Wedding Favours

The wedding favours you give your guests say thanks and serve as mementos. This article on wedding favours will help you choose gifts that are appropriate and on budget.

Wedding Favours 101

Your wedding is your special day, and you want your family and friends to enjoy and remember it. That's why it's important to put extra thought and effort into your wedding favours. Whether it's a bag of personalized sweets, an engraved bottle opener, a small plant or a mix tape of your wedding music, a wedding favour is a chance to say thank you to your guests and give them a keepsake to cherish for years to come. With a bit of research, you'll easily find affordable store-bought wedding favours that wow your guests, and you can also roll up your sleeves and create your own DIY gifts. The effort you put into your wedding favours is minimal compared to the payoff you'll receive. 

Popular Wedding Favours


Gift Bags

Surprise your departing guests with favour bags stuffed with a variety of little gifts. This is a gracious way to thank your guests for attending and doesn't have to be expensive. Fill your basket or bag with fun items that can be used at the wedding and at home. There are plenty of options your guests will appreciate, including inexpensive cameras, decorative bottle openers, bubble bottles, sweets, bath goods or a picture frame for wedding photos. For evening weddings, add sparklers to the bag so guests can light them up when the party starts. The bag you choose to fill can also be a reusable gift such as a custom tote bag with a trendy design and your new family name.


The morning after a wedding, many of your guests will be looking for a caffeine jolt. And even non-caffeine drinkers appreciate a stylish coffee mug, espresso cup or teacup to display in the kitchen. When handing out this kind of gift, consider filling it with something interesting and fun, like fresh coffee beans or candies. A pair of shot glasses with a funky design or an elegant set of wine glasses are other go-to gift options for friends and family. Use ribbon to attach a nametag to the stem of each guest’s wineglass to combine a creative place card holder and wedding favour into one. 


Simple candies make great filler for gift bags, but you can easily step it up a notch. Consider giving away popular sweets or fresh homemade baked goods like cookies or cupcakes. For large weddings, small-packaged boxes of sweets are a favour that everyone can enjoy. Themed edibles such as s’mores for a rustic wedding will encourage your guests to participate in a fun an activity and enjoy a snack at the same time. Pass out cake pops or boxes of macaroons to each table as a tasty treat during the speeches and other event proceedings. Gourmet-packaged jars of jam and honey are other edible options your guests can take home and enjoy. 

Drink Gadgets & Accessories

Weddings call for celebratory drinks with friends and family, and drink gadgets go perfectly with the occasion. Drink holders and coasters with matching wedding colors and initials are fun, practical gifts to remember the day. A bottle stopper with a knob that relates to the wedding theme, such as pine cone for a winter wedding, is a creative to ensure your gift is memorable and appreciated. For extra glassware decor, try adding wine charms to your wine glasses.

Personalized Gifts

Put your stamp on your special day, literally, with personalized wedding gifts. Add your name and the date of your wedding to small gift items like bottle openers, shot glasses and wine charms. Larger items such as coasters or mason jars let you include more meaningful detail such as a classic quote or patterned print that you and your partner think your guests would enjoy. Create your own wedding logo based on your combined initials as a couple to print on gift bags and napkins, so your guests remember that yours was the wedding of the year. 

Unique Wedding Favours


Garden Gifts

With sunlight and water, this wedding favour can last a long time. Plants and other garden gifts are inexpensive, well received and you have plenty of options to choose from. Small, simple plants such as succulents or tree saplings are ready to nurture and display immediately. You could also supply your guests with seeds pre-planted in a pot or burlap sack with soil. An alternative is to package seeds in a decorative envelope that also serves as a thank you note. Skip the traditional birdseed–throwing and pass out ornamental bird feeders instead. These wedding favours can serve double duty as table decor or place-card holders with nametags.

DIY Gifts

Making your own wedding gifts is an effective way to reduce costs, leaving you more to spend on big-ticket items like your venue or honeymoon. DIY gifts also allow you to personalize your wedding favours and better express your gratitude to your guests for their attendance. DIY designs on items like blank matchboxes or key chains turn simple trinkets into keepsakes. Another simple idea is to remove the labels from chocolate bars and substitute your own personalized wedding label, which could include the date, your names and your wedding pattern or logo. Use brown paper bags and lace to create your own rustic gift bags. Channel your inner craft master and redesign a box of tissues for your guests to use during the sentimental parts of the wedding. 

Mix Tape

This wedding favour is personal as well as inexpensive. A copy of you and your partner’s favourite tracks and wedding songs on a CD or memory stick is a great gift for guests to enjoy on the journey home. A CD also gives you the opportunity to add your favourite engagement photo and a personal thank you note on the case. For an old-school wedding, include a selection of favourite oldies that were popular songs when you and your partner first met. With a CD burner and some help from your tech savvy friends, making a mix tape can be an easy task. 

A Cherished Recipe

A cherished recipe is a gift that keeps on giving. Share a recipe that’s simple, but thoughtful, like homemade granola for a countryside wedding. Include the main ingredient for recipes with more than a few ingredients. You could also give your guests the recipe to your wedding's specialty cocktail, so that they can always remember you with a friendly toast. Don’t forget to add a thank-you note to the recipe for a personal touch.

Destination Wedding Gifts

If your wedding is taking place in an exotic locale, whether a snowy mountainside or a warm coast, it's a good idea to give your guests helpful destination gifts. For a wedding in a wintry setting, consider giving seasonal items like hot cocoa packets, candles and gloves. For a tropical or Mediterranean wedding, give goodies like sunscreen, sunglasses, thong sandals or a beach towel. You can also inspire your guests to enjoy their spare time by providing them with a local map that includes tourist attractions you and your partner have enjoyed in the past.

Wedding Favour Tips:

• Spotlight your guests by using old photos of each guest to frame and use as escort card-favors
• Create DIY wedding favours like cookies, candles or soap
• Instead of just one favour, create a multi-part favour package for an even bigger crowd pleaser
• Make your favours more decorative by wrapping them in pretty fabrics and/or tying them with ribbons
• Design your own graphic gift tags
• Make welcome bags for out-of-town guests to take to their hotel rooms: include personalized soaps, towels and facecloths

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