that fragrances and smells have the power of unleashing long-lost memories upon detection? You might not even know it but the fragrance that she’s been using might trigger memories that you’ve made together – it might be one of the reasons why being in the same room together results smiles on both of your faces. Why not bring back those moments with the gift of fragrances and make more?

Backup Battery & Phone Chargers

Running out of juice when you’re out and about is not an ideal situation. Explore new destinations or document a great night out without worrying your camera’s battery life! With a full-charged backup battery, you can see the important monuments, eat at fabulous restaurants, or update your social media followers with your smartphone in tow. Stay connected with family and friends with your social media updates.

Record Players & Vinyl Records

She loves music and already has a great collection of vinyl records. Now that there’s new appetite for vinyl records, add new ones to her collection and make new memories with a record player to boot! The new generation of record players is equipped to adapt to today’s digital environment with USB connections and a capacity to convert music from records to MP3 files. She can listen to her vinyl collection wherever she goes!

Bluetooth Headphones

Now that you have her music collection taken care of, you can go the extra mile with Bluetooth headphones for music wherever she goes. With a wireless connection, Bluetooth headphones minimize clutter in her handbag and at her desk. She can enjoy the freedom of movement that comes with having one less cord to manage as she navigates public transit or the gym. Instead, she can enjoy the playlist that you’ve prepared for her during her busy day.

Gym Bag

As busy as anyone gets, exercise is important to keep one’s body agile and ready for work and play. Look for a gym bag that will keep all of her essentials for work and the gym on hand. Being active helps reduce stress and tension. This means better quality time spent together out on the town or at home. Exercise is another opportunity to spend time together first thing in the morning or after work. As they say: a couple that works out together stays together.

Gym Apparel

Maximizing hard work at the gym involves inner motivation but also the right equipment to reach the next level of fitness. If your loved is a beginner or an avid gym-goer, new athletic clothes are always a good idea. Find the perfect clothes for weightlifting, yoga, and running that she’d love to wear for style and function.


Good luggage is hard to find, and when you do, it’s worth the wait. With a set of great luggage, the only worry you should have, when you travel, is to have the best time together. Packing all you need for your destination can be done well with a hard body suitcase or soft body. Her casual outfit along with her cocktail dress (or three) can easily be packed away without worry. Her electronics, on the other hand are different! It’s become common practice to travel with a laptop and cameras to capture moments on vacations. Protect her laptop and tablet by using insulated laptop bags and messenger bags. A romantic weekend getaway with you also requires a bit of packing — good luggage is a gift that keeps on giving!

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Planning and Ordering Tips:

• If you’re ordering your gift online, make sure to allow time for shipping. Take advantage of express shipping, if it’s available or other options like pick-up boxes.
• For experiences, make sure to check how flexible the dates are, if applicable. Your loved one might have a different schedule than anticipated!
• Surprise plans are great! If you’re planning a surprise weekend getaway, make sure to come prepared with a packed weekender/duffle bag with her necessities. Otherwise, it might be a good opportunity to take her shopping for a new dinner dress!
• For products that come in a variety of colours, like headphones, make sure that you have the gift receipt handy in case another colour was desired.
• If you’re shopping for a prix fixe dinner experience at a restaurant, make sure to mention any allergies that either of you have at the time of booking so the restaurant can make alternate arrangements and/or replacements.
• Do have fun! However, always make sure to have a contingency plan for gifts in case either of your schedules changes on the special day.

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