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Kevin Murphy Products for High-End Hair Care

From coiffed locks to tousled beach waves, get the style you want with Kevin Murphy products from Walmart Canada. Designed by the iconic Australian hair stylist whose name defines the brand, these shampoos, treatments and colouring agents help improve the look and feel of your tresses. Plus, the formulas are free of sulfates and parabens for healthier hair care.

Cleaning and Conditioning

Kevin Murphy shampoos and conditioners make everyday hair care easy. Sulfate-free shampoos deep clean your hair without stripping away colour, and ingredients such as rosemary and mint help soothe your scalp during use. Conditioners pamper your strands with luxurious moisture, and you can find versions for straight, curly or wavy hair. Wash-out conditioners also help reduce tangles to make combing and brushing your hair easier. For intense restoration and hydration, try a leave-in conditioner from Kevin Murphy. These formulas protect hair from heat damage caused by curling irons, hair dryers and other hot styling tools.

When your hair needs extra care, a restorative hair masque from Kevin Murphy deep conditions your locks to prevent and heal brittleness and dryness. Look for solutions with amino acids and proteins derived from natural sources such as rice or quinoa to strengthen the hair cuticle and repair long-term damage. Volumizing hair treatments help add body to tired tresses.

Kevin Murphy Styling Products

Whether your hair is fine or thick, Kevin Murphy styling products let you achieve the latest looks. Create fun, unique styles with texture paste that holds every strand in place. Fibre paste balances your need for definition with your desire for flexibility, and ingredients such as ivy and honey create a matte texture that polishes off your entire look.

If you're looking for a loose, flowing style with a bit of tousle, a lightweight hair spray from Kevin Murphy keeps your hair touchable and soft while preventing flyaways. Increase volume and soften oily hair with an oil-free volumizer that seals in moisture without giving your strands a greasy feel. Volumizing mousse builds body and adds shine without causing stiffness or flaking. Many Kevin Murphy products are designed for unisex use, so anyone can use these formulas to maintain hair condition and achieve on-trend looks.

Curl enhancing lotions help lock each individual twist in place to reduce frizzing and maintain distinct curls, while beach-look texturizers coat strands to give you a hairstyle that resembles the naturally tossed look caused by exposure to sun and sand.

Colour Care

Get and maintain brilliant colour with Kevin Murphy hair colour products in a wide range of shades. Color Bug hair shadows wipe on and wash off for a temporary shade change, so you can alter your hair colour for a night or add a fun streak in a shimmering, contrasting tone. Simply shampoo the colour out to go back to your everyday hue. 

If you've used a regular permanent women's hair colour solution or have highlights in your hair, Kevin Murphy colour-enhancing treatments help you keep the colour looking great through multiple washings. Formulas designed for toffee and sandy shades reduce bronzing so your colour doesn't change over time, and solutions tailored to silver and pale blonde shades eliminate yellow tones with a violet-tinted base. Ingredients such as mango butter and cocoa butter moisturize thin strands to protect your hair from future damage and loss of colour.




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