Women’s Sleepwear Guide

Sleepwear comfort is key, but so is appearance depending on the occasion. This sleepwear buying guide outlines your options for feeling snug, sexy or just getting a good night’s sleep.

Women’s Sleepwear 101

Sleepwear helps you feel cozy under the covers, but it also serves as a comfortable, stylish outfit to relax in before bed, and to wear in the morning after you get up. When choosing sleepwear, you should consider the time of year and whether you prefer your sleep temperature to be warm or cool. There are numerous styles to choose from, including traditional pajama sets, full-length onesies, and separates like sleep capris or lounge pants paired with sleep tees. Nightgowns, robes and nightshirts are great for wearing around the house. Maternity sleepwear and plus-sized sleepwear are also available. Choosing sleepwear isn’t about finding one style that suits you, it’s about finding different styles for different needs and occasions.

Womens’ Sleep Sets


Women’s Pajamas

Pajamas are an easy sleepwear choice because they come as a ready-to-wear outfit and are designed specifically for sleeping. Mostly made from 100% cotton and with an elastic waistband or draw cord, pajamas have a lightweight and relaxed fit made for comfort and restful sleep. PJs come in a variety of designs, styles, colours and patterns to suit your personal taste, or to match your bed sheets and bedroom décor.


Nightgowns and nighties are usually made from a cotton-jersey blend that’s light and breathable to keep you sleeping comfortably. Nightgowns come in different styles and lengths and are designed to be loose for easy movement and wear. Many have feminine features such as floral patterns, lace and ribbon trim, embroidery and delicate buttons. With their soft fabric and dainty details, nighties offer a perfect blend of comfort and flair.

Women’s Robes

Also called a dressing gown or housecoat, a robe helps you get ready in the morning by serving as a convenient cover-up when transitioning from sleepwear to day clothes. In the evening, the reverse is true. After removing the day’s attire you can slip into your robe and snuggle on the couch for some relaxing TV time before donning your sleepwear and hitting the sack. A robe typically has a loose, comfortable fit, with a belt or zipper closure and pockets to hold items you like to keep on hand. When shopping for a robe or housecoat, you can choose a style that works independently, or try to match it with other sleepwear for a more complete look. 

Women’s Nightshirts

Traditionally a man’s sleepwear garment, nightshirts are becoming increasingly popular with women too. A nightshirt is more structured and fitted than a nightgown, so it’s a better option if you prefer a closer, less billowy fit. Nightshirts are usually made from cotton jersey and have simple prints or patterns for a less feminine, more casual look. 

Maternity Sleepwear

Maternity sleepwear is designed to fit comfortably over pregnant bellies and post-birth tummies, so you can get your much-needed rest. Some maternity sleepwear lines also offer nursing sleepwear to make life as a new mom that much easier. And for all their function, maternity sleepwear still allows you to project your own personal style. These outfits are available in a wide array of looks and textures to fit every taste and mood.

Women’s Caftans

For more versatile sleepwear that can be added to your evening rotation, choose a caftan. Designed to slip over your head for easy wear, caftans can serve as lightweight bedtime clothing or fun outfits for lounging at home, relaxing pool-side or going out and about on vacation. Many caftans feature bold patterns and stylish details such as embroidery, beading and crochet.

Plus-Size Sleepwear

Plus-size sleepwear comes in a wide range of styles to suit every body type. Designed to fit properly in larger sizes, this type of sleepwear offers body support where it's needed to help you sleep restfully through the night. With all the different style options to choose from, you can easily get the look you want along with the comfort you need. 

Women’s One-Piece

A one-piece provides full-body coverage to keep you snug and warm on cold winter nights. Most styles are tapered at the wrist and ankles for a close fit, so the fabric doesn’t get tangled in your sheets like some looser pajama styles. One-pieces are typically made from warm, breathable fabrics like cotton that are soft against the skin for the ultimate cozy comfort. Many one-pieces are brightly coloured and feature cute, colourful and festive patterns, perhaps because they resemble children’s foot pajamas.

Women’s Sleep Separates


Women’s Sleep Capris

On warm nights, or if you tend to get hot when you sleep, consider wearing sleep capris. Cool and comfortable, sleep capris feature a hem that stops just below the knee. Like pajama pants, sleep capris are loose fitting and have an elastic or drawstring waistband for an adjustable fit. Sleep capris are sold separately and are a more versatile option that pajama sets. You can find them in a variety of colours and patterns. If you buy a selection of capris and wear them with different tops, you can have a different pajama outfit each night of the week.

Women’s Lounge Pants

With lounge pants, you can go from lazing on the couch one minute to snuggling in bed the next without missing a beat. The designer fit of lounge pants makes you feel good about wearing them around the house, while the comfortable, slightly stretch fabric lets you fall asleep with ease. Lounge pants are available in bright colours and patterns. Some women’s lounge pants are too stylish to keep hidden, and you'll find yourself wearing them for errands in the neighbourhood or visits to friends' homes.

Women’s Boy Shorts

Boy shorts or sleep shorts are lighter, shorter, and not as bulky as pajama pants or sleep capris to keep you cool at night. Because of their short hemline and body hugging fit, boy shorts won’t tangle you up in your sheets if you move a lot in your sleep. You can also pair boy shorts with nightshirts, nightgowns or a chemise for an extra bit of warmth or coverage. 


Lightweight and sleek, a camisole top ideal for warm summer nights. If you tend to get hot when you sleep, you might want to wear camisoles to bed all year long. Unique among women’s sleepwear options, camisoles feature stretch fabric, adjustable straps and a built-in bra for a soft, supportive fit. Camisoles come in a variety of colours, allowing you to easily pair them different pajama bottoms. Look for feminine details such as lace trims, sweetheart necklines and thin straps.


A chemise is a sleep outfit that doubles as a lingerie option. It's perfect for special occasions or if you simply want to get dressed up for bed. Most chemises feature fancy details like lace, ruching, ruffled hems and low necklines. Look for models made from lightweight or silky fabrics with enough stretch to provide a close fit while still offering sleep comfort. You can wear a chemise to bed with panties or boy shorts if you’d like a bit of extra coverage.  

Women’s Sleep Tees

Unlike regular t-shirts that can be too tight or heavy for sleeping, sleep tees feature light fabrics with spandex and a loose design so you can sleep and lounge with ease. Sleep tees come in different colours and sometimes have graphic prints for added style and versatility. Sleep tees can be paired with sleep capris, lounge pants, boy shorts or any other sleepwear bottom to give you a wide variety of pajama sets for all occasions. 

Women’s Sleepwear Buying Tips:

• Measure yourself and use a size guide to ensure proper fit
• Be aware of fabric options to choose the most comfortable
• Choose different pajama sets and styles to suit different occasions
• Buy pajama separates and sets for each season

Women’s Sleepwear Materials

Cotton +

Most pajama sets and separates are made from cotton because it’s breathable, soft and comfortable. Cotton can stretch and wear out over time, so it’s often blended with synthetics and other fabrics to be just as comfortable, but more durable and longer lasting.

Fleece +

Made from polyester, fleece is used for seasonal pajama sets and onesies because it’s so cozy. Fleece is gentle and soft and feels as comfortable and warm as being wrapped in a blanket. Since fleece is synthetic, it’s long lasting and easy to care for too.

Polyester +

Polyester is often mixed with cotton and spandex for sleepwear that has a structured and comfortable fit. Polyester adds durability to natural fabrics to help cloths retain their original shape and last longer.

Jersey +

Jersey is knit fabric that's lightweight and keeps it shape. Cotton jersey, which is a knit fabric made with cotton fibre, is often used for pajamas as it's breathable and provides a super soft and comfortable feel.

Satin +

Satin is a type of weave that results in fabric with a shiny look and smooth, elegant feel. The materials used to create satin fabrics include silk, polyester, nylon and rayon. Though satin clothing may seem delicate, it’s made to last so you don’t have to save your satin sleepwear exclusively for special occasions.

Linen +

Linen is much lighter and more breathable than cotton and is used mostly for summer sleepwear items. Linen is a perfect option if you get too hot wearing thick or synthetic fabrics to bed.

Flannel +

When the temperature drops, there's nothing like flannel Christmas or wintertime pajamas to keep you warm. Made from cotton, flannel is a naturally breathable fabric that helps prevent overheating.

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Women’s Sleepwear Washing Tips:

• Hand wash delicates
• Wash in cold water, especially 100% cotton and cotton blends to avoid shrinking
• Use a gentle detergent
• Separate bright colours and patterns from whites
• Do not dry clean unless the label instructs otherwise
• Iron as needed
• Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for care and cleaning
This article is intended as general information. Always be sure to read and follow the label(s)/instruction(s) that accompany your product(s). Walmart will not be responsible for any injury or damage caused by this activity.



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