Volleyball Equipment 101

Few other sports combine the all-ages appeal, accessibility and non-stop action of volleyball. Get the straight goods on volleyball equipment in this wide-ranging overview of the sport's essential gear.

Volleyball Gear Overview

Whether it's blocking shots, laying down spikes or landing killer serves, it's hard to beat the thrill and excitement of playing volleyball. Indoor, hardcourt volleyball has been a staple of school athletics for generations. But the game’s popularity really took off when it moved outdoors to the sand and onto the Olympic stage. Volleyball now has an undeniable cool factor as a summer game of choice for many. It is easily picked up by random beach goers or families looking for some backyard fun and exercise. Better still, two can play the game as easily as 12. And from a cost perspective, all you really need is a ball and a net. 

Types of Volleyball Equipment


Volleyball Shoes

Hardcourt volleyball is a game of constant stops and starts, lateral movement and sudden impact. Good-quality men’s athletic shoes and women's athletic shoes offer cushioning, support and traction. The footbed inside the shoe should be well padded to absorb shock. The outsole or bottom of the shoe should be natural rubber or tan-coloured gum rubber to provide grip and stability without marking the floor. Look for good ventilation and reinforced lacing in the uppers. Volleyball socks are recommended for an extra layer of comfort.

Volleyball Clothes

There are no shortage of choices when it comes to attire for volleyball. Women’s activewear and men’s activewear include durable and attractive tops, jerseys, bottoms, board shorts and swimwear. Volleyball shorts call for freedom of movement and temperature control which favour lightweight, technical fabrics with drawstring or elastic waists. Let your body type and sense of style guide your selection.

Volleyball Sets

When you have a home volleyball set, the start of your next game can be just minutes away. A typical set contains everything you need including a ball, air pump, volleyball net, support posts, stakes and tension ropes in a compact carry bag. Better quality sets feature stronger posts and thicker nets and will survive more years of use and abuse by older kids and adults. A volleyball set unpacks and re-packs easily and won’t hog space in your shed or car trunk. 


Whether you're a novice or a pro, you'll have more fun and play better if you use the right volleyball. In general, there are two volleyball types: indoor and outdoor. Indoor versions are typically made of leather for optimum performance. If you’re headed outdoors to the beach or lawn then you’re better off with a synthetic leather or rubber volleyball. You can also choose different volleyball sizes suited to specific age groups and skill levels. Children and families will have more fun with a lightweight volleyball ball that’s gentle to the touch and easier to handle. Some outdoor volleyballs have extra padding inside the cover for a softer feel. All volleyballs are inflatable, and the best ones have an inner bladder made of rubber.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is fun to watch and even more fun to play. The standard rules call for only two players per side, so it's easy to arrange a pickup game. And you can always allow more players so that everyone gets to take part. If the beach volleyball court you play at doesn't have a permanent net, it's easy to set up a portable volleyball set. Game balls are usually brightly coloured to capture the spirit of the sport. Standard clothing and accessories include full and partial swimwear, sports sunglasses and ball caps. That said... no shirt, no shoes? No problem, just make sure to bring some game!

Volleyball Knee Pads

Knee pads are must-have volleyball equipment for indoor, hardcourt play. Sliding and digging for the ball on a wood floor can do real damage unless your knees are properly protected by a snug fabric sleeve covered with thick padding over the knee cap. Select a size and shape that allows for unrestricted movement, and don’t skimp on the cushioning or you may lack the confidence to play your best. Knee pads tend to get sweaty, so anti-microbial fabric is a big plus. Volleyball knee pads come in men’s, women’s and youth versions.
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