Wedding Fitness Tips

Everyone wants to look great on their big day. These fitness tips will put you on the road to “happily ever after” with healthy exercise and good eating habits.

Fitness Tips 101

Everyone wants to look their best on the wedding day, but the benefits of getting fit go beyond shedding pounds. A balanced eating and exercise plan can help reduce stress, boost confidence and energy, give your skin a healthy glow, and help you look and feel your best. You can also invite friends and family to join the program and help you stick to your goals. The best fitness plans combine cardio and strength training to burn fat and tone muscle. Balancing nutrition and exercise is key to turning heads when you walk down the aisle. Get started by setting fitness goals early, creating healthy habits and finding fun ways to get fit and stay the course.

Set small, specific goals

Whether you want to simply slim down or tighten and tone muscles for your honeymoon, set small, specific and realistic goals for weight loss or fitness early in your engagement to stay motivated. Make sure your goals are measurable and achievable, and reward yourself for reaching milestones. Writing your goals down in a journal lets you track your progress and build on successes. A fitness scale, pedometer or activity tracker can help you log your daily achievements and inspire you to continue. 

Adjust your eating habits

Pairing your pre-wedding workouts with healthy eating habits will help keep you ahead of your fitness curve. Here are easy ways to help get the benefits of a balanced diet for your big day:
• Eat smaller meals, and smaller portions more often to stay satisfied
• Focus on fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins
• Choose raw, natural foods over fatty, sugary, processed foods
• Eat leafy greens and legumes to feel full on fewer calories
• Drink plenty of water for good hydration and glowing skin
• Choose lean-protein, high-fibre snacks to quell hunger pangs
• Consult a nutritionist or fitness cookbooks to help plan meals

Commit to cardio

Want to wow your guests when you walk down the aisle? Pick up the pace and take your workout routine from brisk walking to running, swimming or high-intensity sports. Cardiovascular exercise is key to burning fat and whittling your waistline. Get your heart rate up with at least four, 30-minute sessions of cardio a week to blast calories. Look for fun ways to get your cardio fix, such as salsa dance classes or adventure racing. Choose low-impact workouts that are easy on joints and less likely to cause injury, such as water aerobics or cycling, to avoid setbacks that could throw your program off course.

Get tight & toned with strength training

With all eyes on you on your big day, you’ll want to showcase your best assets at your wedding and on your honeymoon. Strength training can sculpt shapely shoulders, buff biceps and tighten and tone exposed areas. Add at least two days of strength training to your weekly workout, alternating between muscle groups to prevent injury. Focus on your chest, core, biceps and quads one day, then your back, butt, triceps and calves the next. Add intensity to raise your conditioning by signing up for a boot camp, hiring a personal trainer or adding fitness DVDs, weights and resistance bands to your routine. 

Sweat your way to less stress

Countering stress is essential to looking great on your wedding day and radiating a sense of joy, peace and readiness to start your new life. But there are going to be moments. Whether it’s last-minute seating arrangements or fussing over final details, a good old sweat session can relieve bouts of stress from the daily drama of wedding planning. Yoga, meditation and tai chi are great ways to achieve calmness and stay physically and mentally fit. Carry your gym bag with workout clothes in your car so you’re ready to exercise whenever you feel the anxiety mounting. Mull over decisions while you’re on the elliptical or on a hike in the park, and prevent emotional eating from derailing your fitness plan. 

Make fitness a healthy habit

Your pre-wedding months are going to be busy, so it’s important to schedule time for exercise. Jog during your lunch hour or flip through wedding magazines while on the treadmill. Make fitness a regular habit in your daily routine by getting off the bus one stop early or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Get in the habit of planning and preparing healthy meals to avoid eating out. And vow to be true in fitness and in health and carry these healthy habits forward into your new life with your spouse.

Power up with a workout partner

Whether it’s your fiancé or a member of your wedding party, finding a workout partner can make fitness fun and help you stick to your goals. Here are easy ways to stay fit with your nearest and dearest by your side:
• Try ballroom dancing or salsa classes with your fiancé
• Share a personal trainer with your wedding party and split the costs
• Sign up for a boot camp or fun run with wedding party members to get buff
• Join the same gym and pencil in dates to work out together
• Join a fitness or weight-loss community with your wedding party

Get ready to get fit

Having the right gear to get in shape can help you make a long-term commitment to your fitness goals. Here are the basics for every couple who want to look their best on the big day:
• Running shoes designed for your workout to provide proper support and prevent injury
• A well-fitting sports bra for maximum support 
• Activewear or yoga pants for comfort and mobility 
• Athletic socks to wick away sweat and prevent blisters
• A music playlist that will get you motivated
• Workout DVDs or video games to refresh your routine
• Resistance bands, weights and workout equipment to build your home gym

Find a healthy balance

The best-laid fitness plans for every couple balance nutrition and exercise and involve your entire body. It’s important to change up your workouts and alternate between muscle groups to create symmetry and balance. Adding variety to your workouts also keeps you motivated, helps you achieve new thresholds and makes fitness fun. Instead of focusing on a number on the scale and feeling frustrated by setbacks, rejoice in your successes and enjoy how you look and feel after exercise. Focus on becoming the healthiest and happiest you can be for your wedding day.
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