Women’s Watch Guide

The right watch will keep you on time and in style. It can even count your calories and screen your calls. This women’s watch guide will help you find the perfect timepiece for your lifestyle.

Women’s Watches 101

More than just a means of keeping time, your watch can complement your outfit, express your personal style and help you reach your health and fitness goals. There’s a women's watch style for every wrist and every occasion, from casual watches for everyday wear to classic gold watches for formal work settings to diamond-studded dress watches for a fashionable night out. For a technology-forward alternative — and the functionality that goes with it — consider one of the new smart watches that sync with your smartphone to keep you more connected to your calls, texts and social media conversations. Choose a comfortable matching band to complete the package. Next time you show up for coffee with friends or a meeting at work, you'll be on time and looking your coordinated best. 

Types of Women’s Watches


Women’s Dress Watches

Nothing says elegant and sophistication like a gold or silver women's dress watch. This classic timepiece pairs well with business attire and formal evening wear, but also adds lustre to more casual outfits. Dress watches for women typically feature simple hands and may be accented by decorative gemstones, diamonds or pearls for added flair. Choose a sleek, delicate leather strap or a polished precious metal bracelet band to complete the sophisticated look. The leather bands of dress watches are often stamped with a croc pattern for visual interest, while precious metal bands may combine gold and silver tones to catch the eye.

Women’s Fashion Watches

Ladies fashion watches are available in all the latest hues and shapes to help you accessorize your wardrobe and stay current with the latest trends. This type of ladies’ watch serves both as an attractive jewellery price and a functional timepiece. Designed with bold colours, innovative dial shapes and a variety of eye-catching materials, fashion watches are a great way to express your personality and really make a statement. Also, fashion watches are a more affordable option because they aren’t made with precious metals or gemstones. That means you can stock up on different looks to make a variety of different fashion statements.

Women’s Casual Watches

If you’re searching for a dependable watch for everyday wear, a casual watch may be your best option. These models feature durable watch faces and straps made of rugged stainless steel, leather, nylon or plastic to stand up to daily use. Of course, casual doesn’t have to mean boring. Many casual watches are designed with fun details like contrast stitching and funky colour combinations for style and flair.

Women’s Sports Watches

For active women, a sports watch does so much more than tell the time. These watches are packed with technology and features. You can count your steps with a pedometer, gauge your speed with a stopwatch, manage your run with GPS tracker or measure your workout intensity with a heart rate monitor. Waterproof sports watches let you monitor your diving times without damaging your timepiece, and calorie counters help you to stick to your diet. Fitness watches are generally more durable than dress or casual watches and tend to have thicker hands or an easy-to-read digital time display for quick reference on the go.

Smart Watches

A smart watch (or watch phone) is an extension of your smartphone. It runs apps, streams music and monitors your calls, texts and social media updates. Like your phone, it accepts voice commands… and yes, it even tells time. For athletes and everyday fitness buffs, smart phones can conveniently track running routes, heart rates and calories burned. Because you wear your smart watch on your wrist, you get the benefits of a smartphone but both hands are freed up for other activities. Some smart watch models feature integrated microphones and speakers to handle calls directly from your wrist, while others alert you to calls, eliminating the need to constantly monitor your phone.

Women’s Watch Buying Tips:

• Choose a casual watch for everyday wear
• For formal occasions, look for a dress or fashion watch
• Select sports or smart watches with features you need and will use
• Choose a proportionately sized watch; larger for taller women, smaller for shorter women
• If using for diving or swimming, verify watch’s waterproof rating
• For increased versatility, consider a watch with interchangeable bands


Movement Type +

A watch's movement type describe how it measures the passage of time. The different movement types include mechanical, quartz, solar and kinetic. Mechanical movement watches are carefully engineered and valued for their quality craftsmanship, but they require more maintenance, including daily winding. In a quartz watch, time is regulated with a quartz crystal and powered by a battery. Quartz watches are reliable and affordable, but require a new battery every two to three years. Solar and kinetic watches obtain their power through light and motion, making them an energy-efficient timepiece option.

Display +

The two main types of watch displays are analog and digital. Analog displays feature a dial with two or three rotating hands, representing the hour, minute and second. As they rotate, the hands point to numbers, Roman numerals or other markers to indicate the time. This classic display is suited to business and formal wear for a more traditional look. Digital displays use LCD or LED lighting to show time in a digital format. Digital displays are also used to show information generated by a watch's other functions, such as the stopwatch, step counter or GPS tracker. Some watches combine analog and digital displays for the best of both worlds.

Shape +

When you're making a fashion statement, choose a watch shape that complements your style. A round watch face is a classic style that works just as well with jeans and t-shirts as it does with pencil skirts and sweater-sets. To accessorize a modern or masculine outfit, slip on a square watch with its well defined lines. A delicate rectangular watch is a chic addition to formal wear, while tonneau (flat top and bottom with bulging sides) watches provide added flair for fun-loving fashionistas.

Band +

There are two basic types of watchbands: bracelet and strap. Bracelet bands consist of interlocking metal links and a clasp, while straps are made from materials like leather, rubber or plastic and constructed like a belt with holes and a buckle. On higher-end watches, the bracelets are sometimes made from precious metals like gold, silver and titanium, whereas more affordable fashion and casual watches tend to have durable gold-plated or stainless steel bracelets. Both types of bands are adjustable, though bracelets may require a professional to add or remove links for resizing.

Crystal +

Though it may not be made of crystal, that’s the term for the clear covering that protects your watch face from dirt, water and contact with other hard objects. The crystals on luxury watches are generally made from hardwearing manmade sapphire crystal. Scratch-resistant mineral glass is a common alternative used on mid-range watches. An even more affordable option is an acrylic crystal, which is easy to polish but scratches more readily than the other two types.

Bezel +

The bezel on a watch serves both practical and ornamental purposes. On the practical side, this ring holds the crystal in place and protects your watch face. For underwater divers, minute markers on a rotating bezel aid in keeping track of dive times. Minute-marking bezels are also handy for monitoring cooking times and parking meter expiries. From an ornamental standpoint, bezels often house diamonds and other gemstones that add sparkle and character to your watch.

Material +

Watch materials range from luxurious high-end platinum to durable stainless steel to funky colourful resin. Gold and silver alloys continue to be popular metals for watches purchased as gifts for loved ones. Ceramic carbide watches are extremely scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic, while strong-but-lightweight titanium watches are often preferred by athletes.

Accents +

Watch accents such as diamonds, gemstones, pearls and charms can help turn your functional timepiece into a fashionable piece of jewellery suited for a fun night out or a formal occasion. Watch face images of your favourite movie icons or cartoon characters can express your personal style and brighten your day every time you check the time.


With a global positioning system (GPS) receiver in your watch, you can navigate hiking routes, monitor your heart rate and measure your running cadence. A GPS watch is a convenient, useful tool for managing your training and avoiding injury because it helps you pace yourself and gradually increase your distances. The GPS collects a live stream of data that you can view on your watch’s display and transfer to your computer or cloud storage account for future review. Some models even offer feedback to help control workout intensity and speed, keeping you on track and motivated.

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Watch Care & Maintenance Tips:

• Protect watches from scratching by storing in a watch box
• For best time keeping, clean and service mechanical and automatic watches every 3 to 5 years
• Keep leather watch straps away from water to avoid damage
• Allow perfumes and lotions to dry before putting on your watch
• Replace expired batteries promptly to avoid damage to your watch
• Clean watches with a soft fabric cloth or dry toothbrush
• Avoid hot and cold temperature extremes
• Wind automatic watches every couple of weeks
• Wind mechanical watches at least once per day
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