What is a Smart TV?

You’ve heard the buzz about Smart TV, but is it worth shelling out for one? This article outlines all the key features and functions, and explains how your family can benefit from this latest, greatest device.

What is a Smart TV?

A Smart TV combines the great viewing experience of a flat screen display with the key functionalities of a computer. So in addition to watching your favourite TV shows, it has an internet connection that lets you order the latest on-demand videos. You can also surf the web, play games, stream music or download and use apps — all from the comfort and convenience of your living room. 

Why Buy a Smart TV?

A Smart TV lets you turn social media into social family time. You can get everyone together to check Facebook, watch the latest YouTube sensations, chat with friends via webcam, or stream photos and videos from your smartphone or tablet. Smart TVs also offer live TV recording, so you can watch your favourite shows once the kids are down. You can even control your Smart TV with your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the house. A Smart TV is also a good building block for a home theatre — just keep adding components as your budget allows to create a customized family entertainment experience. 

What About Apps?

Apps (application software) are user-friendly programs found on smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs. Apps provide access to games, social media networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and movies (Netflix, YouTube etc.). You can also download apps for instant messaging programs. The apps available on your Smart TV will vary depending on your TV model and brand. Some Smart TVs give you access to an app store, where you can easily download a variety of free and inexpensive apps right onto your TV. Before deciding on a Smart TV, do a little research on the type of the apps you plan to use to ensure your Smart TV meets your needs. 

Family Entertainment

Tech-savvy kids will love the new opportunities a Smart TV brings to the family living room. With access to plenty of game apps, video streaming and Facebook, they can enjoy all their favourite pastimes together. Busy parents will appreciate the convenience of staying connected and informed while relaxing at home. Smart TVs also offer parental controls that help you monitor and control what your kids can access. 

Smart TV Alternatives

You may already have an external media device that gives you some Smart TV features. A media player (also known as a media streamer or smart set-top box) is an inexpensive alternative. Game consoles and smart Blu-ray players can also provide access to on-demand video, media streaming and even the web. You can also stream videos and music from your computer to your TV. All of these methods provide Smart TV functionality — but usually in a more limited format. 

Before Buying a Smart TV

The first thing you need before buying a Smart TV is an internet connection. You can connect the TV through an Ethernet port, though most Smart TVs also come with a wireless connection. If your Smart TV has web browsing, you might want to buy a TV-compatible keyboard or special remote control for this purpose. And if you want to make video calls you may need an external webcam.  

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Did you know?

A Wi-Fi signal has a range of about 20 metres from your access point, so you should set up your Smart TV within this zone.
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